Are you planning a rejuvenating retreat to the Coffee Hills of Karnataka? May it be the summer season, winter, or monsoon season, Chikmagalur has so much to offer that any season is the best time to visit Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is a hill station in the Western Ghats with coffee plantations, rivers, temples, avid wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and thrilling trekking trails that attract tourists from around the world.

Season-Wise Decoding The Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur

We’ve dissected every season, and jotted out some of the best things to do, the weather in Chikmagalur, and other essential tips to make your trip a cherishable one.

Summer Season In Chikmagalur – Off-Season

chikmagalur weather is always very pleasant
Lush greenery around which is pleasing to the eyes.

Months: March to June

Temperature: The temperature of Chikmagalur ranges from 27 degrees to 35 degrees. 

Weather: The summer season starts in the middle of March and continues until June. Although the temperatures may look on the high side, the weather in Chikmagalur receives a decent amount of cool winds, which allows you to evade the heat and make the most out of the trip.

The soothing winds flowing through the enriching Western Ghats keep the summer heat in check. The pleasant weather, accompanied by refreshing winds, makes it comfortable for tourists to engage in various outdoor activities like hiking up the numerous captivating scenic trekking routes. 

Pros Of Visiting During The Summer Season

Although the Chikmagalur weather is warm, it never soars to blistering temperatures. Compared to neighboring places in the South, Chikmagalur receives cooler winds, making it a preferable tourist destination. The hot weather in Chikmagalur attracts fewer tourists, so this is the best time to get slashed prices in flight and hotel bookings. You can get the best rooms which offer stunning scenic beauty and modern amenities at very nominal prices.

Things To Do During Summer Season

  • Chikmagalur offers some of the most exhilarating hiking trails, like Kemmanagundi, Mullayanagiri Peak, Baba Budangiri, and Kudremukh Peak.
  • With clear skies and cool winds blowing past your sleeve, take the Sheetala Giri-Bababudangiri-Mullayanagir hiking route, which awaits to challenge your fitness levels. 
  • Visiting the coffee plantations is a must. Take a refreshing walk amidst the aromatic smell of coffee that fills the air at the coffee plantations.
  • Summer in Chikmagalur is ideal for engaging in various adrenaline-pumping water activities like white water rafting in the Bhadra River.
  • The Lakya Dam is one of the best picnic spots, where you can enjoy and relax with friends and family near the dazzling water.


  • If you do not care about the temperature, this is the best time to visit Chikmagalur. The summer heat attracts fewer tourists, so this is the ideal time to grab great deals at ticket prices for flight tickets and accommodations. 
  • If you are planning for a trek, carry light and sturdy shoes to make the most out of the trek.
  • Carry sunscreen, hats, and other essentials to avoid the summer heat.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated as engaging in various outdoor activities in summer can drain your energy.

Monsoon Season In Chikmagalur – Shoulder Season

plan your trip to chikmagalur now
Intermittent showers create a beautiful mist during monsoon.

Months:  July and August

Temperature: The temperature oscillates between 18 degrees and 26 degrees.

Weather: During the monsoon season, the intermittent showers create a beautiful mist that turns the atmosphere into pure bliss. The monsoon season is the best time to explore the hills in its prime. The freshly bathed roads and the lush green vegetation along the Western Ghats are a treat to the eyes. 

Pros Of Visiting During The Monsoon Season

The weather in Chikmagalur during the monsoon is wet, which attracts fewer tourists from around the world. The prices for hotel bookings and flight tickets are at very nominal prices. The best time to visit Chikmagalur is during the monsoon season, where you can explore the surreal beauty of nature in its full bloom.

This is the ideal time to plan an escape from daily city life, where you can replenish yourself in the serenity of the lush green vegetation that engulfs it.

