Picking the perfect gifts for our friends and family can be both easy and tough, depending on the person. What if that person is a travel lover? Thanks to the variety of options available, gifting a travel-loving friend just got a lot easier. And we have the perfect list of gifts related to travel for you to choose from. These gifts for travellers will help capture memories of their travel, inspire future adventures, and even make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. 

Here Are The Best Gift Ideas For The Travellers In Your Life

1. Travel Scratch-Map

These world travel scratch maps help to keep track of (or show off) all travel adventures.

2. Travel Wallet

travel wallets are great gifts for travellers

To avoid checking-in being a hassle, gift your traveller friend a travel wallet which can fit everything they need—passport, documents, cards and cash—without being too bulky.

3. Rechargeable Travel Headlamp

Rechargeable travel headlamps are excellent gifts for travellers

This handy tool is for both backpackers and anyone interested in adventure activities such as hiking or trekking. The headlamp will not only be more powerful than your flashlight on your smartphone, but it will also keep the traveller’s hands free.

4. Travel Tripod

Tripods make great gifts for travellers

For all Instagram influencers, fashion bloggers or photographers and videographers who’d like to get the perfect picture. Pick one that can be practically mounted anywhere. It’s lightweight, has a ball head, and will support cameras as well as phones.


Gopro, gifts for travellers

If you don’t have a budget for the gift and your friend is an avid photographer, vlogger or Youtuber, he or she will love a GoPro. The camera is incredible for photos and video, no matter the climate. As these cameras are waterproof, they are going to be perfect for both everyday city exploring as well as more extreme and adventurous activities. They make excellent gifts for travellers and you’ll be scoring some major brownie points with them.

6. Packing Cubes

Cube meshed bags with rolled clothes, t-shirt, pants

Packing is becoming challenging day by day. These packing cubes come in different sizes and thus help your traveller friend section off and hold more. It’s never messy, and they’re also great for separating dirty clothes.

7. Headphones

Headphones are good gifts for travellers

Ideal for those who often take long flights or bus trips, as they can block out background noise to help read, work, or sleep without being disturbed.

8. Collapsible Water Bottle

To reduce plastic use and waste, and travel sustainably, it’s best to always pack a reusable water bottle when you travel. Therefore, a lightweight collapsible water bottle that will take up less space, might be one of the best gifts for a traveller.

9. Travelling Makeup Bag

Makeup bag as gifts for female travellers
make up bag

For all who love doing their make-up, this might be a lifesaver! Opening flat into a mat with products easily accessible, this travelling makeup bag makes packing and unpacking totally easy.

10. Travel Pillow

Travel pillow
Travel pillow

Help your traveller friends doze off peacefully by gifting them a soft and flexible travel pillow. The Trtl Pillow is machine washable and made of soft breathable fleece with a foam padding. It contains a built-in plastic brace which is designed to offer the best head and neck support for restful sleep on the move.

11. Eye Mask For Sleeping

eye mask, gifts for travellers

Remind your friends to relax and get some shut-eye on their travels with a soft and silky eye mask.

12. Skin Care Kit

Spa Kit with Shampoo, Soap Bar, Liquid Shower Gel, Aromatherapy Salt as gifts for travellers

One should not forget to take care of one’s skin while travelling. Gift your jet-setting friend a skincare kit they can carry and use easily while on the road (or even air).

13. Travel Journal

Travel journal

A journal to chronicle adventures, notes on directions, contact information, language tips and more—it’s a great gift to help crystallize memories too. 

14. Quick Dry Travel Towel

This lightweight, quick-drying towel takes up very little space and makes a huge difference when you’re on the road.

15. Reusable Straws And Cutlery

Set of Eco friendly bamboo cutlery, eco bag reusable coffee mug and water bottle. Sustainable lifestyle. zero waste travel, gifts for travellers

Help everyone do their bit for the environment. Avoid using plastic straws, spoons and forks. Gift reusable spoons, forks, knives and straws that come in different types of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, silicone or stainless steel.

16. World Travel Adapter

Power plug travel adapter as gifts for travellers

Nothing is more tedious than arriving at a new destination only to realise you can’t charge your devices because the electrical outlets are different. Save your friend this hassle and give a simple world travel adapter that covers every region of the world and is cheap, easy to use, and lightweight.

17. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle

Your bookworm friends will love you for this. A Kindle can fit easily anywhere and can be used in the dark as well. Its long-lasting battery life and immense capacity for books make it a faithful travel companion. 

18. Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Small portable electronic scale

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Help your traveller buddy avoid excess luggage by giving them a portable luggage scale.

19. Scratch-off Bucket List Poster

Let ‘em mark off places they go to on this bucket list poster. 

20. Mini Espresso Machine

If your coffee-lover traveller friend is planning a nature involving hiking or trekking, you can gift them a portable espresso machine, so they never miss their morning adrenaline rush. 

21. Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch as gifts for travellers

Your traveller friend who enjoys water sports will surely appreciate this gift. Handy for all water activities such as kayaking, tubing, paddle boarding, etc, this will allow them to keep their phone with them in the water to take more pictures or videos. 

22. Travel Padlock

A little red combination padlock locking zippers on luggage as gifts for travellers

An important accessory for a budget traveller, these are cheap and easily found anywhere. 

23. Portable Water Purifier

Clean water might not always be available on your travels. So, your gift, a handy portable water purifier will be perfect! Adventurous travellers can have healthy water to drink without having to purchase disposable plastic bottles.

24. Solar Powered Power Bank

Solar Powered Power Bank as gifts for travellers

Nature lovers and travellers would love a solar-powered power bank so that they can explore off-the-grid locations without worrying about running out of battery.

25. Expandable Bags

Expandable bags are perfect gifts for travellers who like to shop on their trips. They can be used as an extra luggage bag too so that globetrotters can skip the stress of wondering where they’ll put all their new shopping. 

So Which Of These Cool Gifts For Travellers Will You Choose? 

No matter what kind of travel-themed gifts you are looking for, some of these ideas are sure to help you. Do remember, if your friends are avid travellers they might have some of these basics already. If it’s a holiday or a special occasion, these will help you to pick unique gifts for travellers and remind them of the reasons they love to travel.

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