Maldives is the place where the azure expanse of Indian Ocean cradies islands of unparalleled beauty, the boundaries between dreams and reality become indistinguishable here. The Maldives and its ethereal beauty coupled with celestial allure promise an indulgence that weaves in the most mundane moments of everyday life. The gentle splashes of continuous waves beckon travelers from across the globe. The question now remains, what exactly sets the crème de la creme of Maldives resorts apart? Prepare to immerse yourself in an unrivaled embodiment of island life in the Maldives.

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From overwater abodes to exclusive enclaves, each one guarantees an unforgettable journey into sheer ecstasy. We will be revealing the topmost Maldives resorts after careful consideration of how they epitomize the breathtaking splendor and match the standards of this natural gem. So, let’s dive into the best resorts in Maldives.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

An Epitome Of Luxury Enclave Of Elegance on Furanafushi Island’s Coastline 

best luxury resorts in maldives for a dreamy vacation
Sheraton Maldives Full, where luxury and adventure fuse harmoniously.

Start a spellbinding expedition to the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, where luxury and adventure fuse harmoniously. Perched on the unspoiled shores of Furanafushi Island, this sanctuary whispers the essence of best islands in Maldives life amidst the crystal-clear waters of North Male Atoll. There is a reason we have marked this as the top choice, it’s because this one is ideal for those seeking an unforgettable honeymoon, family retreat, romantic retreat or for those looking to unwind on a work vacation, every need, whim and fancy is catered to here with unmatched luxury.

The charming cottages exude a vintage and rustic charm, while lavish villas adorned with a modern elegance offers an exquisite panoramic view of the ocean Promising a stay beyond compare. This resort has seven tantalizing restaurants and bars, where world-class chefs craft culinary masterpieces which are inspired by global flavors. One thing we can guarantee is that your palate will be very happy here as the chefs pay close attention to the delicate balance of ingredients and craft culinary masterpieces for you. From the delightful seafood of Sea Salt to authentic Indian delicacies of Masala Hut, every dining experience is an additional treat to the live music serenading you under the stars. Talk about a fantastic dinner!

Tariff: The tariffs starting at INR 28,698 makes paradise more accessible.

How to Get There: This resort is located on Furanafushi island, North Male Atoll, it is easily accessible by various modes of travel like seaplane flights and speedboat transfers.

Kuramathi Maldives, A Tale Of Evolution

Unfold The Story Of Kuramathi Through The Coral Hutt 

best maldives beach resort
Coral hut paradise in Maldives.

Rediscover a paradise that has undergone a remarkable transformation from coral huts and saltwater showers emerging as one of the largest and most renowned hotels in the Maldives. The promises of tomorrow overshadow the whispers of the past as you enter a realm where luxury and innovation intertwine in a beautiful marriage. This mile-long island offers 290 accommodation options that redefine grandiosity around Rasdu (Rasdhoo) atoll.

You can plan your trip to Kuramathi by a speedboat or a seaplane for an unmatched refined elegance which is accentuated with two separate diving centers, a kids club and a spa. The moment you set your foot on this island you will realize that there’s no shortage of wonders to explore. From glamorous house reef snorkeling to hidden beach areas, it’s all a stone’s throw away from you.

Tariff: The tariffs start at INR 36,926 which is an all-inclusive rate including meals and drinks in three of their main buffet restaurants, vou will be presented with the vibrant selection of 9 á la cárte dining experiences that are sure to leave you feeling fully satiated. The tariff of the rooms can go up considerably depending on which room you select.

How to Get There: This resort is located on the Furanafushi island and transfers to Kuramathi are arranged throughout the day via speedboat or seaplanes. One must note that the seaplane transfers take place only during the day and booked in accordance with the international flight details while the boat transfers run three times in the day and take roughly 75 to 90 minutes to reach.

Komandoo Maldives Resort, Surrender To Serenity 

Let Romance Meet Luxury In The Heart Of The Maldives

best islands in maldives for couples
Resorts for honeymooners.

Komandoo resort sure has a great ring to the name, but it has a better feel too, nestled within the picturesque Lhaviyani Atoll this extraordinary escape throws you right into the land of fairies. The exquisite marine life encircling the resort is a testament to the equally esteemed service they provide, from hospitable staff to openness in embracing all kinds of cuisines, this award-winning 5-star property sweeps you right off your feet. It’s a perfect place for honeymooners and couples seeking to escape the mundane cityscape life. 

