Memes have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. No social media user can escape a trending meme. And if this has taught us one thing, it is this – no matter what’s happening, there’s a meme to help you get through it. India is no exception to this viral fever of memes. Therefore, for someone who lives, eats and breathes memes – it is an honour and privilege to provide you with the best Coronavirus memes – Indian Version.

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Cheer Up With Some Of These Amazing And Simply Genius Indian Coronavirus Memes

2True representation of what’s real and what’s not

3Truly, they have to come up with these new features 

5What is the definition of torture? Family group

6Just. Think. About. It.

7Who are we kidding? We were like this even before the quarantine

9If we are sharing personal failures, I could not draw an egg 🙂

10Indian trucks knew all along

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They been knew.

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11Haven’t heard? Good for you, my friend

12How’s that zoom meeting going with everyone at home using the internet? 😛

13OG songs going perfectly well with our situation

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Shouldn't but….

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15Jack of all trades

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welcome to India's got talent

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Feeling Better?

This rapid-fire of memes cannot be escaped. And who’d want to escape from them as well? Right now they are the reason why we are feeling less alone and sad. So instead of feeling bad all by yourself, here’s what we deemed to be the funniest Indian Coronavirus memes. It’s been a really weird year. Oh. It’s just April.

Anyway, have we missed any of your faves? If yes, let us know in the comments below!


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