Hello there Bridgerton fans! Are you still swooning over Simon and Daphne’s love story? Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out who Lady Whistledown really is.

Of course, everyone has been obsessed with the hit Netflix series since it first aired. The stunning costumes, the scandalous plot twists, and of course, the gorgeous filming locations have all captured our hearts. So today, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Bridgerton filming locations and get to know the real-life places behind the show!

bridgerton film locations

Ranger’s House in Greenwich

First up, we have the stunning Ranger’s House in Greenwich. This beautiful Georgian villa was the perfect backdrop for the Bridgerton family’s London home. With its grand entrance and lush gardens, Ranger’s House provided the perfect setting for the Bridgertons to host their lavish parties and entertain their high society guests. 

This stunning Georgian villa with its grand entrance and lush gardens is the perfect setting for the Bridgerton family’s opulent lifestyle. You might recognize it from the show as the backdrop for many of the exterior shots of the Bridgerton household. Also, including those iconic moments where Lady Danbury drops by for tea.

And let’s not forget about that iconic staircase, where Daphne and Simon shared their first dance as a married couple. Several other films and TV shows also showcase the Ranger’s house. And they include The Crown and Tomb Raider, but it will always hold a special place in our Bridgerton-loving hearts.

Wilton House in Wiltshire

Next on our list is the breathtaking Wilton House in Wiltshire. This stately home with its grand staircases and ornate furnishings is the perfect stand-in for Simon’s childhood home, and it’s easy to see why the producers chose it.

With its stunning classical architecture and expansive grounds, this grand country estate served as the exterior of the Featherington family’s home.

But did you know that Wilton House has a real-life connection to the Bridgerton series? The current Earl of Pembroke, whose family has owned Wilton House for over 400 years, is actually a direct descendant of the real-life Lady Danbury! Talk about a small world.

The Lancaster House

Of course, we can’t talk about Bridgerton filming locations without mentioning the iconic Lancaster House. This opulent palace served as the setting for some of the most lavish scenes in the series, including the Queen’s ball and Simon’s epic duel. The interiors of Lancaster House are just as grand as its exterior, with ornate ceilings, intricate woodwork, and beautiful chandeliers. 

And let’s not forget Bridgerton’s many ballroom scenes. While some of these were filmed on set, others were filmed at the historic Lancaster House in London. This stunning mansion, which we mentioned earlier, was transformed into an elegant ballroom for the show’s many dance scenes, and it’s easy to see why the producers chose it.

Fun fact: Lancaster House is actually owned by the UK government and is used for official events, but it has also been featured in several films and TV shows, including The King’s Speech and Downton Abbey.

where did they film bridgerton

The Mesmerizing Bath Locations

Moving on, let’s talk about the beautiful Bath locations featured in Bridgerton. This historic city was the perfect setting for some of the series’ most romantic moments, including Daphne and Simon’s honeymoon and their steamy bath scene (you know the one). 

The iconic Royal Crescent was the setting for the Featheringtons’ home in Bath, and it’s not hard to see why. The sweeping crescent of Georgian townhouses and beautiful parkland makes for a stunning backdrop. And if you’re a fan of Jane Austen, you might recognize Bath as the setting for her novel Persuasion.

But it’s not just the grand homes and estates that make up the show’s filming locations. The streets and alleyways of Bath were also used to great effect in the show. The city’s historic architecture and bustling streets are the perfect backdrop for the show’s many outdoor scenes, and the production team made the most of Bath’s many hidden gems to create an authentic Regency-era atmosphere.

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire

Last but not least, we have the stunning Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. This magnificent Jacobean mansion served as the exterior of the Bridgerton family’s country estate, and it’s not hard to see why. With its grand facade and beautiful gardens, Hatfield House is the epitome of grandeur and elegance. 

This stunning Tudor mansion was used as the location for the Queen’s private chambers. And the scene where Simon and Daphne finally reconcile. The house is a stunning example of Jacobean architecture, and the elaborate interiors make for a perfect setting for any period drama.

And if you’re a history buff, you might recognize Hatfield House as the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I. It’s no wonder that this stunning location has been featured in countless films and TV shows, including The Crown and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Featherington Family Home, Hampstead, London

Next, let’s head over to the Featherington family home from Bridgerton, which is located in Hampstead, London. While it might not be as grand as Ranger’s House, this altogether charming townhouse is just as picturesque with its bright pink facade and intricate detailing. It’s easy to imagine Penelope and the rest of the Featheringtons gossiping and scheming inside these walls.

where is bridgerton filmed

The Queen’s House, Greenwich

Last but not least, let’s evidently talk about Bridgerton’s most iconic location – the Queen’s House in Greenwich. This stunning building with its grand columns and sweeping views of the Thames River was used as the location for many of the show’s most memorable scenes. That includes the climactic duel between Simon and Anthony. If you’re a fan of Bridgerton, then a visit to this historic building is a must-do!

Castle Howard

The show was also filmed at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. Castle Howard was used as the location for Clyvedon Castle, Simon’s ancestral home. This stunning country estate is a must-visit for anyone interested in English history. And the breathtaking scenery makes it a popular spot for photographers and filmmakers alike.

Final Words

With this, our journey through the filming locations of Bridgerton has come to an end. From the grandeur of Bath to the charm of Castle Howard, we’ve explored some truly stunning settings that brought this delightful series to life. And let’s not forget the iconic Queen Charlotte’s Square, where so much of the drama unfolded!

So there you have it – in essence, a tour of some of the most iconic filming locations from Bridgerton. From the grand homes and estates to the bustling streets of Bath, each of these locations played a key role in bringing the show to life. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to explore some of the most beautiful locations in England, a visit to these filming locations is sure to be a memorable experience!

bridgerton film locations

Some FAQs For You

Can you visit the Bridgerton house?

Yes, you can visit the Bridgerton House, also known as Ranger’s House, which is located in Greenwich, London. The property is managed by English Heritage and is open to the public for visits.

Are the houses in Bridgerton real?

Yes, the houses that you see in the Netflix series Bridgerton are real buildings located in Bath, England. The show’s production team was very clever with various historical locations throughout the city. They recreated the grandeur and opulence of the Regency era very well. Many of these properties, such as the Holburne Museum and No. 1 Royal Crescent, are open to the public and you can visit them.

Do the Bridgertons have 2 homes?

Yes, in the show the Bridgertons have two homes. Their primary residence is in Mayfair, London, where they live during the “social season”. They also have a country estate, Aubrey Hall, located in Kent, where they spend their summers in. 

Where is the Bridgerton wedding set?

The wedding in the show Bridgerton is set in St. George’s Hanover Square. It is a historic church located in the Mayfair district of London, England. The church has been used for many high-profile weddings, including that of King George III and Queen Charlotte. The wedding scene in Bridgerton was filmed at the actual church, which dates back to the early 18th century.

Where is Hastings house in Bridgerton?

The Hastings House in Bridgerton is a fictional location created for the Netflix series. The show is set in London in the early 19th century. But, the actual filming locations for the show were primarily in and around Bath, England.


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