Karnataka is a land steeped in natural wonder and it boasts of destinations that serve as santums for our avian companions, a place where the air resonates with melodic trills of songbirds and where vibrant hued wings flutter through the expanse of the cerulean sky. Are you someone who is engrossed in the details of a bird’s cherubic appearances? If you consider yourself to be a bird enthusiast then you are in for a gratifying experience as this article is like a guide to the best bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Top 6 Bird Sanctuaries In Karnataka To Get Your Expedition Started

Birds are one of the most enigmatic creatures and possess an otherworldly grace and in this article we shall be delving into the heart of some of India’s most esteemed list of bird sanctuaries in karnataka, so let’s get this literary expedition started.

1. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, A Precious Avian Experience

list of bird sanctuaries in karnataka to visit
Nurturing Exquisite Birds Along The Banks Of the River Cauvery

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is spread along a modest expanse of 0.67 sq kilometers and it stands as a destination of superior importance because of their commitment to preserving the natural heritage as delicately and empathetically as possible. You don’t just walk in here expecting to spot a few birds and leave. As visitors explore the scenic pathways of this sanctuary, they become a part of the legacy of conservation.

Ranganathittu is home to a wide selection of bird species and is often visited by the esteemed conservationists and nature enthusiasts. Though the sanctuary is of a compact size, it bellies its vast ecological significance. Every corner of Ranganathittu is beaming with life that is nurtured by the plummeting cauvery river. A lot of species like the striking blue kingfishers to the majestic herons can be spotted easily here.

How To Reach Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

ByAir: Bengaluru Airport is the nearest airport available at a comfortable distance of 125 kilometers, one can arrive at the airport and take a 3 hour long bus or hire a taxi to reach the sanctuary.

By Train: The nearest railway station from the sanctuary is located in Mysore at a distance of 18 kms.

By Road: Srirangapatana is the nearest town. The sanctuary is at a comfortable distance of 3 kms from this town.

2. Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary, A reverie Of Painted Storks And Nature’s Symphony

wildlife sanctuary in karnataka is a must visit for nature and animal lovers
Where Time Stands Still And Tamarind Trees Cradle Wings.

A spectacle rivaling the grandeur of KokkareBellur is the ethereal dance of the painted storks, Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary is a hidden jewel hidden away in the bosom of Karnataka’s expansive landscapes near Mandya district. You might as well call it a sanctuary of wings where you might be lucky enough to witness the graceful Blackbuck prancing across the meadows showing off its effortless grace, or the queen of the wetlands; the Grey Pelican. 

The avian life thrives at every hour of the day here, beginning from the time the sanctuary catches the first glimpse of the rising sun. Painted storks grace the land here from February to the waning days of August, mostly spotted nesting upon the tamarind trees and are revered to be the custodians of the villagers’ heritage 

How To Reach Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary

By Air: Bengaluru International Airport is the nearest option available which is at a comfortable distance of 130 km.

By Train: The Gubbi railway station is the nearest railway station which is located just about 48 kilometers away from the Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary, you can take the Chikkamagaluru express which takes you directly to Gubbi.

By Road: Sira and Tumkur happen to be nearby towns to Kaggaladu having a good road connectivity to Kaggaladu. The sanctuary is just 10 kms away from Sira.

3. The Attiveri Bird Sanctuary, Where Avian Elegance Dances Upon Whispering Waters

Indian Roller is the state bird of karnataka
A Reverent Gaze At Karnataka’s Avian Melody

The Attiveri Bird Sanctuary came to life back in the year 2000 and amidst the serene waters and rustling reeds a haven emerged that became a home for the avian life. Attiveri is one of the bird sanctuaries in karnataka that boasts of nature’s congregation that is a spectacle of its own kind with an unmatched beauty.

A cast of interesting characters grace the landscape as the seasons waltz through the sanctuary. The year long neighbors like the darters, lapwings and water hens are joined by their migratory friends: Garganeys, plovers and pintails who journey from the land beyond just to be able to breed in peace amidst the tranquil waters. November to February is a season that breathes life into the sanctuary where every square meter is echoing with the calls of these avian creatures.

Apart from the well identifiable birds, this sanctuary is also a home to the lesser-known ninja species that only an avid bird watcher can spot for a fleeting moment, like the barn swallow with its acrobatic dance cutting through the air like a fierce blade or the brown shrike, a silent observer perched on top of tree branches like a living and breathing surveillance camera.

How To Reach Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

By Air: International airport of Bengaluru is the nearest airport and alternatively, the domestic airport of Hubli also offers a closer point of entry.

By Train: You can take the Bellagavi Express or any other express train from Hubli which will take you through the meandering path through Karnataka’s lush landscapes. A road unfurls towards Attiveri, winding through fields and forests.

By Road: For the intrepid traveler, A 400-kilometer journey from Bangalore, or a mere 50 kilometers from Hubli awaits leading to the sanctuary’s gates.

4. Kokrebellur Village: Where Feathered Guardians Grace the Skies

there are many good bird sanctuary in karnataka
A Tale Of Symbiosis Amidst Tamarind Trees And Sugarcane Fields.

Located just 15 kilometers away from the Bengaluru- Mysore highway, Kokrebellur village is a quaint hamlet located amidst the vast landscapes housing one of the National Parks in Karnataka, it is a sanctuary where painted storks – locally known as kokkere and royal spot-billed pelicans find solace.

