Say sayonara to dull Friday evenings because Bangalore’s pubs are calling your name! Whether you’ve got two left feet or dance like nobody’s watching, these amazing dance floors are where the real party happens.

The pubs in Bangalore are always buzzing with crowds and if you’re looking to let loose, going to one is a must! Dance is the form of free expression and it truly does not matter if you are a great dancer or not, Bangalore’s pubs are so inviting that you can just let your hair down and enjoy a drink to kick back and relax after a long hard day at work.

Weekends In This City Are A Youth Revolution! 

If you are new in town and looking for a ‘drink and dine’ extravaganza, we’ve got the lowdown on 15 mind-blowing pubs in Bangalore. These handpicked gems offer killer vibes, fantastic drink choices, and a crowd ready to party!

With the amount of options this city has to offer, you will never run out of pubs to explore. We however, curated a list of the best ones that might catch your attention if you are someone that pays more attention to fine details.

1. Big Brewsky, Where The Party Never Ends

pub in bangalore with dance floor for a good dance
Let the party begin!

For those who are from Bangalore, Big Brewski is not an unfamiliar name. As you step into the world of Big Brewski Brewing Company, you see that the grandeur is an understatement. The place is as extra as your weekend plans! Top notch interior decor that will surely make your followers on instagram wonder where you are, even classier service, a menu that is basically a foodie’s dream come true, romantic vibes all up in the air. 

They have a residential DJ who makes the 80% of the ambiance through tailor made tracklists spinning one after the other. The delightful beers here are a speciality along with the other drinks. Oh, and the biggest highlight of this place? They have a pool inside the pub! 

A good drink must always be paired with good food – Continental, Indian, Italian – You name it, and they have it. The food here will surely take you on a sensory high coupled with the amazing collection of liquor.

Where is it located? 

Sarjapur Road

Timings: 12.30 pm to 1.00 am; Every single day

Pricing for two: Approximately ₹1,600

2. Prost, Redefining Standards

one of the best pubs in indiranagar bangalore
classy and artsy vibes at the pub.

Prost is another option for those craving a bit of classy and a bit of artsy, the vibes here are very chill, the interiors are all woody yet have a beautiful essence. Prost is not messing around by giving you a small dance floor – it has a spacious floor where you can dance till your heart’s content Dance solo, drag your pals into a groove, or just bust out those moves you’ve been practicing in front of your mirror! The high ceiling and friendly bar staff here makes you feel comfortable enough to stay back for a wholesome meal with a few added cocktails.

Prost isn’t your average beer spot – it’s an exclusive pass to knowing everything about the perfect pour. Munich Lager and Hoppy Hefeweizen are the stars of the show. They don’t just serve beers; they serve experiences in a mug. 

Where is it located? 

Prost is located in Indiranagar and the party here never stops!

Timings: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm 

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday: 12:30 pm to 12.30 am 

Pricing for two: Around ₹2100

3. XU, Party Like A Royalty

VIP top pub in bangalore
XU is the VIP section of Bangalore’s nightlife.

If you’re all about partying in a royal manner then Leela Palace is the place to be! XU is not just another party place; it’s the VIP section of Bangalore’s nightlife, and here’s why. Picture this – it’s nestled in the lap of luxury, right in the heart of Leela Palace, making it the fanciest party in the town.

The fancy vibes and flashy lights here will invite you to step into XU’s world of decorative vibes, and mirrors so fancy it will make you feel like a superstar. The ambiance is lit with blue and yellow lights – it’s basically a party paradise.

XU doesn’t just have a DJ; they’ve got a maestro who spins tracks so fine that it turns it into one of the best pubs in Bangalore with a dance floor into a frenzy. And guess what? Local bands drop by here for surprise gigs, making every night a musical adventure. 

The diverse menu here will surely make your taste buds dance! The wide range of options include Spanish delights and Italian wonders, European treats to Continental eats. It’s truly a global feast!  Brace yourself for an entire package of good food, killer drinks, and a dance floor that’s practically begging for your moves – it’s a party trifecta at Xu! If you are feeling gracious with your budget and want to elevate your weekend then XU has to be on your list.