Every desire of yours is met with unwavering attention to detail making it one of the best places to stay in Maldives. The plethora of beauty and massage services here are bound to soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. If your definition of self-care is beyond spa treatments, then you can always dive straight into the thrilling water sports and recreational activities. The resort has taken things up a notch when it comes to the dining options – visitors get a chance to taste the delectable meals in the wonderful undersea dining hall or right on the beach with heartwarming aesthetics making it one of the best Maldives resorts.

Tariff: Tariffs here start at INR 33,004 with three mouth watering meals included, a refreshing welcome drink presented to you on arrival and an express check-in service which will have you unpacking your bags in no time! 

How to Get There: Getting to Komandoo, Maldives is easier than you think! You can start your journey by flying into Velena, International Airport (MLE) in Male, from there you can hop on a scenic seaplane ride directly to Komandoo Island. Another option is to catch a domestic flight from Velana International Airport to the nearby Dharavandhoo Airport and then take a short speedboat ride to Komandoo.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa, A Breezy Time

A Marriage between Adventure and Luxury In The South Ari Atoll 

best places to stay in maldives
top-notch services at Lily Beach Resort

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is literally an oasis of luxury nestled on the hidden island of Huvahendhoo in the South Ari Atoll. This resort is renowned for its top-notch services and accommodations that will leave your heart feeling warm and fuzzy, the activities here are exciting and way too many to experience completely if you are on a short trip. This lavish stay promises a vacation like no other! But the culinary delights here are as spectacular as the surroundings, with two high-end restaurants striving to match the standards, you can rest assured that your taste buds will be in for a treat here.

Indulge in the Platinum Plan which offers a fine dining experience like no other with additional custom- made snacks and beverages from not one, not two but three bars. If you feel you have ingested way too many carbs at your disposal then do not worry, they even offer you a complimentary yoga class, now we know one class is not enough to burn all the carbs but it sure will be helpful to rejuvenate both body and soul. 

Each person receives the benefit of three excursions, free sports activities like tennis and volleyball, and a full stocked mini bar which is replenished daily, with all these advantages of activities you are sure to feel like your time here is not just “spent” but “celebrated”. We know those with full fledged families are probably wondering what advantages they would get, this place values the young blood so much that they have introduced a policy of free kids club that ensures your little one is thoroughly entertained and taken care of while you sit back and relax.

When it comes to the accommodation, you will be happy to know that the selections they have are as unique as they can get! Want a family-friendly Maldives beach villa? Maybe an uber-luxe Lagoon Villa with an outdoor bathroom? Perhaps a contemporary beach suite? There are a multitude of choices with poetic views from each one of them, you cannot go wrong with any one as all of them offer an unparalleled comfort and elegance. This is one of the best luxury resorts in Maldives 

Now this place has something more, are you one of the lovers who like to express their love through grand gestures? Then complete your plan with a private butler, outdoor pool, Jacuzzi tub, secluded deck and an unbeatable ocean view! Yes, this resort has all the extravagance that you might want to present your better half with, which is why it has been ranked as one of the best honeymoon Maldives Resorts.

Tariff: The tariffs are a bit steep at INR 93,000 and going up, but it also comes with the promise of delivering quality and exuberance that is truly unmatchable. 

How to Get There: The Lily Beach Resort & Spa is very conveniently located on Huvahendhoo in the South Ari Atoll. Seaplane transfers are available that take about 25-30 minutes of time to cover the distance between Male Airport and Lily Beach Resort. The charges for adults stand at USD 425 for adults and USD 250 for children between 2 to 12 years. You can also opt for the domestic flight followed by a Speedboat ride with a total travel time of approximately 55 minutes. Guests can board the domestic flight for Maamigili International Airport and then a quick speedboat ride to reach the resort. 

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Velaa Private Island, A Deep Dive Into Extravaganza

An Exclusive Haven For The Lovers Of Seclusion

exclusive maldives water villas, book now
Small island right in the middle of the sea.

Veela Private Island makes a statement so hard that you can’t help but take notice with your eyes wide open! This resort is designed to whisk you away with its grand architecture and outstanding services of luxury. Nestled in the astounding Noonu Atoll, this resort is a mere 187 km (110 mi) North of Male. This royalty was named after the generations of sea turtles that have graced its shores for decades. It is quite surprising that such magnificence can also be paired with regal finesse at the same time.

