Ramadan season comes every year during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar (which usually falls around March-April-May). It is also known as Ramzan or Ramathan and is observed by Muslims around the world. It is a time spent in prayer, fasting, and reflection. But along with this comes the brilliant food. We have the perfect lineup for you to gorge on some best delicacies that the period of Ramzan has to offer. Bangalore has quite a significant Muslim community concentrated in various pockets of the city. And come Ramadan certain streets all over the city are filled with people waiting to get a taste of some Ramadan delicacies. From biryani to kheer, get all your cravings for Ramadan food satisfied. Here are some of the best places to try Ramadan food in Bangalore. Thank us later.

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Try Some Amazing Ramadan Food In Bangalore At These Areas

1. Frazer Town: Best Iftar Delicacies

Ramadan Food
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These perpendicular roads in Frazer Town have stalls and restaurants that serve the best Iftar delicacies in town. Head over to Fanoos for the exquisite beef seekh-kabab rolls. Other places to go are Iftar Cafe for the delectable Malabari dishes that leave you wanting more and MM Road which is well-known for its beef-only carts. Don’t forget to visit Albert Bakery while you’re there because this age-old bakery pulls out a wildcard during the Ramadan season. We are talking about their absolutely delicious and mouth-watering goat brain puffs.

Just go early as the stocks don’t last, sometimes not even for more than half an hour usually. Yep, we are not kidding. One plus point is that all the stalls here are open at night till 1 AM. Your after-party hunger is sorted.

Best Dish: Goat Puff, Haleem, Biryani.

Cost for two: INR 500

2. Koramangala: Go Stall Hopping

Ever since Mosque Road barred putting up multiple stalls, Koramangala has become another go-to place for intimate Ramadan meals. The area, though crowded due to multiple stalls, is heaven for foodies. Spoil your taste buds with the infinite options from shrimp to seekh kebab to phal, patthar ghosht, biryani, haleem and more. If you’re looking for something new or different and haven’t tried the meat of a camel, then there are a few places here that serve or offer that too.

Best Dish: Prawn dishes, kingfish, chicken wrapped in cheese rolls, beef, patthar ka ghosht, mutton and crabs.

Cost for two: INR 500

3. Shivaji Nagar: The Best Of Traditional

One place that you simply cannot miss trying Ramadan food in Bangalore is Shivaji Nagar Street. Among the oldest neighbourhoods of Bangalore, for years, it has been serving the best traditional Iftar food in the city. Of course, being a Muslim predominant area, one could say so. But another reason can also be that they supposedly sell the best kebabs in all of the city. They are particularly famous for the camel meat that they serve during Ramadan. Go ahead and live dangerously! Shivaji Nagar is also close to the shopping centres on Commercial Street and Brigade Road. Food and shopping, isn’t it a great combination? Especially if you’ve got less time to spend in Bengaluru.

Best Dish: Camel meat kebab, kheema samosas, MK’s Lassi stall, pathar ka ghost, mutton korma, and sheekh pal kebabs

Cost for two: INR 500

4. Rehmath Nagar: For The Best Kebabs

Various delicacies served during Ramzan.

As the air is filled with the sweet smell of grilled meat and charcoal, you know that Rehmath Nagar is another great go-to location for delicious Iftar food. The stalls here at Rahmat Nagar are famous for serving finger-licking perfectly wrapped samosas and kebabs that are grilled to perfection. The explosion of various flavours will surely leave you dazed.

Best Dish: Sheekh kebab 

Cost for two: INR 800

5. Tilak Nagar: Roasted Ox Tongue, Anyone?

To spoil your taste buds by gorging on some core Ramadan delicacies, head over to Tilak Nagar. They serve everything from chicken kebabs, tangy samosas, puddings, paya curry to pista haleem and more. And yes, Tilak Nagar also has a trump card as well. If you want to try something unique, look out for the roasted ox tongue here! If you’re looking for a low-key amazing place but want to deal with fewer crowds as opposed to the other popular areas of Bangalore, then Tilak Nagar might be the perfect fit for you.

Best Dish: Firni, Paanikum chai

Cost for two: INR 700

6. Johnson Market: Get Spoilt For Choice

chicken Seekh Kebab during Ramzan, Bakra Eid Delicacies

Another place for succulent kebabs and juicy seekh rolls, Johnson Market takes you to infinity and beyond through its variety of dishes. Although it serves street food throughout the year, during the time of Ramadan it redefines being spoilt for choice. Okay, to put things in perspective: You’ll be picking between kheema samosas, harira, haleem, seekh kebabs, chauba puri, beef kebab, qubani ka meetha and paya soup among others with hot tea beverages.

The wild card here is kichda, similar to haleem but somehow the meat isn’t pasty. Beef kababs from Khazana Food Paradise are highly recommended and don’t miss out on Madeena store’s array of sodas – all colours and flavours to choose from which will be a perfect addition to the snack treats.

