Coorg is a land of beautiful landscapes, great people, great culture and great food. Every homestay, resort, hotel and restaurant boasts that they serve the best of traditional cuisine in Coorg. But one can never know if all their claims are true. So, where do you go to sample the best of Coorg cuisine other than a Kodava home? Which are the best restaurants in Coorg that you must visit?

The answer is really simple, see where the locals eat! No one knows a place as well as a local does. So here is a list of restaurants in Coorg that the locals swear by.

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Restaurants In Coorg That You Shouldn’t Miss

Food is the best way to gain some insight into the culture of the land. The cuisine of Coorg has lots of stories to tell. So get ready for a gastronomic journey at the best places to eat in Coorg.

Where To Eat Like A Local In Madikeri

1. The East End Hotel: Home Of The Legendary Kheema Dosa

The East End Hotel in Madikeri is one of the oldest restaurants in Coorg. This place is an institution unto itself. Most people in Coorg swear by this old hotel for their great hospitality and great food. Nothing much has changed at The East End Hotel in all the years it has been around. The food is the same and so are the people who serve it.

The East End Hotel is located on the main road leading to the centre of Madikeri town. The food served here is still cooked with traditional spices and masalas. Their kheema cutlet (minced lamb cakes) and kheema dosa (dosa with a filling of spiced, minced lamb) are legendary. These two dishes are one of the main reasons East End has remained a favourite of the people of Coorg. Along with these, the kheema unde curry (lamb meatball curry) and the chicken fry are also very popular. The kheema dosa and kheema cutlet are only served in the evenings from 4 PM to 7 PM. Make sure to get there early, as these dishes tend to run out early. 

2. Coorg Cuisine: For A Taste of Authentic Kodava Food

If you’re looking for a place to tuck into authentic Kodava cuisine, then your search ends at Coorg Cuisine. The tiny restaurant is located opposite the Post Office in Madikeri. Coorg Cuisine is famous for its authentic Kodava food cooked using traditional methods and spices. From kadambuttu-pandi curry (rice dumplings with pork curry) and paputtu-koli curry (steamed rice and coconut cake with chicken curry) to noolputtu-erachi curry (string hoppers with mutton curry), they serve all the favourite combinations in Kodava cuisine. 

If you’re worried about all the meat in the menu, put your worry aside. Coorg Cuisine also serves great vegetarian fare. Seasonal delicacies that are a favourite among the people of Coorg like kummu curry (mushroom curry), baimbale curry (tender bamboo shoot curry) and kuru curry (bean curry) are also served here. And the food tastes so good, that even the pickiest eater will end up wanting more. 

3. Capitol Village: Enjoy Great Food In The Middle Of A Beautiful Coffee Plantation

A real foodie will be willing to go to extreme lengths for great food. If you’re that kind of a foodie, you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the restaurant at The Capitol Village. The restaurant in Kadagadal village is a short drive away from Madikeri town. Located inside a coffee plantation, the resort sits on a tiny hillock that faces a valley on one side and a lake on the other.

The restaurant at Capitol Village dishes out the best of Kodava food as well other cuisines. Their chilli pork is one of the best dishes you’ll ever taste. Additionally, if you ever get to taste their sannas (steamed rice cakes with coconut milk) and pandhi curry, you’ll want nothing else. 

Where To Eat Like A Local In Virajpet

1. Badriya: Home Of The Best Prawn Curry In Town

Badriya is a small restaurant in the centre of Virajpet town. The tiny restaurant is one of the oldest establishments in Virajpet and one of the most popular too. There are two restaurants called Badriya in town, but don’t get confused. We’re talking about the smaller, older Badriya restaurant, which is on the right side of the road. The old restaurant has limited seating and is usually packed with people waiting to savour its great food.

The restaurant serves everything from shawarma (shredded meat wrapped in soft flatbread) to chicken kebab. But the one thing you shouldn’t leave Badriya without tasting is their prawn curry and pathal (a kind of fried bread). The restaurant is also famous for Malayali cuisine. 

