The 8 Best Vegetarian Destinations From Around The World

Vegetarians and vegans find it particularly difficult to find food to suit their needs when travelling abroad. Restaurants usually tend to have more non-vegetarian options as compared to vegetarian ones, making things rather boring for non-meat eaters. We’ve gathered a list of the best destinations in the world that aren’t partial to non-vegetarians! These places offer lots of different kinds of delicious vegetarian food guaranteed to please vegetarians from around the world!


vegetarian destinations

It comes as no surprise that India is the best place to be if you’re looking for vegetarian food! Nearly 30% of the country is estimated to be vegetarian. Every state in the country has its unique vegetarian options that have some of the most exotic vegetables. Your taste buds are going to be in for a treat if you’re in India. Curries, biryanis, stuffed parathas all have vegetarian counterparts that are sumptuous! Idlis, vadas and dosas are a must-try if you’re in South India.


vegetarian destinations

Italy conjures images of meatballs and spaghetti but that doesn’t mean the country shies away from experimenting with vegetarian dishes. Pastas and risottos are available in vegetarian options and there are specific restaurants that serve only vegetarian food. Milan is a great place for exclusive vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Some delicious Italian vegetarian dishes are Eggplant Parmigiana, Mushroom Risotto and Panzanella.


vegetarian destinations

Ireland doesn’t just have stews and boiled things to offer, the country has mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies as well. Belfast, Dublin and Galway have customised their menus to be more inclusive to vegetarian diets. Sova Vegan Butcher in Dublin is a great place for vegans, the Soya Schnitzels are especially delicious!


vegetarian destinations

Singapore is a vegetarian’s paradise with over 300 vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city. Aside from restaurants, hawkers on the street also have a huge selection of vegetarian versions of popular dishes that are part of the local cuisine. These dishes are especially crafted keeping vegans and vegetarians in mind. Some popular dishes include carrot cakes and Rojak.


Jamaican cuisine is exceptionally versatile, which is why it’s easy to find nutritious vegetarian meals. Most vegetarian dishes have ingredients that include chickpeas and beans. The vegetarian stews are a must-try. Jamaican pigeon peas stew and Jamaican spicy potato curry are interesting dishes to experiment with!


vegetarian destinations

Owing to religious principles and dietary restrictions in Vietnam, there are lots of vegetarian joints found throughout the country. Tofu is available in abundance in different combinations. There are tofu soups, sandwiches, chili tofu, fried tofu, and so many other varieties! While reading menus, look out for the word ‘chay’ meaning vegetarian. Bahn mi is another popular dish that is stuffed with cheese, cilantro, chili, cucumber and pickled carrots.


vegetarian destinations

If you love dips, spreads and salads, you’re going to love Israeli cuisine. It is influenced by Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Levantine ingredients and flavors resulting in a diverse food culture. Many foodies have proclaimed that Tel Aviv is one of the best cities in the world for vegetarians. Try falafels that are prepared with ground-up chickpeas and spices, which are made into bite-sized balls and fried.

Sri lanka

Srilanka is ideal for spicy vegetarian food. There are many different types of curries and vegetable dishes that will leave you wanting more. Jackfruit curry is one of the specialities. Other favourite curried vegetables include aubergine (brinjal), okra, breadfruit, various gourds and pineapple.

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