Udaipur, the “city of lakes”, is not only among the most picturesque but, without doubt, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Udaipur in Rajasthan, the beautiful state in India, proudly embraces its legendary past, gorgeous buildings, and lakes all around. The city has a special and irresistible appeal that tourists from everywhere are driven to explore. Keep a check on the climate and choose the best time to visit Udaipur to make the most of your trip as certain seasons are more suited to visit this city than others.

While in Udaipur, there are many amazing things that one can do, such as exploring the grand palaces and forts, going for a boat ride on the Pichola Lake, experiencing the exciting culture and traditions of Rajasthan, and tasting the delicious local cuisine. As a history buff, nature lover, or foodie, you will all find something Udaipur has to offer you.

Udaipur During Winter Season (November To February)

check for udaipur best time to visit before booking tickets.
City Palace in Udaipur.

The Best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter season, from November to February when the climate is comfortable, and the Udaipur temperature fluctuates within the 10°C – 25°C range. The temperatures are mild during the day, and the nights are cool enough for you to still strolling in the city, and maybe take a boat at Lake Pichola.

Things To Do In Udaipur During Winter 

  • Attend the Shilpagram crafts fair held during the December month which has a vibrant display of traditional arts and crafts.
  • Attend the Mewar Winter Festival held in December featuring cultural performances, folk music and dance processions, and a grand fireworks display.
  • Visit the City Palace to go back in time and enjoy the Rajasthani & Mughal architectural marvels.
  • Go for a walk on the beautiful Lake Pichola and admire the city’s splendor, as well as the innumerable palaces around.
  • Take a walk at Lake Pichola to reach the magnificent palace of Jag Mandir, famous for its architectural marvels with an air of serene beauty. 
  • Explore Rajasthani cuisine at one of the many roof-top restaurants and enjoy the vibrant views of Udaipur from above.
  • Every Year Udaipur hosts a Vintage Car rally which takes place in January every year and is a delight for Vintage car lovers 
  • Don’t miss out on the Udaipur Music Festival which takes place in February and showcases a diverse range of musical performances.
  • Visit the Saheliyon-ki-Bari, a captivating garden having fountains, kiosks, and marble elephants.
  • Have a walk in Udaipur, there are many markets, the foremost of which are Hathi Pol Bazaar and Bada Bazaar for shopping the handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry.
  • Watch and marvel at the grandeur of Bagore Ki Haveli, an old mansion inhabited in the situation of Rajasthani art, attires, and cultural activities performed by professionals.
  • Take an opportunity to see the unique Rajasthan dance and music exhibition at Bharat ​​Bhavan.
  • Don’t forget to pay a visit to Sajjangarh Palace, locally known as Monsoon Palace, and take advantage of some amazing views of the city as well as the perfect sunsets.
  • Venture into the Sajjangarh Wild Conservation area, where you can see many wildlife animals, including deer, monkeys, and migratory birds.

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Udaipur During Summer Season (March to June)

udaipur temperature is high during summer.
Lake palace in Udaipur.

Summer season is usually between March to June and the temperature ranges from 28 to 38 degrees Celsius and can rise to 45 degrees Celsius. The summer season is not the most favorable time to visit Udaipur as the temperature rises to unbearable levels due to the scorching heat of the sun. However, since it’s an off-season you can make best use of the lesser crowd at tourist spots and also visit some of the places suitable for the summer season.

Things To Do In Udaipur During Summer

  • The best time to visit Udaipur during the summer season is when the Mewar Summer Festival takes place. This festival is celebrated every year during the arrival of summer and it showcases the vibrant culture of Rajasthan in the form of traditional music, dance, processions, and fireworks.
  • Explore the Shilpgram Crafts Fair held during the summer season which showcases the traditional handicrafts and rich art forms. You can shop for pottery, textiles, and jewelry directly from the talented artisans.
  • Take a break from the scorching summer heat with a scenic Boat Ride at the picturesque Lake Pichola which offers stunning views of Udaipur’s palaces, havelis, and the famous Lake Palace.
  • Visit the Saheliyon-ki-Bari garden adorned with fountains, kiosks, marble elephants, and lush greenery, originally built for the royal ladies of Udaipur.
  • Engage in thrilling water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding, or simply enjoy a refreshing swim in the lakes of Udaipur.
  • Embark on guided heritage walks and city tours to discover the rich history, architectural marvels, and cultural heritage of Udaipur, including visits to palaces, temples, and markets.
  • Visit the exquisite Jag Mandir Palace, situated on an island in Lake Pichola, known for its impressive architecture, beautiful gardens, and stunning lake views.
  • Witness magnificent sunsets and panoramic views of Fateh Sagar Lake and the surrounding hills from Sunset Point, offering a serene experience.