2. Coorg Gate: Great Food Amidst A Beautiful Landscape

Take a scenic drive to the Coorg Gate restaurant at the Kodagu-Kerala border for some great food and scenery. The restaurant near Perumbadi Lake sits on a cliff that offers great panoramic views of the surroundings. The restaurant offers Arabian, north Indian and Malayali cuisine.

But they are most famous for the Arabian cuisine on their menu. Their kebabs and ghee rice are exceptional. Do try the Malabar parathas with egg curry, we guarantee you’ll end up craving more.

3. MB Cafe: Enjoy Kodava Food At Affordable Prices

If you’re looking to sample some authentic Kodava cuisine in Virajpet, look no further than MB Cafe. The rooftop restaurant serves great Kodava cuisine and at a budget too. MB Cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in Virajpet and a favourite among the locals. For a taste of some fresh kadambuttu and pandhi curry and several such Kodava dishes, head to MB Cafe. The rooftop restaurant also has a bar—watch the town of Virajpet as you enjoy your drink with some spicy pork. 

Where To Eat Like A Local In Gonikoppal

1. Cuisine Paapera: The Best Restaurant In Coorg For Pork Lovers

If you’re looking for some great Kodava food, Cuisine Paapera is a place you must visit. The restaurant in Gonikoppal serves authentic Kodava food along with some north Indian and Chinese fare. If you’re looking to learn more about Kodava culture and life in Coorg, this is the perfect place for you. The restaurant is decorated with traditional Kodava utensils, weapons and agricultural implements.

Cuisine Paapera is especially famous for its pork dishes. For pork lovers, Cuisine Paapers is one of the best restaurants in Coorg. Their roast pork, pork chudal (grilled pork) and pork meals are a must-have. For the vegetarians, Cuisine Paapera offers a range of traditional Kodava vegetarian food. They also serve seasonal produce like baimbale curry, kummu curry and therme thoppu (stir-fried fiddlehead ferns) among others.

2. Silver Sky Restaurant: Homely Food At Affordable Prices

The Silver Sky Restaurant is another great place in Gonikoppal for authentic Kodava food. For people who love spicy food, this is the place to be. The restaurant is well known for its homely food, which is served at affordable prices. The Fatless Pork Fry is one of the most popular dishes on their menu. The tasty chicken and mutton pulao (spiced rice) at the restaurant are also equally popular.

Where To Eat Like A Local In Kushalnagar

Had your fill of traditional Kodava food and looking for something different? How about some Tibetan fare? Bylakuppe in Kushalnagar is home to some of the best restaurants in Coorg that serve authentic Tibetan food.

1. Taste Of Tibet: A Real Taste Of Authentic Tibetan Cuisine

Taste of Tibet, a restaurant in Bylakuppe is the perfect place for some authentic Tibetan cuisine. The homely food is cooked and served by a friendly couple who own the restaurant. 

From thukpa (noodle soup with shredded vegetables and meat) to momos (stuffed dumplings), the restaurant serves every kind of Tibetan cuisine. The chicken momos, served with a fiery red chilli chutney are especially delicious. Thukpa, chilli chicken and fried rice are popular too. And none of these will put a hole in your pocket either, so gorge on all the momos you want.

2. Potala Kitchen: The Best Restaurant In Coorg For Great Momos

Potala Kitchen, a casual dining restaurant in Bylakuppe, is another very popular restaurant for authentic Tibetan food. The restaurant is famous for its amazing food served at very affordable rates. They have a vast menu with everything from momos and thukpa to tingmo (a traditional Tibetan dish). The noodles, momos and fried rice are especially popular. 

The Flavours Of Coorg On A Plate

So here is a list of the best restaurants in Coorg that the locals and tourists love. Get ready to go on a gastronomic journey to experience the flavours and tastes of Coorg.

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