People around the world are social distancing from each other due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is an important step in “flattening the curve”.  The impact of social distancing in daily life has been a large one, but spending so much time at home can have some plus sides in these anxious times, especially if you’re social distancing with your family. While times are tough for many, there are lots of small silver linings to look forward to. Bonding in the time of social distancing has given us room to be creative and expand our possibilities within the limitations.

Social distancing is getting us to slow down, bond with family, cook more and socialise virtually. With a lot more time on their hands, people are discovering new skills and reconnecting with loved ones from around the globe. So, what does bonding in the time of social distancing actually look like?

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Let’s Take A Look At Varied Ways People Are Bonding In The Times Of Social Distancing

1It can be a positive time for us all

2People are sharing their weddings with loved ones over video

3Another of these social distancing benefits is spending time with kids

4Or recreating Disney park experiences

Today was supposed to be our first day in the parks with our entire family so we surprised our girls with a Disney vacation at home! We were most bummed about not being able to meet our family down there so my niece joined us for our princess parade via FaceTime! ❤️ #disney #waltdisneyworld #staycation Walt Disney World

Jessica Harwood Gubenko यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २३ मार्च, २०२०

5Social distancing with your family can mean lots of time for playing some fun games


FINALLY #forme #toosieslide

♬ Float on the Sound (Ey) – Tiagz

6And just enjoying a family dinner


No animals were harmed in the making. #tigerking #joeexotic #carolebaskin #reallifeathome #distancedance #fyp #boredathome #catsoftiktok stayathome

♬ Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

7Even when they can’t video chat, people are finding innovative ways to stay connected with family

8We’re finding out when it’s most important to go out

9And when we can do good while still staying inside

10People are staying connected with co-workers and friends

11Studying online and working really hard

12It’s the perfect opportunity for lots of at-home cooking

13Lots and lots of cooking

14And even try your own versions of restaurant favourites

So, How DID Social Distancing Get Us To Slow Down, Bond With Family, Cook More & Socialise Virtually?

While these are challenging times, and being forced to spend a lot of time at home can seem more like a punishment than a positive thing, there are many social distancing benefits. It’s given a lot of normally busy people time to slow down and enjoy small things like cooking and playing board games. Despite the uncertainty and anxiety, lots of people are finding that bonding in the time of social distancing is a great upside to it all.


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