For the local villagers of Kokrebellur, life is all about spending it in a harmonious fashion with these avian beauties, the efforts taken by them to preserve these creatures can be seen in the little adjustments they have all made for the birds.

The droppings from the birds as used as manure by the locals for the sugarcane fields creating a symbiotic relationship between man and bird, Eco-tourism plays a vital role in the practices of the locals too as all the villagers encourage and welcome visitors to explore this sanctuary of winged wonders and will voluntarily give you a tour. The birds can usually be spotted lazing around the tamarind trees and these feathered residents are approached with an unwavering concern by each and every civilian here.

How To Reach Kokrebellur Village

By Air: If you wish to reach fast then you can opt to take a flight out of Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport: which is merely 120 kilometers away.

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Mysore Railway station, you can take the Mysuru Express Special or the Kaveri express train.

By Road: If you are driving from Bangalore then the distance you will be covering to reach Kokrebellur will be 87 kilometers through Karnataka’s picturesque countryside.

5. Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary: Enfolded In Nature’s Elysium 

Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary remains in the gentle clasp of the Ghataprabha River.
A Never Ending Rhapsody Of Avian Enchantment 

The Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary remains in the gentle clasp of the Ghataprabha River. The soft murmurs of the river meandering through the sanctuary sets a nymph tone to the landscape, especially with the bird calls that fuse perfectly with the sounds of the streams.

This sanctuary speaks volumes about the beauty of raw and unsolicited bounty of nature. Blessed with an abundance of agricultural lands that encircle its borders, along with clear skies that allow a clearer sighting of the surreal avian wayfarers from far and wide – This sanctuary acts as a magnet for the birds because of its placid ambiance.

If you are a perceptive traveler then glue your eyes to these sanctified precincts as they offer a remarkable panorama with over 225 species of birds waiting to be spotted making it one of the most remarkable bird sanctuaries in karnataka. These birds are a testament to the reputation of the sanctuary and its captivating charm. Most of these birds can be seen in a flock during the migration season, from the graceful herons to the mighty kingfishers each of them adds a fresh palette to this avian mosaic.

How To Reach Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

By Air: For those looking for a quick journey, Belgaum Airport stands as the nearest portal and is a mere 45 kilometers away.

By Train: The Ghataprabha Railway Station is merely 2 kilometers away from the sanctuary and it offers a quaint and picturesque entry point.

By Road: If your choice is a road trip, prepare for a 69- kilometer drive through Karnataka’s picturesque landscapes from the hustle and bustle of the Bangalore city, this journey might be a little longer but it is an equally enchanting journey of 568 kilometers.

6. Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, A Verdant Oasis In The Tunga’s Embrace

Karnataka offers many great bird sanctuaries.
Where Avian Revelry Echoes Through The Green Canopy.

Migratory birds seeking respite on a desolate island. Paints a rather exotic picture doesn’t it? Well, it’s a reality in this picturesque sanctuary where a tiny island sits snugly enveloped by the gushing boundaries of the Tunga River. More than 5,000 winged creatures visit the shores on a daily basis creating a cacophony of sounds that reverberates. This wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka offers a highlight where you can hop on one of the coracle rides offering a closer encounter with the diverse avian species.

You might think that amidst the dense foliage and jungle so abundant, the creatures might be elusive and hard to spot, fear not! It is not very difficult to catch visuals of them because they are high in number.The Darters, Cormorants and Median Egrets are usually visible but the charm extends beyond the ordinary as you also can spot the Pied Kingfisher, Wooly Necked Stork, Open-billed Storks and Night Herons.

How To Reach Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

By Road: Prepare for a wonderful drive of 345 kilometers from Bangalore where the road unravels like a ribbon through Karnataka’s scenic landscapes.

By Rail: The train journey would take you approximately 4-5 hours from Bangalore at a modest fare of INR 110. You can catch the Talguppa InterCity Express Train.

By Air: If you wish to traverse through the skies then the Mangalore Airport is the nearest option for you.

After you have finished exploring the bird sanctuaries in Karnataka, explore sanctuaries outside Karnataka by booking a Chennai to Pulicat Bird Sanctuary Day Tour here.


The orchestrations of the avian lifeforce at the bird sanctuaries in karnataka will embed memories of ethereal moments into your mind as you vid farewell to these sanctuaries. If you are caught up in the daily hustle surrounded by the cityscape then visiting one of these sanctuaries might just offer a much needed respite from the chaos. Whether it’s the migratory birds of Kokrebellur or the royal spot-billed pelicans of Ghataprabha, each sanctuary holds its very own charm and a close glimpse of the feathered wonders.


What is the best time to visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary?

October to March is the ideal time to visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary as the climate is pleasant and the wildlife sightings are common.

What are the destinations to visit near Attiveri Bird Sanctuary?

There is a lot to see around Attiveri Bird Sanctuary like the serene Magod Falls, Unkal Lake or the historical city of Hubli.

Which is the oldest bird sanctuary in Karnataka?

The oldest bird sanctuary in Karnataka is the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary which was established in 1940.

What are the activities to do in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary apart from bird-watching?

One of the reasons why Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a fun place to be is because of the myriad of activities it offers apart from bird watching: You can choose to explore the various historical temples around, go on nature walks and indulge in boat rides on the river.


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