There are various reasons to travel. Travel helps you to experience and discover a lot about the world, people, cultures, habits, and most importantly YOURSELF. Traveling can make you feel multiple emotions at once, like excitement, fear, thrill and joy! One such destination which is an amazing combination of the above is New Zealand. Exploring the magnificent landscapes and coastlines of New Zealand tops the charts for many a traveller. Walking and cycling trails cover the country all the way from north to south. You can also try kayakingsailing or diving.  The other interesting part is the extreme sports offered here.

New Zealand and adrenaline rush go hand in hand. For all of you adventure loving junkies, this is a must-do destination for ultimate adrenaline rush. The kiwis are known for their madness, which they term as FUN, they sure know what it is to be living off the edge 🙂

Adventures in Queenstown, New Zealand – the Ledge Bungy
Shotover Canyon Swing

The Shotover Canyon Swing is an exhilarating experience. Some may find it comparable to Bungee Jumping but both are completely unique feats. It involves jumping into a canyon from a cliff 109m high and swinging over the Shotover River!! Yes, you heard it right, it’s about swinging in a canyon with all your fervor and enthusiasm!!

The experience is available in Queenstown, a beautiful town in the South Island of the country.  Their office is located on the main street, from there you are driven to the cliff edge where you jump from. As you drive in the van, they play a video for all their clients displaying a heap of jump styles- fun or scary or both. You may be jolted out of your excitement by the fear monster as you think which is the ideal choice of jump or rather, which looks the safest.

Certification and Requirements

The Canyon Swing is certified as an Amusement Device by WorkSafe New Zealand. They even have a supply of fresh undies for the fainthearted! This system is uniquely designed and allows you to swing 200mts with a 60mts vertical free fall straight down the face of a steep rocky cliff.

All swingers must be able to fit the harness and the maximum weight for solo jumps is 160 kg. Tandem jumps are also available for couples. Appropriate clothing is a must as mornings are chilly and winters are freezing. The staff there will help you with the harness and do their best to motivate you to take on this experience of a lifetime. If you are a scary goat, you will be sent down there before you even realise what happened!

Pine lined shores of the Shotover canyon
The feeling of exhilaration!

Once you jump, in no time you will feel the cool breeze on your face which will ensure you have survived the jump and are alive! It’s such a WOW feeling.  As you swing down there, you will feel so close to stillness, nature, breath and life!! You revel in the space for a few minutes longer and they then pull you back up and ask you if you want to go for a repeat jump at a lower price. And trust me, you will want more for sure!!!

The entire experience is captured through photographs and a video too which is played upon your return. Purchase of the same is of course absolutely optional.  It’s always fun though to capture a memorable experience of your undying love for adventure and replay it for memories. So hurry and quickly start planning your trip to the adventure land.


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