What GOT (game of thrones. If you didn’t know that, you are of the handful of people who haven’t seen it and neither cares about pop culture) did to Croatia, LOTR (Lord of the Rings) did to New Zealand. So, whenever you walk across the dynamic culture and landscapes you have an epic soundtrack in your head. It is on auto-play and the feeling is amazing.

Wild Wild Walk:

New Zealand seems like the perfect place to leave the world behind and walk ahead. I mean that literally. Forests, lakes, mountains, beaches and everything that can be walked upon – is here. It is like the gods decided that New Zealand would be the workout space for them when they roamed the earth. There is something called the ‘Great Walks’ that you have to try. I’m the kind of guy, that likes to relax on holiday – don’t mind trying a few adventures here and there, but walks like these didn’t seem like my thing until I saw the landscape. It left me breathless and so did the walk – but 100% worth it.

Hike along Kawarau River in winter, New Zealand
Hike along Kawarau River in winter
Calm Down:

During travels, you wonder what is going to happen to you. Would you encounter weird people (where wouldn’t you)? Would you be scammed by everyone trying to help you because you have a backpack? Would the roads be safe? Would you be eaten by animals you have never encountered? Would you die after eating the local food? Would the hostels be infested with unclean sheets and issues that make you hurl? Would the traffic make it difficult to get from place to place? Is the place beautiful in the movies, but in reality it is beyond horrific? CALM DOWN. The answer to your questions is NO because this place is for you to enjoy and relax.

Adventure Alert:

When I first heard about this place – Queenstown, I knew it was too good to be true. The problem being that I’m an adventure junkie, but I don’t know how many things would let me be one (being on the heavier side of the weighing scale gravity doesn’t let me do too much, so on that note mother nature and I have a constant argument.) When I heard that I will be visiting the birthplace of Bungy-Jumping, I was jumping across the room like a kid. Everything that makes you feel less human and more animalistic is done here. This not-to-be-missed playground does put a big smile on your face.

Man taking the plunge from a Ledge bungy jumping, Queenstown,New Zealand
Ledge bungy jumping, Queenstown,New Zealand
Out of a postcard:

As a kid, you are used to seeing a certain visual that says the sea and city go hand in hand. The idea of a lighthouse was first seen on a postcard and it was fascinating, to say the least. Being from Dubai, it was rare for me to comprehend the idea and beauty of relaxing on that shore as the sun and waves hit you. So, when I visited Wellington, to my surprise it was instinctual to just be on the harbour porch – doing absolutely nothing (I had a screen saver in my head).

Cape Reinga in new Zealand at Sunset
Lighthouse in Cape Reinga at Sunset
Just visit and fall in love:

There is something and someone for everyone in NZ. They make you feel at home and make sure you fall in love with the place. Even if you leave your heart behind, you will come back with a treasure chest of memories.


  1. Sounds like an amazing place. Beautiful pics and humorous writing. Can’t wait to experience New Zealand ?


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