We would like to elaborate a little to paint a picture for you, why do we say regal finesse? Well, its because the designers of this space have a discerning taste which is so distinct and flavorful that they went to the length of sourcing the stone pavements all the way from the deserts of Jordan and the Indonesian flowerpots coupled with luxury wood paneling from Borneo, the gleaming clean marble under your feet? Oh, that’s just pure Italian marble!

Every square inch of Velaa boasts of elegance and sophistication. With 45 private villas, exclusive residences and houses, this is definitely meant for people who value exclusivity. Velaa Private Island has the capacity to captivate and enchant guests of all ages, beyond the materialistic lavishness, this resort also offers a pandora’s box waiting to be opened. With trained professionals offering Spa treatments, you can be sure to leave the space rejuvenated multiple times, you could also choose to hone your short game at the Velaa Golf Academy, helmed by Ryder Cup captain Jose Maria Olazabal or stick to the mother nature and commence your underwater expedition with a James Bond-style semi- submarine, gliding your way through the delicate waters exploring the mesmerizing undersea world that lies deep under the surface of the earth.

Tariff: The tariffs start at INR 2,77,000 for a sunrise water pool villa and go up for much more premium rooms. 

How to Get There: The most comfortable journey and cost-effective way to travel would be a shared seaplane charged at USD 600. Note that you might have to wait for one or two hours at the airport in this case.

Mercure Maldives Kooddoo, An Escapade Like No Other 

Give Into Your Indulgences 

There are many best places to stay in maldives
Unforgettable escape to paradise.

The unforgettable escapade to Mercure Maldives Kooddoo is an enchanting retreat nestled within the pristine beauty of Gaafu Alifu Atoll. This one is a proud holder of four stars and promises you unlimited adventures that are honey to the soul, the unparalleled relaxation you have been seeking, the grand expectations you have been having from Maldives, all comes to a pit stop here because this is where you get to soak it all in, vacationing in this resort will allow you full access to a 50-meter swimming pool, a wide selection of 70 exquisite villas, each designed with precision and a taste for brilliance, a vast dive center and a spa that elevates your experience to a whole new level.

The restaurant here offers both themed buffets and á la cárte meals with fragrant teas and karaoke nights to light up your evenings with an extra jazz. Mercure Maldives brings the elegance out from every direction, the poise with which the private terraces are designed and the statements the outdoor showers make are commendable.

The overwater gastro pub is just an added cherry on the top with its unique style that stands out in its own way. This place manages to juggle multiple activities with brilliant poise, from snorkeling and tennis to outdoor movie nights and traditional Maldivian music concerts, excitement is booming in every corner and there is not a spare minute that the staff here can enjoy. 

Kids are in for a different treat here with a separate club dedicated just for them, allowing the parents to engage themselves thoroughly in various thrilling activities without being concerned about their safety. We know this is a lot to take in and deciding what kind of things to choose can become quite confusing and that is exactly why the resort has come up with all-inclusive packages that grants you with select beverages, daily buffet meals, mini-bar services, and afternoon snacks. With this kind of ease, your whole experience becomes smooth as butter!

Tariff: The starting price for this resort per room would be around INR 54,150 and goes up depending on the standard of rooms you would like to choose.

How to Get There: To experience the magic of Mercure Maldives one can take a 55 minute direct flight (90 minutes indirect) from the capital, Male, to Kooddoo Airport, Propellor aircraft’s frequency is only four or five per day, this has been done specially to preserve the privacy of the island. 

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, Maldives Resorts promises relaxation, adventure and extreme indulgence. From the serene beauty and elegance of Kuramathi Maldives to the extravagance of the Lily Beach Resort, every resort has its own charm and uniqueness that cannot be compared to each other. These places will leave you believing that the essence of island life can truly be enjoyed when it is paired with impeccable hospitality.


Which Maldives hotel is best for couples?

Lily Beach Resort is our favorite when it comes to couples, it’s got custom made privileges for couples who like to go that extra mile to express their affection.

Which Maldives hotel is best for families?

Mercure Maldives is ideal for families with kids as they have a special kids’ club that caters to the children’s needs and takes good care of them while giving the parents the opportunity to relax and unwind, as it should be on a vacation.

Which are the most luxurious resorts in Maldives?

Velaa private island has to be one of the most luxurious resorts with marvelous architecture and attention to detail that is coupled with exceptional service where you end up feeling like royalty.


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