Chikmagalur, a serene hill station, is the perfect getaway from the crowded cities and their blaring horns. Chikmagalur is home to Mullayanagiri, the highest mountain range in Karnataka, and offers a bounty full of wildlife, nature, and coffee plantations. Situated 245 km from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is a good trekking destination with places like Kudremukh, Kemmenagundi, Agumbe Ghat, and Kurinjal that offer cascading streams, dense forests, and challenging trails.

As Chikmagalur sits on the Western Ghats, it offers a holiday and accommodation that is nestled in the lap of nature. The only thing making this better is an affordable and cheap homestay in Chikmagalur. You can always stay at Chikmagalur hotels but spending your holiday in cheap homestays in Chikmagalur betters the experience and provides you with a comfortable stay that is easy on your pocket. Homestays in Chikmagalur give you an introduction to the local culture and traditions that hotels do not usually have.

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Best Cheap Homestays In Chikmagalur To Stay At

1. Coffee Bean Homestay: Heritage, History And Tradition

Coffee Bean Homestay
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Situated at the height of 3900 ft above sea level, Coffee Bean Homestay in Chikmagalur has a 100-year-old heritage and history. Surrounded by hills and greenery, Coffee Bean Homestay is located 20 km from Chikmagalur. Among the cheap homestays in Chikmagalur, Coffee Bean offers bedrooms with a private balcony to view beautiful sunrise and sunsets, great views, a fireplace in the courtyard, and eco-friendly. The accommodations offered here range across different styles from rustic, and homely to luxurious with options like Blossom, Pebbles, Rocks, and more. The property also offers indoor and outdoor activities like coffee tours, bonfires, bird watching, rock climbing, games, and trekking to Mullayanagiri and Giddi Bagilu. Coffee Bean also serves the best and most authentic Malnad cuisine so it is a good place to experience it. The check-in is at 12 noon and the check-out is at 11 am so book your room and plan accordingly.

Tariff: Adults INR 2,750 per head

Children (7 to 12 years) – INR 1,500 per head

Children (4 to 6 years) – INR 800 per head

How to reach: Chandrabetta Estate, Mallandur Post

2. Thippanahalli Homestay: Coffee And Antique Furniture

Thippanahalli Homestay
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Another heritage hotel set in the backdrop of Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur, Thippanahalli Homestay is set about 10 km from Chikmagalur. The interiors of this lovely accommodation are decorated with artefacts, antique furniture, gorgeous chandeliers, and carpets that have been treasured for generations. Along with the lush nature around, the property also has a well-maintained garden and lawn. The property in Chikmagalur offers Arabica coffee to start your day with. The hosts are a warm couple, Arpitha and Nitin, who make sure that you are happy with your accommodation. You can get free breakfast, lunch, and other meals in the traditional Malnad style. Check-in is at 12 noon and check out at 11 am.

Tariff: Thippanahalli Homestay in Chikmagalur offers three different kinds of rooms. Katura block – Standard Rooms from INR 2,750, Cottage Kent and Cottage Sanramon from INR 3,500, and Cottage Arabica and Cottage Robusta from INR 3,500 per night.

How to reach: 160, Thippanahalli Estate Rd

3. Nature Craft: Family-Friendly Amenities

Set in pepper and coffee plantations, you get the Chikmagalur experience with Nature Craft. The host is Ansar and his family and they treat all the guests with care and provide great hospitality. With clean and sanitary indoors, Nature Craft serves delicious home-cooked food from Chikmagalur’s cuisine and free breakfast. One of the best and cheap homestays in Chikmagalur, Nature Craft is warm and comfortable. Nature Craft Homestay near Chikmagalur also has an in-house St Bernard called Poker on the property that is loved by all. You can book your room at Nature Craft as it has good ratings and reviews online and you get the amenities for the right price.

Tariff: Starting from INR 5,000 per night

How to reach: Mallandur Rd, Joldal

4. Tusker Trail: At The Countryside

Tusker Trail, cheap homestays in Chikmagalur
Tusker Trail, Chikmagalur, via Tusker Trail

It is surrounded by lush green landscapes, a cool breeze, chirping birds, and a calming lake and is located in the village of Mallundur in Chikmagalur. Tusker Trail is a budget homestay in Chikmagalur that has an ideal location as it is close to popular Chikmagalur attractions like Badhra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullayanagiri, Bababudengiri Hills, Kalhattigiri Falls, Kemmangundi, and Hebbe Falls all under 70 km so there is always room for exploring. Madhukar, the host, and his family will make you feel at home with great food and warm hospitality. The property in Chikmagalur also organises visits to Ukkada Waterfalls and coffee plantation tours on their coffee estates. At the homestay, you also get free wifi and parking and it has good ratings.

