Camping is undoubtedly one of the best things any adventure traveler can experience and what better place to do this than the beautiful hill of The Himalayas. The Camping places in the Himalayas not only allow you to be closer to the Himalayas but provide relief to travelers to are drawn to adventure and wish to enjoy this mountain range’s enigmatic beauty in the best possible way. Now if you are wondering how you would figure out which are the best camping sites, we got you covered.

List Of The Best Camping Places In The Himalayas 


Located at an altitude of 2, 250 meters above sea level, famous for having the highest Cricket ground in the world, Chail is one of the best places for camping in the Himalayas. Located very close to Shimla and filled with Deodar trees, it’s a perfect camping destination as well as a haven for nature lovers. Located 45kms from Shimla, makes Chail an even more unmissable destination.

Camping in the Himalayas
Camping in the Himalayas can be an amazing experience


An already sought-after destination, Shimla is also one of the classic camping destinations out there.  once the summer capital of the British Raj today this beautiful city attracts camping enthusiasts from all over the world. Pleasant weather, beautiful landscapes, and rugged terrain are what you have to look forward to on your visit here. Some of the best  spots for camping in Shimla are Shogi, Mashobra, Summwe Hill and Fagu.

Camping in the hills
Camping in the hills


Another popular destination in the Himalayas that attracts tons of travelers throughout the year is Manali. Manali is a must-stop on the National Highway to Leh in Ladakh District and it’s a destination that combines nature’s bounty with adventure. With snowcapped peaks, the gushing Beas River, fruit orchards, lush green landscape, and rolling field makes Manali one of the most sought-after camping destinations. There is so much beauty to witness in this hill station and camping here is the best way to take it all in. 

Camping sites in India


Located at an altitude of 932 meters above sea level Nahan is a picturesque town providing its visitors with glimpses of nature’s bounty.  one of the best summer camping destinations in the Himalayas Nahan boasts of clean streets and a pleasant climate throughout the year.  Home to a beautiful artificial lake, the campsite here should be on your must-visit lists. 

Camping sites in India


Just like Manali, Kullu is another well-known destination. Perfect for camping, here you can indulge yourself in trekking as well. Camping here during winter also gives you an opportunity for bonfires, which is always fun with friends and family. Kullu is also a favorite of trekkers and campers because of its snow-capped peaks, beautiful trails, and being packed with adventure makes Kullu one of the popular camping places in the Himalayas. 

Best camping in India

Sangla Valley

One of the lesser-known camping destinations in the Himalayan region Sangla Valley s towered by the majestic  Kinner Kailash peak.  Situated at an altitude of 2600 meters from sea level, the valley of this camping place in the Himalayas is filled with cedar, pine, walnut, apple, and apricot trees. zigzag slopes of Sangla Valley provide campers with picturesque views of verdant valleys making it the perfect spot for nature photography enthusiasts. 

Camping Sites For Adventure
Camping Sites For Adventure


Named after its founder, the British Viceroy Lord Dalhousie, Dalhousie is the most popular Himalayan hill station catering to travelers who are adventure enthusiasts. Nestled on the western end of Dhauladhar, Dalhousie is known for raw natural beauty with a landscape that is so lush green that it attracts travelers from all over the world. Nature lovers are enthralled with pine, cedar, and deodar trees covering its area. the only place in Himachal to offer soulful views of the horizon where the sky and earth embrace each other, Dalhousie is the perfect spot for those Instagram-worthy shots. 


A quintessential hill station Nestled in the hills of the district of Kangra, Dharamsala is engulfed in conifer trees and provides picturesque views to its visitors. With the snow-capped Dhauladhar mountain range in the backdrop, Dharamsala has a lower and upper section. Upper Dharamsala is also known as McLeodganj is a bustling town that is the gateway to many trekking routes into the Himalayas. The most popular is the Triund trek which is five hours long and takes you to Triund peak and here is where you can pitch a tent and have a memorable camping experience. 

Best Camping Sites
Best Camping Sites

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Lake is the world’s highest saltwater lake. At an altitude of over 4,300 meters above sea level, the lake’s crystal clear waters lake reflects the beauty of the surrounding hills. dusk and dawn are the best time to enjoy the lake as the sunlight shimmers on the water making it a sight to behold. Camping here however is not ideal for everyone. Temperatures can get rather intolerable and altitude sickness could also pose a problem. So make sure you are prepared for it. Though the trip may be challenging the rewards make it worth its while. 

Camping Sites
Camping Sites


One of the ideal hubs for trekkers’ Dhanolti is located approximately 24 kilometers from the popular hill station of Mussoorie. one of the leisure destinations in Garhwal Dhanolti offers its visitors several outdoor recreational activities. Peaks like Swargarohini and Bandarpunch are clearly visible from Dhanolti, blessing you with their majesticness.  At an altitude of 2,286 meter Dhanolti is the gateway to Surkanda Devi, Chandrabadni, and Kunjapuri temples  Other popular trails via Dhanolti are Nagtibba and Kempty Falls.

Camping sites in Himalayas
Camping sites in Himalayas

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Camp Admist Natures Panoramic Views

These camping places in the Himalayas provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys, a camping trip in any of these spots is sure to make a memorable travel story. The best times to visit most of these spots are between March and September and we suggest preparing for your trip well in advance. Already camped in any of these places? Let us know of your experience in the comments below.


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