Your Guide To The Best Michelin Starred Restaurants In Hong Kong

Known as a culinary heaven, Hong Kong is the place to be if you have an appetite for nothing but the best. The country boasts several best Michelin starred restaurants, with this year seeing a total of 227 such restaurants in Hong Kong. So which ones should you choose to dine in during your trip to this foodies’ paradise? We’ve picked three from different categories to ensure you have an extravagant fine-dining experience in HongKong.

Best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong – 3 Star

The three Michelin starred restaurants list included names like  L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Sushi Shikon. But if you have to pick one of these three, we recommend Bo Innovation, and here’s why:

Bo Innovation, located in Wan Chai, was curated by the British born-Canada-raised Alvin Leung, popularly known as “The Demon Chef”. The expressive journey of food here would cost you about 500 to 750 HKD. But with the expense, comes an experience that’s phenomenal. They’re known to serve eggettes, an authentic street snack of the country in lieu of the clichéd bread basket. The chef wants you to call his cuisine “X-Treme Chinese” : “X-citing, X-otic and X-traordinary.”

USP: The ingredients used in the preparation of these exclusive dishes have been recognised and strengthened by the chef, who owes it to his Chinese roots & upbringing. No wonder it is one of the best Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong. Chef Alvin Leung has two more restaurants to his name – Bo London in Mayfair, London and Bo Shanghai in Shangai, China.

Best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong – 2 Star

The two Michelin starred restaurants list entails names like: Amber, Yan TohHeen, Caprice, Shang Palace, Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine, Forum Restaurant and Pierre.

Absorbing the wispy seventh floor of Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the centre of Hong Kong, is the two Michelin Stars restaurant, Amber. Priced between 500 and 750 HKD, the restaurant brings unprecedented French cuisine to the table. Chef Ekkebus, who has himself been fortunate to be mentored by world renowned chefs, Alain Passardand Guy Savoystresses on the fact that “every dish is product driven conceptualized with the highlighted seasonal ingredient in mind”.

USP: Ingredients along with preparation here are inspired by the chef’s upbringing by the sea.

Best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong – 1 Star

For this category, we recommend the ‘comfortable’ Arcane that opens its heart to the enthusiasts like its open kitchen that Chef Shane Osborn, justifiably takes pride in. Osborn is the first chef in the world to retain both one and two Michelin starred restaurants. This particular restaurant, which is his solo venture, lies away from the monotonous rut (and chaos) of the city. The place with six appetisers and six mains on the menu could cost you something between 350 and 500 HKD.

USP: Menus are seasonally-led, employing the superior produce from UK, France and Japan.

Michelin Starred food - best michelin starred restaurants
Michelin Starred food
Additional Information:

There are eight new entrants in  the year 2018 that form a judicious list of one Michelin starred restaurants:

  1. Arcane; ‘an open-kitchen concept led by Australian chef Shane Osborn’
  2. Kaiseki Den by Saotome which relocated and renamed itself earlier this year’
  3. Imperial Treasure; ‘the first Hong Kong branch from Singapore serving refined Chinese cuisine: Cantonese restaurants with a contemporary twist’
  4. Ying Jee Club and Yee Tung Heen; ‘The Ocean, a seafood restaurant owned by French chef Olivier Belli’
  5. Rech; ‘Alain Ducasse’s first international outpost of his Parisian seafood restaurant’
  6. Tate by chef/owner Vicky Lau; which just recently moved to a larger space on Hollywood Road this year’
About Michelin Stars

Michelin Stars are a rating system used to rank restaurants based on their quality. A list is maintained in the Michelin Guide and it is reviewed periodically so that the information is up to date. Hence, a restaurant that has received a Michelin star or two can have this status revoked if the quality deteriorates over time. 

According to the Guide, one star means “a very good restaurant, two stars are “excellent cuisine that is worth a detour, and three stars mean “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey“.

While the concept of a Michelin Star has been around for a while (since the early 1900s), it is possible that it has become a familiar term for the common man due to the popularity of the MasterChef Series.

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