Tariff: Starting from INR 2,000 per person

How to reach: Durgamba Estate, Mallundur Post, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

5. Yelagudgi Homestay: Plantation Walks And Bonfires

At a height of 3900 ft above sea level, Yelagudgi Homestay is a warm and welcoming place in Chikmagalur. The budget-friendly homestay near Chikmagalur is 20 km from the town. The property allows privacy for individual guests along with hygienic and comfortable rooms. The host is Padmashree and she has received great reviews and ratings online. The homestay is different from Chikmagalur hotels and other cheap homestays in Chikmagalur as it offers indoor and outdoor games, campfires at night, plantation walks, and delicious meals at a good price.

Tariff: INR 799 per night

How to reach: Sathihalli, Yelagudige, Karnataka

6. Shanthi Kunnj Homestay: Birdwatching Delight

Shanthi Kunnj Homestay
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Another budget homestay in Chikmagalur, Shanthi Kunnj Homestay is located on 60 acres of a coffee plantation. In the backdrop of beautiful mountains and lush green forests, the homestay offers Log cottages, Glass cottages, Areca cottages, Mud cottages, and Tent cottages. Waking up to the sweet sounds of the Bhadra River and birds chirping is normal at the property. Nature around makes it a perfect place to unwind. The host is Carol who pays attention to all the guests and takes care of them. The homestay in Chikmagalur is also in close proximity to green valleys, spring water streams, coffee and tea estates, and cascading waterfalls. Because of its location, can also go boating, on coracle and jeep rides, swimming in Bhadra river, nature walks, campfires at night or just stay indoors and enjoy the beauty.

Tariff: Starting from INR 2,500 per person

How to reach: Honnekoppa, Sangameshwarpet, Near Kadabagere Chikmagalur Dist Devdhana, Karnataka

7. River Woods: Green, Green, Everywhere

River Woods property in Chikmagalur is located in a lush 360 acres of coffee estate. Accommodation at River Woods is a 60s-style plantation bungalow with wooden ceilings, airy bedrooms, and some of the best coffee available. The estate engages in biological and sustainable farming and composting to preserve the biodiversity around it. River Woods also provides activities like trips to Kudremukh National Park, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, fishing, trekking, kayaking, and village tours due to its prime location in Chikmagalur. With good ratings online and a reasonable price, the homestay is well sanitised keeping in mind COVID-19. The check-in and check-out are at 12 PM.

Tariff: INR 2,750 per person per night

How to reach: Balehunoor to Kottigehara Road, Magundi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

8. Thotadhahalli Homestay: Malnad Traditional Affair

Also set amidst Mullayanagiri hills in Chikmagalur, the Thotadhahalli Homestay provides authentic Malnad tradition in terms of culture and food. Thotadhahalli Homestay’s host is Mr Prakash from the Indhavara family and they have been in the coffee plantation business for 60 years. The word thotadhahalli means estate in Kannada as the homestay is situated in the middle of a coffee plantation so you are guaranteed a good view. The homestay is one of the good places to stay in Chikmagalur as it is also located close to religious attractions like ChennaKeshava Temple, Shringeri Temple, Deviramma Temple, and Annapurneshwari Temple. Activities like a bonfire, indoor and outdoor games, coffee, and estate tours are offered at Thotadhahalli Homestay.

Tariff: Adult- INR 3,250, 5 to 12 years- INR 1,500, 3 to 5 years- INR 500 per night

How to reach: Post, Thotadhahalli Estate, Kaimara

FAQs Regarding Chikmagalur Home Stay

Which are the top-budget homestays in Chikmagalur for a stay?

Apart from the above-mentioned Chikmagalur homestays, there are other places like Silver Shadow Homestay, Mountain Valley Homestay, Bougainvillea Homestay, and Coffee KAAdu Homestay in Chikmagalur have good ratings and charge under 2000 INR per night.

Are cheap homestays in Chikmagalur safe for couples?

Most Chikmagalur homestays regardless of budget are safe as they belong to locals who also reside there or nearby and therefore have their reputations at stake. That being said, it is always better to take precautions before travelling anywhere. Contact the host before you travel if you have specific concerns.

What are some facilities we get in budget homestays?

You are sure to get hygienic and comfortable rooms and other facilities based on where the Chikmagalur homestay is situated. If it is located on a plantation you might get coffee tours and plantation walks which makes it different from other Chikmagalur hotels. If situated near trails, homestays also offer trekking options. Other activities like campfires and games are common.

Do low-budget homestays have a swimming pool?

Some cheap homestays in Chikmagalur like The Spectrum Homestay, Kalyan Cool Homestay, Blue Mountain Valley Homestay, Chikkamane Homestay, Red Rock Homestay, and Amidst Mist offer a swimming pool as one of the facilities.


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