Are you planning a trip to Phuket, where you can rejuvenate yourself without being wary of the weather? Then you are at the right place, as this blog is an attempt to understand the best time to visit Phuket and the things to do during different seasons. Phuket is one of the most visited destinations, as it offers a perfect combination of ancient temples, thrilling activities, and pristine beaches. Whether peak season or off-season, Phuket is one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Guide To The Best Time To Visit Phuket

The best time to visit Phuket depends on your choices and inclination. So, we’ve jotted out the seasonal variations and weather patterns, temperature, and things to do, which will help you plan your trip in the best possible way.

Peak Season – Winter Season

Phuket is very hot and humid during peak summers.

With the monsoons nearing an end, it marks the beginning of the winter season. The winter season is the best time to visit Phuket from India and various other parts of the world.

Months: November to March

Temperature: 23 – 29 degrees

Clear skies and cooler weather, accompanied by less humidity allow tourists to engage in various exhilarating activities with ease. This season is perfect for tourists as these months receive the minimum chances of rainfall and bright sunny days. The winter season is also an immaculate time to enjoy the pristine beaches at its best. 

Advantages Of Visiting During Winter

The winter season is the best time to visit Phuket, Thailand, which is appropriate for thrilling outdoor activities. This is the perfect time for island-hopping, as this is the coolest season of the year, so commuting from one place to another will not tire you. The peak season offers uninterrupted access to various thrilling outdoor activities, as the soothing weather is perfect for tourists. The winter season brings along with it a lot of festivals where the air is filled with cheerfulness and everyone is in a festive mood.

Reasons To Visit During This Time

The pristine beaches are very welcoming, and the air fills up with a cheerful and vibrant vibe. Crowds will not be a barrier; as you can be out on a day-long tour without breaking a sweat. The incoming winter season brings in a lot of festivals, with Christmas and New Year around the corner. Visitors can enjoy a full-fledged party environment in the cool and comfortable temperatures that attract tourists from around the world.

Things To Do During Winter

  • Embark on a long-day boat tour, as the calming weather is perfect for enjoying the captivating landscape by stopping at the best tourist sites and mesmerizing beaches.
  • After the sun goes down, Bangla Road transforms into a perfect place for parties.
  • The sheer brilliant limestones that stick out of the turquoise blue waters at Phang Nga Bay are worth the visit. 
  • The Thao Thepkasattri -Thao Sri Suntorn Festival in March is one of the most influential festivals in Phuket which spans over two weeks.
  • Visit the Phuket Zoo on March 13, to witness the celebration of National Thai Elephant Day, where the elephants are treated with huge banquets of sugarcane and fruits.

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  • If you are planning a trip during the winter, be sure to book your tickets in advance, as this is the peak season.
  • The soothing environment attracts thousands of tourists, which results in the inflation of ticket prices and high demand for accommodations.
  • Carry warm clothes to keep yourselves comfortable during the visit to the mystical Phuket.

Shoulder Season – Monsoon Season

phuket best time to visit is based on individual preferences
Beautiful sunset views in Phuket.

Months: July to October

Temperature: 26 – 34 degrees

July And August: During the initial months of the low season, which are July and August, occasional rainfall can restrict you from various outdoor activities. 

September and October: Phuket receives the highest amount of rainfall during September and October, which attracts fewer tourists. 

Weather At A Glance

The monsoon season kicks in July and continues till October. This season brings with it heavy rainfalls accompanied by strong winds. The weather is not appropriate for water activities and swimming, as the beach conditions are rough with unpredictable seas. Visitors can engage in other thrilling activities while the intermittent downpours create a replenishing and soothing environment. Explore nature in its full bloom during the season, engulfing the surroundings with lush green vegetation.

Reasons To Visit During This Time

  • The intermittent rain showers with limited accessibility to various outdoor activities attract fewer crowds, so the crowd is comparatively less.
  • If you prefer a pocket-friendly budget, this is the best time to visit Phuket, Thailand. The ticket prices for flights are nominal and the availability of accommodations is easier. 
  • Nature is at its best during the monsoons, which allows you to refresh yourself amidst the lush green surroundings and picturesque landscape.

