Known for its beautiful lakes and enchanting scenery Nainital has many glorious sights making it an exciting attraction. The area has a favorable climate all year round and is an ideal place to visit to beat the heat. There is a plethora of places to visit in Nainital and the best part is whether you are a nature lover, an architecture enthusiast, or are just looking for some serenity Nainital has it all. The best time to visit Nainital is from March to May and December to February. From heritage buildings to old temples and of course, places to soak in the scenic view here are some of the significant places to visit in Nainital.

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Nainital Lake:

Nainital Lake
Nainital Lake

Crescent-shaped and surrounded by green hills Nainital lake is one of the most popular places to visit. One of the most beautiful lakes in the country it finds mention in many poems by prominent writers. A major attraction of the lake is its boat rides which would allow you to enjoy a picturesque view of the Lake District.

Tiffin Top:

Perched at a height of 2290 meters Tiffin top is a popular picnic spot in Nainital. Also known as Dorothy’s seat visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Nainital from its highest view. The location is surrounded by the Kumaun Hills which provide a magnificent view allowing photographers to capture one of the most amazing hills in the country. Tiffin Top also provides a 4km trek from the main city.

Naina Peak:

Naina Peak
Naina Peak

If you would like a magnificent view of the snow-capped Himalayas, Naina peak is the place to visit in Nainital.  Loved by trekkers, Naina peak lets you breathe in the fresh air and appreciate nature’s bounty. We would recommend exploring it early in the morning as the crowd is limited at that time allowing you a much calmer experience.

Snow Viewpoint:

Doing justice to its name Snow Viewpoint offers a majestic view of hilltops which makes it one of the most visited sightseeing places in Nainital. Located 2km away from the Nainital city center Snow Viewpoint offers its visitors a picturesque view of the snow-covered Nanda Peak, Nanda Kot Peak, and Trishul Peak. 

The Mall Road:

The Mall road
The Mall road, Nainital

A shopaholic’s paradise and filled with some of the best restaurants and hotels, Mall Road is one of the most vibrant places to visit in Nainital. It runs through the core of Nainital and is parallel to a lake which also makes it an ideal spot to enjoy a night walk. Wooden handicrafts, unique candles, and locally produced handloom products that make delightful souvenirs can all be purchased here. Parking is prohibited here, and the road is closed to vehicles during peak seasons

Nainital Ropeway:

Enjoyed mostly by family vacationers Nainital ropeway is a primary tourist spot in Nainital. The ropeway, which is 3 minutes long takes you from Mallital, close to Mall Road to Snow viewpoint making you experience a spell-binding view of Nainital. 

Lands End:

True to its name Land End provides its visitor with an exquisite view of the mountain without climbing much. The top of Lands End has a view of the pristine lake Kurpa Tal, encircled by lofty and old cedar trees. If reconnecting with nature is what you are looking for, Lands End should be on your list of places to visit in Nainital

Kurpa Taal:

Known for its emerald blue-green lake Kurpatal is one of the most serene places to visit in Nainital. The lake is home to several species of freshwater fish and is a popular spot for fishing.

Bhimtal Lake:

Bhimtal Lake
Bhimtal Lake

Located amidst green mountains and an island at its center Bhimtal Lake offers its visitors an exquisite view of nature. Named after the legendary Bhima of Maharashtra it is  the largest lake in the Kumaon region and known as one the most exquisite lakes in the country 

Eco Cave Gardens:

A cluster of natural caves transformed into a cave garden; the Eco garden is home to six intriguing animal-shaped caves that offer children as well as the adults to experience several animals in an almost natural habitat. The caves are among the best places to visit with family where you can relax and unwind amidst natural surroundings. 

Sattal lake:

Sattal Lake is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes tucked away in the Lower Himalayan Range. One of the few unpolluted freshwater biomes in the country it is a paradise for migratory birds. 

Kilbury Bird Sanctuary:

A haven for avian enthusiasts with frequent visitors the Kilbury bird sanctuary has over 580 species of birds. The sanctuary is home to birds like Brown wood owls, white-throated laughing thrushes, and forktails. 

High Altitude Zoo:

Located at 2100 meters above sea level the zoo is one of the best attractions for wildlife lovers in Nainital. Expanded across 4.6 acres of lush greenery the zoo is home to numerous endangered and rare species of birds and animals. The visitors can spot the Royal Bengal tiger, Tibetan wolves, the Himalayan Bear, Hill Patridge, Kalij Pheasant, and Red Junglefowl here. 

Kainchi Dham:

Established by a great saint Neem Karoli Baba Kainchi Dham is a Hanuman temple and Ashram and one of the most religiously significant places in Nainital. Engulfed by lush greenery and set alongside a glistening river the temple is visited by several believers and worshippers regularly

St John’s Church:

A breathtaking church constructed in the 1800s the church takes you back to a historical era. Inspired by the Neo-Gothic style the windows are covered with tainted colorful glass. Surrounded by pine trees and perched on a hilltop it’s one of the most visited places in Nainital. 

Gurney House:

The former summer house of Jim Corbett, the British naturalist Gurney House is a historical building located in the Nainital district. Visitors can view some of Jim Corbett’s prized possessions in this Colonial marvel. There is no entry fee but however, but an appointment is required to visit. 

Astronomical Observatory:

One of the leading research centers and home to one of the most technologically advanced telescopes in the country the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences is a great spot to visit especially if you are traveling with children. 

Naukuchia Taal:

Naukuchia Taal
Naukuchia Taal

Surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful terrain Naukuchia Taal provides a picturesque view to its visitors. The area provides interesting activities to adventure lovers like paragliding, rowing, and parasailing. Escape festival, one of the most popular music and art festivals is celebrated here in May.



A small colony near Nainital, Pangot attracts visitors with its lush green jungles. The journey to Pangot is also a delightful experience as you travel through the enchanting forests of the Cheena Park range and through Snow viewpoint which is also considered to be a habitat for birds. 


Known as the “Gateway to Naini Lake” Jeolikote is one the best sightseeing places to visit in Nainital. The pleasant climate makes it a haven during the hot summers and it offers stunning surroundings making it an ideal spot for nature walks

Whether you are looking for a solo trip to rejuvenate or a family trip to reconnect, the panoramic views and the various thrilling activities Nainital offers to make it a wonderful vacation spot. If you are planning a trip here be mindful that at the moment state travelers are required to undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests and testing will be done at the airport, railway station, and road borders.


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