Traditional camping is a fun, adventurous outing. For years, people have enjoyed going out into the wilderness and leaving behind their comfortable homes to experience nature intimately. Sure, camping is a lot of fun. But you know what’s even cooler? Glamping! Essentially, glamping involves camping but in absolute luxury. Glamping in India is pretty popular. Several cities offer terrific glamping options

Glamping = Luxury Camping

Make-shift tents are replaced with lavish little cottages or luxurious tents. Electricity, food and constant water supply are all available. Every place offers a different glamping experience. What remains constant is that you will stay outdoors but you won’t have to ‘tough it out’. All the activities that you enjoy while camping is made easier with Glamping. All in all, you get a chance at a relaxing getaway where you can really pamper yourself.

Here’s a list of the best places you can go glamping in India and have a total blast!

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

glamping in india

Explore Jaisalmer’s stunning deserts like never before. While glamping in the desert, you will stay in camps close to the Sam Sand Dunes. This is where people take camel rides in the sunset, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Head over to Serai Desert Camp and Spa for an extra luxurious experience! The property has 21 large canvas tents built on a base of Jaisalmer stone, set away from it all on 30 acres of desert scrub. The massive tents are over a thousand square feet in size. You can relax in sheltered sitting rooms and lounge on your cosy bed. If you do manage to leave the comfort of your delightful tents, you can go out for a desert safari or even watch the local tribes perform!


glamping in India

Glamping in India right by the beach has to be your dream vacation! Imagine lounging in your lavish tent and staring out into the endless ocean! Goa is a great place to go glamping. In South Goa, you can stay at Dwarka Eco Beach Resort that has 10 luxury tents on an exclusive beach. You can also stay at La Mangrove, with four chic tents near Galgibaga beach. Options in North Goa include Otter Creek Tents near Ashwem beach. It offers three luxury tents near a lovely little creek. Some resorts like La Cabana or Marbella offer tents by the beach.


glamping in india

Gorgeous Ladakh is an ideal glamping destination in India. Visiting the snow covered mountains and beautiful landscape is any traveller’s dream. There are quite a few places you can stay at. The Ladakh Sarai offers 14 yurt-style accommodations in a beautiful grove of willow, poplar, apricot and apple trees. It is only a 10 minute drive from Leh. More expensive options include Ultimate Traveling Camp. This place has nine luxury tents and four presidential tents (each with private deck). The icing on the cake is that you get a spectacular view of the Thiksey Monsatery from your luxury tents!

Mashobra, Himachal

glamping in India

Mashobra is a small town in the Shimla district. It’s a picturesque valley that has breath-taking mountains around it. Camps here have been renovated to guarantee the most glamourous adventure. Cozy beds and rustic interiors will warmly welcome you.  There are lots of semi luxurious bamboo cottages you can call your home for a few days! The best time to go glamping in Mashobra is between March and June.

Wayanad, Kerala

glamping in india

Glamping in the backwaters of Kerala is a serene, other-worldly experience. Luxury camps surrounded by nature offer you all kinds of modern amenities. The tents are air-conditioned and have portable washrooms.

For a unique glamping experience, visit Grassroots. The property is on a three-acre coffee, areca nut, and pepper plantation. It overlooks renowned tree plantations and is surrounded by mountains and gentle streams. There are five luxury tents on the property. You can take part in recreational activities like hiking and rafting. Food is taken care of,  you will be served delicious home cooked food.

Pali District, Rajasthan

glamping in India

Pali district in Rajasthan is between Jodhpur and Udaipur. It’s a great place for wildlife enthusiasts to go luxury camping. Chhatra Sagar has 11 luxury tents that overlook a dam and two that are on a hill. Sujan’s Jawai property has nine luxurious tents and includes a royal suite. In your free time, you can go horse riding, bird watching and so much more. Wilderness safaris are especially popular because you to get to spot leopards and other interesting species!

Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

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Jim Corbett national park is very popular in the country. What many might not know is that the park provides exclusive glamping options. Semi-luxury tents are in the midst of beautiful greenery. During your stay, you can explore the many facets of the national park. Glamping organizers include Camp Forktail Creek, Camp Kyari and Corbett Jungle Lore.

Pushkar, Rajasthan

glamping in India

Rajasthan seems to be the ultimate glamping destination in India! In Pushkar, you can stay at Orchard Tents & Tranquility for a refreshing glamping experience. There are 11 spacious tents with air-conditioning, individual bedrooms and porches! They’ve recently added an organic vegetable garden, hammocks and a badminton court. Rates are especially high during the Pushkar Camel fair, so watch out!

Another option is The Greenhouse Resort which has similar luxury tents. It’s only a 10-minute drive from Pushkar.

Any places you’ve gone glamping in India that we’ve missed out? Tell us in the comments below!


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