Things To Do During Monsoon Season

  • The monsoon season marks the commencement of various festivities, which fill the air with a cheerful vibe. 
  • Explore stunning waterfalls like Shanti Falls, Shankara Falls, Jhari Falls, and Hebbe Falls while visiting Chikmagalur. 
  • If rains become a hurdle in the planned day-long tour, you can check into various restaurants and cafes, where you can taste the delicious local cuisine. 


  • Be wary of the weather, and inquire about the climatic conditions before planning the trip to Chikmagalur.
  • The rain makes the roads slippery, and the haze makes it difficult for sightseeing. If you are planning to go for a thrilling hike, it is advised to carry sturdy and comfortable shoes to make the most out of the trip.
  • Carry extra pairs of clothes, raincoats, etc, as the sudden bursts of rain showers can leave you drenched.

Winter Season In Chikamagalur – Peak Season

chikmagalur tourism is booming year after year
Winter months are best times to go trekking in the mountains.

Months: September to February 

Temperature: The temperature of the winter season fluctuates from 14 degrees to 32 degrees.

Weather: The winter season is the best time to visit Chikmagalur, as the calm and soothing temperatures are perfect for engaging in various activities and exploring nature at its best. The days are filled with warm and cozy sun and a cool breeze, which will absorb all the fatigue in the day-long tour. Without being wary of the weather, you can book your memorable Day Trip to Chikmagalur here.

Pros Of Visiting In The Winter Season

The weather in Chikmagalur is perfect for tourists as the city is surrounded by lush green vegetation. The Chikamagalur weather is ideal for sightseeing as the soothing and slight chill in the air makes it a surreal experience. 

The winter season is the best time to visit Chikmagalur as the year-end months bring a lot of festivities along with it. The pleasant weather is perfect for hiking, surfing and other activities while soaking in the surreal beauty of nature that surrounds it. Book now to learn how to surf in the waters of Mangalore here.

Things To Do During Winter Season

  • The Bhuta Kola Festival, celebrated in December, is one of the major tourist attractions, which draws tourists from around the world. The rituals at the festival are performed to invoke the deities and spirits. 
  • With Christmas and New Year around the corner, the air fills up with a cheerful and festive vibe, which makes it the best time to visit Chikmagalur.
  • The weather is ideal for visiting renowned places, like Mahatma Gandhi Park, Hirekolale Lake, and Ayyanakere Lake.
  • This is the best time for a safari tour at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, as the weather is perfect for exploring the various protected species that roam around freely.
  • If you are an early bird, do not miss out on the surreal beauty of the sunrise, which will leave you amazed. Don’t worry, if you missed out on the stunning sunrise, Chikmagalur offers one of the most scenic sunset views, too. Enjoying the captivating view of the sunset from the top of the hills, while sipping on a hot beverage is one of the best experiences.


  • The winter season is both the peak season and the busiest season of the year, so plan your trip well in advance.
  • Light sweaters, shawls, and cozy warm clothes are sufficient to beat the cold during the winter months.

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So, if you are planning a trip to Chikmagalur, just pack your essentials and embark on a trip, without worrying much about the best time to visit as Chikmagalur has something for everyone all year round. It would be great if you drop in your personal experiences of Chikmagalur in the comment section below.


What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur?

The best time to visit Chikmagalur is during the peak season, which kicks off in September and continues until February. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly tour, visit during the summer season, as the Chikmagalur weather attracts fewer tourists from around the world.

Which are the must visit attractions in Chikmagalur?

Some of the must-visit attractions in Chikmagalur are Hebbe Falls, Mahatma Gandhi Park, and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary to name a few.

Where is Chikmagalur located?

Chikmagalur is a hill station located in the state of Karnataka, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations.

How many days are enough for Chikmagalur?

3 days and 2 nights are enough to explore the cascading waterfalls, thrilling hiking trails, ancient temples, and coffee plantations at Chikmagalur.

Which airport is near to Chikmagalur?

The nearest airport to Chikmagalur is Mangalore Airport, which is 113 km apart. The second nearest airport is Bangalore Airport, which caters to domestic and international services and is 265 km from Chikmagalur.


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