Best Dish: Beef Roll

Cost for two: INR 450

7. Bilal Masjid: Flavoured Sodas And Meat Galore

Situated in the affluent neighbourhood of Bannerghatta Road, Masjid-e-Bilal offers the epitome of celebrations and the ecstasy of food with its Ramadan Mela. The annual festival of Ramadan here has a variety of stalls selling samosas and haleem. The Masjid on Bannerghatta Road is surrounded by Iftar treats galore where you get to try a lot of halal cuisines. It serves everything from pattar ka ghosht, Kashmiri kebab, Hyderabadi kebab, chicken cutlets and even flavoured soda which is a must-try, by the way.

Best Dish: Green apple and black current flavoured soda and haleem (chicken and mutton)

Cost for two: INR 300

8. Mosque Road: ‘The Place To Go For Years

Ramadan food bangalore

During the time of Ramadan, we see the real colour of festivities and enthusiasm at the Mosque road of Frazer town. An international centre of attraction, this road has more than 50 stalls to explore and satisfy your passion for FOOD! This place has been the epicentre of Ramadhan food in the city and if you’re not comfortable with crowds, you should avoid going here because it will get crowded.

Over the years the food festival here has garnered a lot of attraction and what was once an ‘offbeat’ place to explore during Ramzan is now on everyone’s list. We would suggest not missing the amazing mutton kheema, fried eggs, paya bun and most importantly the Brazillian beef. Since this is also in Frazer Town, you can also explore the other places here for Ramadan food as mentioned in points above and go food or stall hopping to your heart’s content.

Best Dish: Mutton kheema, paradise ki haleem, mutton sheekh, kebabs, and bheja fry puff.

Cost for two: INR 250

9. Empire Restaurants: All Across Bangalore

If you’ve been to Bangalore, you’d known about Empire. It’s the largest restaurant chain in the city with its presence almost everywhere and is quite popular for its post-party delivery and is among the restaurants that stay open later than most. But during Ramadan, the restaurant sets up stalls at each and every branch of this restaurant in the city. These stalls are delicious, convenient and quick where you get to try at least ten different varieties of kebabs apart from all kinds of chicken dishes, Arabic and North-Indian dishes. How can we forget the infinite amount of snacks ranging from samosa to haleem to several varieties of coolers?

Best Dish: Kebabs, dry fruit juice, lassi and Ramadan desserts like phirni, shahi tukra, pineapple ka meetha.

Cost for two: INR 800

10. Hotel Fanoos: For Delicious Kebabs And Rolls

This hotel at Richmond Road serves delicious rolls and kebabs all year round. So, go and try their exquisite beef sheekh-kabab rolls and drown yourself in the lip-smacking flavour during Ramadan. Known as one of the best kebabs in town, Fanoos makes it perfectly! Close your eyes as the Ramadan special kebab melts in your mouth and everything else seems FAR away. Pay a visit even it’s not Ramzan, there’s no way you’ll leave disappointed.

Best Dish: Sheekh kebab roll, rolls, beef biriyani, and mutton jumbo roll

Cost for two: INR 300 

Where Will You Go Next Year For Ramadan Food In Bangalore?

There is a lot more to Ramadan than just its food. But one cannot deny that the food during this period is simply to die for. The fact that these delicious delicacies are made so accessible during this time (and in some cases only made for this occasion) is all the more the allure. Food is also a great way to bind people. Regardless of who you are, you can always bond over a good plate of food.

One thing to remember is to try and carry some cash on you. Although we are moving into a more digital era, there are chances that some stalls will be cash-only or may not have cashless options. So, just to be on the safe side and not miss out on any goodies, carry cash. Another thing to remember is to get there early. This way, there’s no need to worry about stocks running out and you’ll have a pick of the best dishes and best stalls.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and try some delicious Ramadan food in Bangalore the next time you visit. Let us know if you’ve been to any of these places before in the comment section below. Also, let us know if we’ve missed any amazing locations, or if you’re planning to hit up some stalls the next time around and which are your favourites.

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FAQs About Ramadan Food In Bangalore

Best place to get seekh kabab in Bangalore?

Ta’aam is one of the best places in Bangalore for seekh kebabs.

Best place for iftar in Ramadan?

Frazer Town and Mosque Road are the best places for the Ramadan Iftar in Bangalore.

Best place to get biryani in Bangalore?

While there are many biryani outlets in Bangalore which are considered the best in the city, you need to try Paradise Biryani and Meghna Biryani if you are visiting.

What is the best food for Iftar?

You will find the best Iftar food at the various stalls all over Frazer Town. Usually, the haleem, kebabs, biryani, paya and ghosht are must-tries, along with phirni or kheer for dessert. Depending on the area, you can try some exclusive delicacies as well.

What are the two meals in Ramadan?

During the Ramadan month, people do not eat or drink anything throughout the day. They have just two meals: ‘sehri’ or ‘suhoor’ which is served before sunrise and ‘iftar’ after sunset.

What is the special food of Ramzan?

There are many delicacies that are eaten during Ramzan, however the one that tops the list is a dish called ‘Haleem’ which is made of mutton. The mutton is slow-cooked along with some lentils, broken wheat, and spices until it gets to a porridge-like texture. This dish is high on nutrition’s and hence ideal to have after a long day of fasting.


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