Travel is an integral part of the human experience. In modern times, people travel for a variety of reasons. These may include business, pleasure, holidays, sightseeing, meeting friends, as part of work assignments, etc. Young parents may travel with their children on vacation or as part of the parenting experience. Intellectuals may choose to travel in a bid to broaden their horizons or to explore distant landscapes. Some individuals may choose to travel just to discover new experiences or to spend time with a loved one. In any case, each person finds a reason to spur the dislocation that often accompanies a travel experience. And for those for whom travel is or should be a way of life there are travel career options that are or can be pursued.

Let’s discuss a few travel career options:

1Travel Guide

The travel guide is a fixture that dominates the guided tour in modern times. Such a person is primarily a source of detailed, relevant information for a certain location or a travel destination. The travel guide needs to be adept at relating the local histories associated with a place or a landmark. This person can tour a location or group of locations with a set of travellers and add value to the travel experience through his or her verbal narratives. Visitors must consider the travel guide as their friend that helps create definitive travel experiences.

2 Travel writers

Travel Writers write books, blogs, and articles on travel. They cruise the high seas and cover extensive land routes as part of their quest to narrate new travel experiences. Travel lovers can opt for this vocation because travelling is mandatory in this line of work. Some of the celebrated travel writers in the modern era have a massive fan base. The act of writing enables travel writers to connect with their inner selves while connecting to other travel lovers.

A similar or new variant to this is travel photographers and vloggers. They prefer to tell their stories through pictures and videos. Only the medium is different, the inherent essence remains the same.

3 Professional Yacht Crew

Employees on a cruise ship can travel to all the corners of the world. They need a core skill that can enhance their employment prospects with cruise line operators. Dancers, hairdressers, cooks, musicians, bartenders, managers, child-care personnel, electricians – these are some of the positions for which most cruise lines will actively recruit. Travel lovers may opt for such employment because they are entitled to free meals and free accommodation on board the cruise ship.

4 Flight attendants

They serve air passengers for the duration of a commercial flight. These service personnel travel to most of the continents in the course of their professional duties, stay overnight in foreign cities, enjoy decent meals at the expense of their employer, and can sightsee in exotic locations around the globe. Some airline operators offer substantial discounts when flight attendants purchase travel tickets for their families. These perks of the job can spur travel lovers to apply for the position of a flight attendant.

5 Bartending

It is a specialized skill for those inclined to serve patrons in restaurants and other similar establishments. Mixing the liquids for the benefit of the paying public is a wonderful technique that allows travel lovers to visit different cities of the planet. A valid work visa and smooth bartending skills are the prerequisites for the position. Skills in foreign languages are a definite advantage for those inclined to pursue this line of work.

6 Athletic recruiter

An athletic runner is deployed by educational institutions and sports organizations to spot sporting talent in the general population. Such a position requires extensive talent within a region, country, or continent. The athletic recruiter has to attend numerous sports meets throughout the calendar year, meet dozens of athletes, and find budding sporting talent. These recruiters also travel with sports teams to distant points in the map in search of fresh talent.

7 English Teacher

Needless to say that English is the most widely spoken language across the Globe. There are non-speaking countries who would want to master the language and be at par with the world.  These countries hire English teachers, provide free accommodation, and pay them a handsome salary. Both Asia and Europe are a great market for English teachers.

Here’s what you need to know about teaching English and travelling the world.

Isn’t that awesome?

8Tour directors

They plan and execute the logistics of travel for groups of modern travellers. This is essentially a behind-the-scenes position that may require extensive travel in different parts of the world. The smart tour director needs to gain a solid familiarity with the major travel destinations so that he or she may execute their duties smoothly. People opting for such a position may offer their services to major travel agencies in a bid to gain extensive work experience.

9Construction Manager

A construction manager often travels extensively to oversee construction projects in different regions. Travel lovers can opt for such a career if they have the relevant skill sets and can handle construction projects independently. A construction manager also needs to build his or her own team of personnel to assist in the completion of duties. Travel lovers can use the hours off work to explore various locales and find a special knack in mixing business with a certain amount of enjoyment.


Diplomats and staff members of diplomatic entourages can travel various parts of the globe as ambassadors of their respective sovereign authorities. Travel lovers can opt for this line of trade by becoming embedded in the diplomatic corps. Overseas travel is guaranteed for diplomats at various points in their professional careers. Such travel can lead to different lands and frequent encounters with various cultures, languages, customs, and perspectives.

These are some of the exciting and interesting career options available to the modern travel enthusiast.

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