Does travelling go out of the window when you are old or do you just have to find the right fit? Well, we believe in the latter. While there are certain concerns that one has to keep in mind to plan a senior-friendly vacation (such as access to amenities, mobility level, and safety plus language barrier), here is a list of destinations best suited for seniors:


Many areas of the United States are popular destinations for seniors from around the world. But American seniors who cannot receive out-of-country medical insurance or who simply aren’t interested in travelling abroad, travel extensively to senior-friendly spots like:

Alaska– Pick the Alaskan cruise that provides a perfect chance to visit all of the state’s sights and experiences, without leaving the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship filled with food and opportunities to relax.

California Coast– Another relaxing vacation option is California coast. You can take a road trip up or down the coast to Morro Bay or opt for a cross country train ride:  California Zephyr, from Chicago to San Francisco, passes through plains, Rocky Mountains, and the Sierra Nevadas.

Virginia– The constituent state of the United States, Virginia is steeped in history and tradition. It is one of the original 13 colonies and is known as the “Mother of Presidents,” as eight U.S. presidents were born in this state. Delve into history at Williamsburg, Virginia where you get to experience the colonial life. It includes everything from restored and reconstructed buildings, replicated products, and costumed interpreters that bring the decades before the American Revolution back to life.

Senior Couple Running Along Winter Beach

Florida– Another popular destination for seniors, Florida is packed with offering unique opportunities to experience museums, artwork, and food. You can also head over to the Miami Beach which is truly picturesque and offers older travellers the chance to relax from hotel balconies or right on the beach alongside the waves.


Europe will be a great continent to explore as the amenities seniors need plus accessible transportation options are present not just in the major city centres, but also in the countryside. Most of the attractions, hotels and restaurants are fully wheelchair accessible and the sidewalks around the city also have wheelchair ramps.

Portugal- Many senior travellers prefer Portugal for its serenity and pace of life. The beaches here are relatively not that crowded, compared to other European coastlines and the country also boasts traditional festivals, colourful architecture– all within easy travelling distance.

Spain- For older travellers, Spain’s warm climate and the lifestyle give it particular appeal. It helps of course that more than half of the Spanish population also speaks English.

Italy- Why would you skip the country which is so commonly associated with the ancient and the beautiful? Visit history, art, architecture and culture with Italy’s different attractions including the Vatican and the Colosseum.

Germany- Scoring points with older travellers when it comes to ease of travelling, Germany is filled with historical sites, including the castle of Neuschwanstein, the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate– which simply cannot be missed.

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Senior woman smiling while drawing with the group

France- This country ranks high for attractions and accessibility — and between Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles, the City of Love is a perfect place for older couples to visit.

Switzerland- A country that needs no introduction for its beauty, Switzerland ranks high for history and accessibility as well. The picturesque lakes, charming villages and of course, the stunning peaks of the Alps shouldn’t be missed.


Asia is full of destinations that allow travellers to tap directly into the local culture.

Thailand– Get a taste of exotic in Thailand with its wide range of accommodations, easy-to-reach tourist destinations ranging from jungle to beach to temple, and spectacular street food scene.

Indonesia– Indonesia, a sprawling country where it seems every island (almost 10,000 in total) has its own, unique culture to explore and to enjoy.

Cambodia– If you are looking for a cultural connection you should visit Cambodia, where they’ll find no shortage of village home-stays, ancient temples, and art performances.

Happy senior couple hiking on the mountain

Japan– With a high-tech, modern metropolis for its capital and countless pretty, historic towns and cities throughout, Japan is one of the best destinations for senior travel in Asia. Famed for its age-friendly facilities and amenities, Japan also offers you to explore the countryside, mountains and its beautiful coastline.

*Cruises are also a good option for senior travel as one gets to save money and explore a lot of different destinations. Since each cruise line (For e.g. River Cruises like Danube, Rhine, and Seine which are popular, have stops at historic cities and a variety of shore excursions as well ) is different, you get to pick the best according to your activity level and budget.*


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