While most cities boast their stunning skyline, Mysore takes its visitors on a memorable journey to unravel the rich and glorious past of the city. History, stunning architecture, and thrilling outdoor activities accompanied by picturesque landscapes make Mysore one of the most visited destinations in India. Lush-green forests, glorious palaces, and ancient temples draw thousands of tourists around the globe. If you are wondering which is the best time to visit Mysore, here is a detailed guide that will help you on your journey to the mystical Mysore.

weather in mysore is always good
Majestic Mysore Palace.

Winter Season: November To February- Peak Season

The winter season in Mysore onsets at the beginning of November and continues to the end of February. 


The best time to visit Mysore is in the winter months of November to February. The days are cordial, while the early mornings and nights are crisp. The pleasant weather in Mysore is perfect for sightseeing and carrying out excursions. The comfortable weather is appropriate for taking a drive from nearby places like Bangalore, Wayanad, and Coorg to name a few.

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The average temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius and reaches a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius.

Pros Of Visiting During This Time

The weather of Mysore The winter season brings along with it a variety of festivals like Diwali and Mysuru Dussehra. During this time, the entire city of Mysore is illuminated with diyas, fairy lights, and lanterns, which is a sight to gaze at.

Things To Do In Mysore In Winter Season

  • Looking for some adventure, the winter months are the best time to visit Mysore. The weather is perfect for various outdoor activities like skydiving, camping, and trekking. 
  • The soothing weather in Mysore is perfect for visiting the glorious palaces without worrying about being drained out.
  • Visit some of the best sites, like Lalitha Mahal, Bonsai Garden, St. Philomena Church, and Mysore Palace, to name a few.
  • The winter season is the best time to visit national parks like Mudumalai National Park, Bandipur, and Nagarhole, where tourists can go on jungle safaris.  


  • Plan your trip well in advance, as this is the peak season that attracts thousands of tourists around the world.
  • Expect delays, as there are long queues at the best tourist attractions. 
  • While you are visiting religious places, remember to dress accordingly.
  • Although the winters are not that cold, be sure to include warm clothes, long pants, and mufflers to keep yourself warm and comfortable.
  • Ensure to carry your camera along with you on your trip to Mysore.
best places near mysore
Lalitha-Mahal-Palace in Mysore.

Summer Season: April To June – Low season

The summer season is the off-season, which kicks off around April and continues to June.


The days are hot and humid but as the sun goes down, the temperatures are comfortable and appealing to visit various tourist spots in Mysore. The day temperatures are scorching hot and can reach up to 36 degrees, thus making it difficult to stroll around the city.


The temperatures vary from 25 degrees to 36 degrees during the summer months.

Pros Of Visiting During This Time

Take a trip to Mysore during these months of the year, as you can get the best deals for hotels and flight tickets. These months of the year attract less crowd due to the hot and dry weather in Mysore.

Things To Do In Mysore In Summer Season

The summer season may not be the best time to visit Mysore, but the city still has plenty to offer. 

  • Visit the palace of the Maharaja of Mysore, which is renowned for its drop-dead gorgeous architecture and lavish gardens.
  • There are two stunning water bodies, Lingabudi Lake and Karanji Lake, which treat their visitors with a calm and serene ambiance.
  • The Chamundeshwari Temple, located on the Chamundi Hills and Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, is worth the visit. 


  • Carry comfortable, light cotton clothes and comfortable footwear, as the weather in Mysore is hot and dry.
  • A hat and sunglasses are essentials to protect your body from the relentless heat.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, as the hot and humid temperatures can drain your energy.

Monsoon Season: July And September – Shoulder Season 

The monsoon season marks the shoulder season, which starts in July and continues to September. Although the weather in Mysore is not perfect for sightseeing and safaris, the city still has much to offer.


The weather in Mysore during the monsoon season is far more satisfying in comparison to the hot and humid summers. The monsoon brings in a calm and cool breeze accompanied by occasional drizzles. The average rainfall in Mysore during these months is 798mm. Visitors can enjoy the calming surroundings as nature is in its full bloom, which allows you to uncover the lush green side of Mysore. 


The average temperature during the monsoon ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. 

Pros Of Visiting During This Time

If you are looking for cheap accommodations and great flight deals, these are the ideal months to visit Mysore. A trip to Mysore during these months would be the perfect time to visit as it attracts less crowd due to the heavy rainfall.

Things To Do In Mysore In Monsoon Season

  • Visit ancient monuments and museums like Lalitha Mahal Palace and Jaya Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Mysore, which portrays the rich history of the city.
  • Drop a visit to the five ancient Panchalinga temples situated near Talakadu, which displays the rich culture and heritage.
  • You can unravel at the various restaurants by indulging in delicious traditional cuisine. Sip on a hot cup of filter coffee, if periodic rain showers hamper your plans.


  • It is essential to carry a raincoat or umbrella, as the monsoon weather in Mysore brings in intermittent rain showers.
  • The rains can drench your clothes, so bring along extra pairs of comfortable and light clothes on your trip to Mysore.
  • Carry biodegradable plastic bags to protect your electronic devices from getting wet.
city of palaces
Mysore palace lit for Dasara.

How To Reach Mysore

By Air – Visitors can fly into Mysore’s domestic airport, which is locally renowned as Mandakalli Airport. The Bangalore International Airport is the nearest airport which is approximately 170 km apart and provides hassle-free commutes from various corners of the world. 

By Train – Mysore, the City of Palace is well connected via rail routes to all renowned cities. The distance between the Mysore railway station and the city center is just 2 km away. Once you reach the railway station, you can book a cab or commute via bus services to maneuver through the best things to do in Mysore.

By Road – The roads in Mysore are well connected which makes it convenient to commute from one tourist destination to another.

By Car/Cab – Taking a long drive from neighboring cities is one of the best options to enjoy the stunning landscape along the way. The distance from places near Mysore is:

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 170 km

Distance from Coorg: Approximately 112 km

There are various car rental services at the airport which allows tourists to have a comfortable and tireless trip to Mysore. 

Price: INR 2275 approximately for a one-way trip.

Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours depending on the traffic.

By Bus

If you are planning your trip from nearby places, boarding a bus is one of the convenient modes of transportation. State bus services like KSRTC and other Volvo buses commute from nearby places to Mysore.

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Mysore, the city of palaces, offers some of the most subtle experiences without caring about the time of the year or the weather. Please let us know about your experience, keeping the above-curated list as the guide to the best time to visit Mysore.


When is the peak tourist season in Mysore?

The peak tourist season starts in October and continues until March. The soothing weather of Mysore is perfect for engaging in various thrilling outdoor activities.

How many days are enough for Mysore?

Mysore, the City of Palace features numerous activities which require a minimum of 3 days. 
What are the best places to visit in Mysore?

How to get around Mysore?

The city of Mysore offers some of the cheapest fares as compared to other cities. The various modes of getting around are, Local bus services, Car/cab services, Auto-rickshaw, Horse-drawn bogie.


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