Where is it located? 

Old Airport Road

Timings: Sunday to Thursday: 12.30 pm to 01:00 am

Fridays and Saturdays: 5:00 pm to 1.00 am 

Pricing for two: Approximately ₹2,400

4. Bob’s Bar, When That Salary Is So Far

pub in bangalore
Bob’s bar is the ambassador when it comes to cultural drinking.

This sure is a place where your wallet will cheer louder than you do, this pocket friendly bar is the perfect choice for days when your salary is afar! If your salary is playing hide and seek, but you’re still itching for a good time, welcome to Bob’s bar, designed for the days where you want to have a good time but also not spend too much. 

Bob’s bar has cracked the code of making things so affordable while keeping the energy high. No fancy beats, just good ol’ conversations flowing smoother than your glass of whisky.

We know what you are thinking: Cheap drinks and no music could lead to chaos, but surprise – it’s the opposite! Bob’s bar is the ambassador when it comes to cultural drinking. Everyone here is on their best behavior, sipping and chatting their worries away. 

We know the struggle of counting days to your payday. We’ve all been there – counting the last days of the month till that sweet sweet salary hits the bank. Bob’s bar turns those torturous days into a countdown to a pocket-friendly blast.

Another way Bob’s won our heart is the local South India cuisine which goes so well with the drinks. Which makes it one of the top pubs in Bangalore. No fancy over the top grandeur. Just a plain simple menu coupled with a grand time with your besties. 

Where is it located?


Timings: 11.30 am to 01:00 am  

Pricing for two: Approximately ₹1,000 

5. Chin Lung, A Walk Down Memory Lane

pubs in koramangala bangalore
Chin Lung is the granddaddy of pubs in Bangalore.

Since we are talking about affordable options, let’s talk about Chin Lung –the granddaddy of pubs in Bangalore, serving up nostalgia with a side of love. This place reminds you that you don’t really need a fancy place with extravagant decor, all you need is a good group of friends and a simple spread of food and drinks to revel in your glory. The new place does look like it got a facelift but trust us, the vibe is still authentic.

Old monk at INR 24 per peg and a mug of beer for just INR 60 with masala peanuts and papads acting like the perfect sidekicks! It’s like time traveling back to the days when pocket-friendly and awesome went hand in hand.

Relive the good times with a classic – hRum and Coke at Chin Lung as you take a trip down memory lane. Sip, chat, and soak in the vibes of a pub that has seen it all.

Where is it located: Koramangala 4th Block

Timings: 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM 

Pricing for two: Approximately INR 1,200

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a fanatic of fancy bars or just a student who wants to unwind after a tough exam, pubs in Bangalore will never disappoint you. This city has something for everyone and all you have to do is look in the right direction. So grab your friends and choose the one place that suits your style! 


Which are the best pubs and clubs in Bangalore for couples?

– Toit Brewpub has great craft beers and a lively ambiance for couples to unwind.
– The Tao Terraces has an intimate setting with delicious Asian cuisine perfect for  a cozy night out.
– High Ultra Lounge has spectacular views, a very classy atmosphere and eclectic cocktails.

What are the best resorts in Bangalore for couples?

– Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa has the perfect combination of serene surroundings and spa treatments that are the perfect romantic escapade.
– Guhantara Resort is an underground cave-like resort for those seeking a unique experience.

What are some romantic things to do in Bangalore for couples?

Bangalore has a long list of things that couples could do, the top one would definitely be witnessing the breathtaking sunrise at Nandi Hills.If you are not a morning person, you could enjoy a lovely candlelight dinner at Olive Beach as it offers one of the most charming settings.

What is the best time to visit Bangalore for couples?

The best time for couples to visit Bangalore is  from October to February. The weather is pleasant. However, The monsoon season is also very romantic with pleasant gloomy days to enjoy with your partner over a cup of hot chocolate.


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