Kerala is well-known for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters but what you don’t know is that beautiful Varkala in Kerala is one of the top beach destinations of the world. Beaches in Varkala are well-known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning sunset views. The laid-back vibe, lush greenery, high cliffs and the many water activities makes Varkala beach in Kerala a popular tourist hotspot. If you are a beach lover and looking to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water of the Arabian Sea, this is where you should head to.

Top 6 Beaches In Varkala For That Perfect Beach Vacation

The reason why Varkala, a sleepy village has transformed into the most sought-after destination is because of these beautiful beaches. Read on to know why these beaches have taken the top spot in every travel enthusiast’s itinerary. 

Chilakoor Beach

Chilakoor is one of the best varkala beach in kerala,
Reflection of the sunset on the beautiful waves of Chilakoor Beach.

Chilakoor Beach bordered by lovely casuarina groves is renowned for its serene ambiance. The sunsets at the beach are magnificent. You’ll remember the golden hue of the horizon and the tranquil ambience at sunset for a very long time. The drive to the beach also passes through genuine coastal villages, giving you a real sense of rural Kerala life. From Chilakoor Beach, you can see the neighborhood fishermen go about their daily activities at sea. It provides spectacular views and with fewer tourists it makes for one of the best beaches in Varkala. The beach is ideal for a staycation because there are many excellent resorts along its shores to make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

Papanasam Beach

varkala beach cliff from where you can have great views
Vintage retro effect filtered hipster style image of one of India finest beaches – Varkala beach, Kerala, India

One of the best beaches in Varkala, the Papanasham Beach (also referred to as Varkala Beach) is a cliff beach on the Arabian Sea coast. It is frequently referred to as the “Pearl of the Arabian Sea” since this is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs can be seen extending into the Arabian Sea. The beach is relatively clean and is bordered by magnificent cliffs and golden sand. The natural spring at the beach is renowned for its therapeutic and restorative qualities. The name “Papanasam Beach” refers to the belief that a plunge in the holy waters of the beach can treat ailments and wrongdoings. Varkala cliff beach is famous for a variety of activities (boating, horseback riding, parasailing, and jet skiing) that will certainly give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do not miss seeing Varkala beach view at night as it is one mesmerizing experience for sure.

Odayam Beach

coconut trees lined on the beach makes for best varkala beach view
Beautiful view of Odayam beach near ocean and palm trees in Varkala, Kerala, India

Odayam Beach, a remote beach is a tiny piece of paradise in Varkala which is about 4 km from the Varkala Railway Station. A few kilometers in advance of Varkala beach cliff and Thiruvambadi Beach is Odayam Beach. This narrow, short section of sand is one of the best beaches in Varkala to spend time with family and friends. The best time to visit Odayam beach is during the morning and evening to catch perfect sunrises and sunsets. It’s the place where commercial fishermen spend most of their days at sea, so be ready to share the beach with them at Odayam. With gorgeous vistas and less traffic than the main beach, it’s a great option for a perfect beach vacation.

Edava Beach

edava beach varkala sunsets are to die for
Thousands of people visit Edava Beach to enjoy stunning sunsets.

Edava Beach Varkala is a tranquil beach hidden in Edava Village in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram District. Thousands of people visit this location each year because of its stunning beaches and backwaters. Here, the Edava-Nadayara Lake and the Arabian Sea are connected by coastal waters. During the rainy season, water rages out of the lake and onto the sea, drawing tourists to witness this from nearby cities. The sea and backwaters flow parallel along the blue lagoon that is in the middle of the Varkala beach road. It is magnificent to watch water crashing into the Arabian Sea. Since the weather is good, visitors can spend a longer time at the beach. The waves on the beach are not too sharp, so it’s perfect for surfing.

Thiruvambadi Beach

views of varkala beach at night are stunning
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Thiruvambadi Beach also popularly known as the black beach is located adjacent to the North cliff and is just one km away from Thiruvambadi Road. As the name suggests, the beach’s distinctive feature is its black sand. The passionate coconut grooves swinging across and the soft bending tides are endearing. On the beach, swimming and sunbathing are recommended pastimes. For most Varkala inhabitants, it is one of the most popular scenic getaways and a great place for a picnic because of the relaxing surroundings. Either walking down the North Cliff or using the Thiruvambadi road will get you to the beach. Its rocky coastline and the beautifully lined coconut trees makes it an ideal place to showcase your photographic skills.

Kappil Beach

varkala beach huts and varkala beach shacks
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A narrow strip of land bordered by lovely coconut trees in between Kappil beach and the backwaters is a sight to behold. Where the magnificent Arabian Sea meets the backwater may be seen on the horizon. You can enjoy lovely views of the backwaters from the bridge built over the lake. One can even engage in a variety of activities, such as kayaking, parasailing, and paddle boarding. Tourists and locals come here to enjoy the scenic backwaters, to relish delicious food at the beachside Varkala beach shacks and eateries and for various water sport activities. If you have ample time on hand, take the trek up to Kodi Hills for breath-taking views. Try driving along the coastal road for it is a relaxing way to experience this amazing place. Kappil beach is a peaceful area to spend quality time with friends and family members.

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You would be in awe of the magnificence of the Arabian Coastal line after seeing the beautiful beaches in Varkala. Take a trip down south, for the turquoise water and golden sands of Varkala beaches are waiting to kiss your feet. Do share what you feel about these beaches, we are all ears for it!

FAQ’s On Beaches In Varkala

What is the best time to visit Varkala?

The summer months in Varkala are extremely hot and humid, so the idle time to visit the beaches in Varkala are the winter months between October to February.

Which beach is better Varkala or Kovalam?

Both Kovalam and Varkala are Kerala’s top beach destinations. Kovalam beaches are relatively older compared to Varkala beaches. An added benefit that Varkala has is its vibrant and full of life vibes, just like how it is in Goa.

Is Varkala safe for solo female travelers?

With so many safe and cool accommodations, Varkala has all the potential to become one of the safest destinations in India for solo female travelers. The many shacks that are open throughout the night makes the place come alive at night rather than during the day.


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