Things To Do In Phuket During Monsoon

  • Visit some of the most mesmerizing temples like Wat Chalong, Big Buddha, etc., which are rich in history and culture and display stunning styles of architecture.
  • Witness the stunning and vibrant Simon Cabaret Show in the Kathu district which is one of the best cabaret shows in the world.
  • Relax and pamper yourself by indulging in various rejuvenating Thai massages at the traditional spa centers.
  • Visit the stunning Chinese Hungry Ghost Event and Vegetarian Festival which commences during this time of the year. 
  • If rain turns into a hurdle in your day-long trip, you can explore the vibrant shopping hubs, and museums, and immerse yourself in the sanctity of the ancient temples.
  • Despite the heavy rain showers, visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the various beaches like Paradise Beach, Layan Beach, Pak Phra Beach, and Laem Ka Beach to name a few.
  • Enjoy nature at its best as the monsoon season covers the surroundings with lush green vegetation. 
  • Savor some of the best traditional lip-smacking delicacies at the various restaurants in Phuket.


  • Carry a raincoat, umbrella, and other essential items to keep yourselves dry from the heavy downpours.
  • Keep a first aid kit and essential medicines as the wet weather can bring in viral infections.
  • Deter yourself from engaging in thrilling outdoor activities, as the rains increase the risk of injuries.

Off-Season – Summer Season

best time to visit phuket and krabi
Tourists hiking to catch beautiful views of Phuket.

Months: April to June

Temperature: 30 – 40 degrees

April and May are the hottest times of the year, when temperatures soar leading to scorching heat and dry winds. The months of mid-May and June receive occasional rain showers, where the temperature becomes humid and hotter.

Reasons To Visit During This Time

If you are not worried about the crowd and the intense heat, this is the ideal time to strike the best deals for flight tickets. You can also get the best deals for hotel accommodations, as you can get the best rooms with the perfect view at very nominal prices. Although the hot and dry temperatures would restrict you from engaging in various activities, Phuket has so many other things that can make the trip memorable. 

Things To Do In Summer

  • After the sun goes down, the vibrant shopping streets offer some of the best shopping experiences, where visitors can savor delicious street-style dishes.
  • June is the best time for going out on a shopping spree as a variety of malls and streets sell products at rather cheaper prices.
  • Take a dip in the turquoise blue waters which allows tourists to cool off and replenish themselves on pristine beaches.


  • Keep yourselves hydrated at all times, as the hot and dry summer heat can completely drain you while you engage in various outdoor activities.
  • If you’re planning a day tour, then remember to apply sunscreen and carry other essentials to protect yourselves from the scorching heat.
  • It is better to book cab rental facilities to commute shorter distances, which would be a little hefty on the pocket but can save energy and time.

What Should I Pack For Phuket

Packing list for an island vacation.
Packing list for an island vacation.
  • Documents: While traveling to Phuket, be sure to double-check all your valid ID proofs before embarking on your trip.
  • Clothes: As the weather is hot and humid, carry light and comfortable clothes depending on the weather conditions. If you are traveling during the monsoons, carry an umbrella and raincoats to protect yourself from being drenched in the intermittent showers. Remember to carry your beachwear, as Phuket is home to mesmerizing beaches.
  • Shoes: if you are planning to go on a hike, be sure to carry light yet sturdy shoes, so that you can make the most out of the hike.

Medicines: If you have some ailments, carry the necessary medicines along with the doctor’s prescription. It is also advised to carry a first aid kit to handle unprecedented situations.

All in all, you do not need to worry about the weather or the best season to plan a trip to Phuket. Phuket offers one of the most surreal experiences irrespective of which time of the year it is.   So go ahead and plan your trip to Phuket right now! Do check out our other blog 10 Places To Visit In Phuket That Are Beyond The Brochures


What is the rainy season in Phuket?

The rainy season in Phuket starts in July and continues to October which is one of the best time to visit Phuket Thailand. Phuket receives the highest amount of rainfall during September. The month of October treats its visitors with lesser rainfall and cooler temperatures which is ideal for visitors to engage in various activities.

What months are low season in Phuket?

The low season of the year in Phuket starts from March to June. April and May are the months when the weather is scorching hot and driest throughout the year. These months receive the least amount of rainfall and temperatures can soar up to 38 degrees.

What is the hottest month in Phuket?

The summer season starts in April and ends in June. April is labeled as the hottest month of the year as the temperature reaches a high of 39 degrees. The hot and dry season attracts fewer crowds, due to the scorching heat.

What time of year is cheapest to fly to Phuket?

The off-season of the year starts in April and continues till June. The weather during these months is scorching hot and dry. This is the perfect time to crack the best deals on flight pieces and hotel accommodations.


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