Solo travelling should be on everyone’s bucket list. Travelling to a different country, all by yourself, is an experience that can be exceptionally transforming. Immersing yourself in another culture and navigating your solo journey is nearly always personally rewarding. However, travelling solo can come with a few drawbacks given that you’re alone. Here’s a list of some of the best apps for solo travellers to help make your vacation a little more convenient.

These apps can be miraculous in the right situation and save you from a lot of unnecessary stress. Since you don’t have someone with you in case you’re ever in a sticky situation, these apps will most definitely come to your rescue!


best apps for solo travellers

Extremely popular and widely used, SoloTraveller helps you make new friends by connecting you to other solo travellers in your area. All of this happens in real time and gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are on their own solo journey. What’s great is that it also helps save you some money. Through the app, you can share taxis, tours and other travel experiences with people. You can look for travel mates based on categories like age, gender, and interests.

Eatwith – Food Experiences

best apps for solo travellers

 Eating alone on your solo trip can sometimes get a little boring. With this app, you can connect with locals and dine with them in over 130 countries. Eatwith offers the user several culinary experiences to choose from including dinner parties, food tours and even cooking classes. You can comfortably wine and dine with local hosts at your place of stay, whenever you feel like having some company. The app lets you filter your food experiences based on your personal diet. Options include vegetarian, vegan and Kosher meals.

Tourlina – Female Travel Buddy

best apps for solo travellers

 Tourlina is exclusively for women in search of travel companions. Enter your destination and travel dates and you can choose from potential travel partners. You can chat with them and plan your trip together.

Google Translate

best apps for solo travellers

Travelling to an international country would be incomplete without google translate. Being a solo traveller, you won’t have a companion to help you decode new languages. With this app you can translate any international language into the language of your choice.

Additionally, the camera option allows you to hold up your phone to any signboard/menu etc. and then translate it. It seamlessly allows you to overcome language barriers without depending on anyone else. You can also learn simple local colloquialisms with the help of the app.


best apps for solo travellers

When you’re travelling solo, you might make spontaneous, last-minute plans. With Hopper, you can find great options for cheap/last minute flights. It analyses billions of flights and helps you find the best deals. Hopper also tells you the best times to fly. The app is ideal for someone with a flexible travel schedule.

RedZone Map

best apps for solo travellers

Safety is of the utmost priority when you’re on vacation, especially so if you’re travelling solo. RedZone Map shows you all the areas that have high crime rates, so you can steer clear of them when you set out. The app uses data from government agencies to show major crimes in specific areas. It also colour coordinates these crimes using different colours on the map. It offers alerts on geo-tagged shootings, assaults, thefts and lots more. Redzone Map is ideal to find the safest travel route.

Flush- Toilet Finder and Map

best apps for solo travellers

 The name is self-explanatory! This app helps you locate the nearest public bathroom or restroom. The database has over 190,000 bathrooms. An added plus point is that it requires no internet connection to use. Further, it displays free for use bathrooms as well.


best apps for solo travellers

For those of you who aren’t too good with numbers, Calconvert will solve all your problems. The app ensures that you don’t get ripped off while using foreign currency or get too confused when dealing with exchange rates. It has a unit converter and a calculator that is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Calconvertor has 150 currencies and can also perform mathematical functions, scientific functions, and basically all the calculations you will need on holiday.


best apps for solo travellers

If you’re a frequent solo traveller, Tripcase will help you manage all your trips, all in one place. It perfectly combines travel and technology. If you’ve planned a trip with different components (like multiple flights and hotel bookings), Tripcase helps you access everything in one place.

Keep your friends and family informed about all the details of your travel as well. The app allows you to e-mail itineraries or arrival updates to your near and dear ones. Hassle-free and super convenient, TripCase is very resourceful, making it one of the best apps for solo travellers

Couchsurfing Travel App

best apps for solo travellers

This convenient app takes care of your lodging and accommodation in a foreign country. You can browse through millions of local hosts offering places to stay. It allows you to have an authentic travel experience by living with locals and experiencing their way of life. It also helps you create and manage your itinerary on the go.

Any travel apps that you use on your solo travels we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!

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