Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore located just around 23 km from the city center is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangalore. This biological recreation center is the hub for those that want to get used to the diverse flora and fauna inhabiting the scenic areas of Anekal range. From the zoo to the 3D auditorium, from safari, boating, wilderness tourism to being India’s first butterfly park and fenced elephant sanctuary. This park is a power packed and safe option for those that wish to get up close and personal with mother nature. Being home to six rural villages and many ancient temples, the park is well connected to the untouched wildlife and people who know how to protect it.

Why Should You Visit The National Park?

Bannerghatta Biological Park is a must visit place
Elephants in the untouched wilderness.

Scenic beauty similar to most natural reserves, would be the first answer but it does not end there. Bannerghatta Biological Park is a hidden gem and a wildlife escapade like no other, A place where various blends of adventures can be found; safari adventures through the raw, untouched wilderness that is just waiting to blow your mind or a tranquil boating session coupled by a stroll in the park; take a pick because either one is an extraordinary rendezvous with nature’s wild side. The experiences here are designed in a way which will not break the bank but will definitely break the monotony; it’s an open invitation to rediscover a hidden indulgence.

Who Can You Witness In The National Park?

Wildflower Wonders

Elephants trumpeting in the distance, Bears ambling through the greenery, tigers prowling; that’s just the beginning of this wild narrative, this park houses the Barking Deer, Ostriches, Zebras, Hippopotami, Jackals, Foxes, Spotted Deer, Russel’s Vipers, Slender Loris, Nilgai, Sambars, Black Bucks, Cheetahs, Pangolins, Porcupines, Spotted Deers, Foxed and Jackals. 

Butterfly Ballet

tickets for bannerghatta national park are available at counter
Butterflies create a living kaleidoscope of colors.

One of the major attractions of this park is the Butterfly Park. A wonderland where 48 butterfly species gracefully flutter around, creating a living kaleidoscope of colors. This is a 1 km long trail of butterfly shades making it one of the most extensive butterfly parks in India.

Floral Tapestry

The park is a botanical treasure trove for nature devotees. Tamarind, eucalyptus, bamboo, neem and sandalwood all weave a fragrant tapestry throughout the landscape.It’s a symphony of sights and scents both, with each step you take, you are transferred deeper into the untamed beauty of the wildlife.

Things To Do In Bannerghatta National Park

Zoo Marvels

Within the expansive 12 hectares of the Zoo at Bannerghatta National Park, you get to witness the breathtaking diversity of wildlife. From the graceful slither of the King Cobra to the elusive Panthers, playful Bears, crocodilian majesty, symphony of avian wonders, each corner of the park helps you witness a little bit of everything.

Lion Safari Extravaganza

Book your bannerghatta national park safari now
Lion Safari for a thrilling and adventurous ride.

This 5-hectare Lion Kingdom is an immersive space where 19 regal lions roam freely. The Lion Safari takes you on a thrilling and adventurous ride that offers an up-close and personal encounter with the majestic king of the jungle.The diverse ecosystem here offers a unique glimpse into the lives of these majestic creatures.

Roar Of The Tigers

bannerghatta national park timings
Extraordinary rendezvous with the wild.

33 tigers, including 7 captivating white tigers reside here. They are divided into three distinct groups where two of them can be seen lounging in designated enclosures and the third group lingers around the reserve forest freely creating a synchrony between power and grace.

Wildlife Adventure Rates 

Tickets for Bannerghatta National Park start at:

Adults: INR 100

Kids, Seniors, and Challengers of Physics: INR 80

Still Cameras are allowed for INR 50 

Video cameras are allowed for INR 250

The catch? You can enjoy the breezy electric wheel excitement for an additional fee of INR 1000

Boating Fee: A shared boat would cost you INR 50 while a full private boat would cost INR 250

Jeep Combo (Zoo, Safari, Butterfly Park): You can enjoy the Bannerghatta National Park Safari by booking the Bolero Jeep that is a 6 seater for INR 3500. If you are looking for more comfort, you can go for the Xylo Jeep which would cost around INR 4500.

Those looking for a serene experience with that extra enclosure can choose Innova that would cost INR 5500

Timings To Explore:

check website for latest bannerghatta national park safari timings
Wildlife wonders in Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park Timings vary from one activity to another The Zoo, Butterfly Park and Boating is open from 0:30 am to 5:00 pm

The Safari’s operating hours start from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Everything is closed on Tuesday because everyone needs a break!

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Final Thoughts

This abundant wilderness in Bannerghatta National Park is an escape like no other. From Safar Adventures to tranquil hiking trails, this wildlife haven housing the Bannerghatta Biological Park is a breathtaking experience to have at least once while you are in the city to break away from the monotony. Every corner of this park reverberates to the rendezvous of nature’s wild side.


What animals are in Bannerghatta National Park?

Being a biodiversity haven, it hosts a captivating array of wildlife, including Tigers, Lions, Bears, Elephants, Russel’s Vipers, Ostriches, Samba, Black Bucks, Pangolins, Slender Loris and a whole lot of snakes.

Can we carry food in Bannerghatta National Park?

Visitors are not generally allowed to carry food inside the reserve but of course you would want to eat while being embraced by nature, there are designated spots within the premises where you can freely indulge into your packed meals.

What is the best time of day to visit Bannerghatta?

The wildlife is mostly active in the mornings or late afternoons which is the ideal time to visit to spot them. These timings also offer ideal lighting conditions and a better chance to absorb the diverse flora of the habitat.

Is Bannerghatta zoo worth visiting?

A place not so far away from the concrete jungle that showcases a fascinating array of wildlife in a natural environment? Of Course it is a worthwhile visit!. We are talking about majestic cats, exotic birds and a wholesome experience for nature enthusiasts.


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