Udaipur During Monsoon Season (July to September)

Udaipur weather is normally hot and dry during monsoon season.
Lake Pichola in Udaipur.

The best off-season time to visit Udaipur is the monsoon season, which falls between July to September. The Udaipur weather which is normally hot and dry, acquires a new life during these months because of the lush greenery and breathtaking views of nature after the rainfall. The location of the Monsoon Palace, the major attraction to tourists, is also great during this season because nearby hills and lakes look their best.

Things To Do In Udaipur During Monsoons 

  • The monsoon season is graced with the Teej festival which is very bright and high-spirited and celebrated by the women folk of Rajasthan. The ladies dress in colorful outfits, perform folk songs, dance, and enjoy taking part in the rainfall.
  • The Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace’s performance of the Light and Sound Show is nothing less than captivating, especially during the monsoon season. The Palace is lit up from all sides highlighting its architecture with synchronized commentary about the history of the building.
  • Go for trekking during the monsoon season, as the countryside outside Udaipur is engulfed with lush greenery, a perfect setting for hiking and rock climbing lovers to discover the natural splendor that surrounds the Aravalli mountains.
  • This is the perfect season for ecotourism, near Udaipur city because the abundance of greenery and waterfalls during this season creates a difference compared to the other seasons.
  • Sit at Ambrai Ghat, a picturesque viewpoint on the banks of Lake Pichola, and watch the captivating sunset views. The monsoon clouds and the colors reflecting on the water make for a charming view.
  • Visit the Bagore Ki Haveli and feel the rhythmic music, cultural performances, and shows that are performed during monsoon season, to experience the rich heritage of Rajasthan.
  • Discover the beauty of the Aravalli hills and the countryside close to Udaipur by embarking on a nature walk. The monsoon season, besides being fresh and clean, also brings the pleasures of being in the outdoors.
  • The best time to visit Udaipur to get an amazing experience of the Monsoon palace is undoubtedly during the monsoons as the surrounding hills and lakes form lush green and picturesque views.
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It’s so hard not to get lost in the sensational charm and magic of Udaipur just like somebody who has traveled through time and come back with dreams of miracles. The city is mainly tranquil, is rich in its history, is characterized by being diverse in culture, and last but not least, has a great terrain and this is one of the many reasons why it is among the top tourist destinations. Whether you are a history aficionado or a street food lover, this town will be a nirvana for you from the beginning till the end.

The best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter season to make the most of your trip. While the monsoon season is not a favorable time for many, it boasts of the majesty of nature with the abundant greenery and the altered landscape of the city due to the seasonal change. Hence, pack your bags and gear up to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the City of Lakes, Udaipur. 


Which is the hottest month in Udaipur?

The weather in Udaipur is the hottest during May and is not the Best time to visit Udaipur. Part of this period, which is generally summer, can be extremely hot. The maximum temperatures can go as high as 40°C (104°F) or even above. Taking required safety measures like drinking lots of water, putting on light and breathable clothes, and staying under the sun for as long as possible is strongly recommended to protect you from the heat during this period.

How many days is sufficient for Udaipur?

To soak into the beauty of Udaipur, most definitely 2 or 3 days should be planned for the trip. This time frame will afford you to visit the major attractions, take a ride on the lakes, go to the markets, and dive into the vibrant cultural life of this wonderful city.

Is Udaipur good for honeymoon?

Yes, Udaipur is a great destination for couples who are planning honeymoons. The city is magically beautiful with its lakes, palaces, and rich cultural heritage. The couples get a chance to enjoy boat rides on the peaceful Lake Pichola, experience the magnificent City Palace, and eat traditional Rajasthani delicacies. The city has world-class hotels and resorts that are specially designed to service honeymooners with special amenities and services, hence an ideal location.

Is Udaipur expensive to visit?

Depending on what activities you wish to do during your stay, Udaipur can be both affordable and costly. Budget-friendly services for accommodation, food, and transport are available making travel affordable for even people with limited budgets. However, you can also find private luxury hotels and gourmet food outlets which can be costly for the same purpose.

Which month is best for Rajasthan tour?

The best time to visit Rajasthan is during the winter months, from October to March when the weather is relatively cooler and pleasant and allows for a comfortable exploration of the cities. However, due to peak seasons certain destinations like Jaipur and Udaipur, can be crowded. If you prefer less crowded areas, you can visit during the shoulder seasons of October-November or February-March.


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