‘On Earth, there is no Heaven, but in Kodaikanal there are pieces of it.’ If you like wandering in the lush green woods and soaking in the mesmerizing views of the rolling mountains and verdant valleys, Coakers Walk Kodaikanal is the place to be. Get ready to be starstruck by the spellbinding view of sunrise and sunset views off the Coakers Walk as you bask in the plateaus and hills surrounding the panoramic views. Here is a curated guide providing essential information, which includes, the best time to visit, location, timings, ticket fares, etc, to make your trip memorable. 

About Coakers Walk

kodaikanal coakers walk is a must visit place
Coakers Walk, Kodaikanal

Beautifully set along the arduous southeast-facing hill, overlooking the captivating plains, the Kodaikanal Coakers Walk is the best place to enjoy a refreshing getaway. Famed for its long meandering roads, the Coakers Walk attracts tourists worldwide. The verdant valleys and stunning mountains with lush greenery and the view from the height of 2000 ft is a blissful sight. The refreshing breeze flowing through your hair, the foamy waters, and the vibrant and colorful flowers give you a rejuvenating and surreal experience altogether. 

Where It Gets The Name From

Coakers Walk is a one-kilometer-long walking trail pathway in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Lt.Coaker constructed the captivating trail in 1872, and this is where it gets its name from.

What To Expect At Coakers Walk Kodaikanal

Listed below are some of the best things to do at the Coakers Walk.

coakers walk is a ideal place to visit with family and friends
Telescope view point at Coakers Walk.

Visit The KMC Telescope House

Located at the northernmost tip, the Telescope House was constructed to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the captivating views of the verdant valleys. You can witness the arresting views of the neighboring areas, namely Vaigai Dam, Varaha River, and Sothuparai Dam, attracting tourists worldwide.

Walk Along The Stunning Trail

There is no other place in Kodaikanal that can match the natural beauty and peaceful ambiance of the Kodaikanal Coaker’s Walk. Stroll along the 1-km-long pathway, allowing you to revel in the enchanting views of the lush mountains, valleys, and pristine rivers besieging it.

Enjoy A Thrilling Hike

If you are an adventure-type person, then get your hiking shoes and gear on and head out for an exciting hike. This 1.3 km out-and-back trail is perfect for enjoying the numerous species of birds and the lush green vegetation until you reach the summit to witness the overlooking areas.

Type Of Route: Comparatively Easy

Duration: 22 minutes, approximately

Capture The Arresting Panorama

Famed for its stunning views, the Coakers Walk attracts flocks of tourists worldwide. The arresting sunrise and sunset views, throwing golden sunlight on the lush green vegetation is a treat to the eye of the beholder. If it is a sunny day, you can witness Dolphin’s Nose Point, Periyakulam town, and Madurai city from the vantage point.

check for coakers walk kodaikanal timings before going.
Mesmerizing views from above.

How To Reach Coakers Walk 

Coakers Walk Address: Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, 624101, India.

Nearest Airport: Madurai International Airport – 135 km.

After reaching the airport you can choose from the numerous cab rental facilities available, allowing you to conveniently and comfortably commute to the location. Booking the cab allows you to move at your pace and have numerous stopovers as you want to make the most of the journey.

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Kodaikanal Bus Stand – 2 km.

Palani Railway Station – 67 km.

The nearest railhead to Kodaikanal Coakers Walk is Palani Railway Station, which is 67 km away. After reaching the junction, you can opt for local buses, tuk-tuks, or cab facilities to conveniently commute to the Coakers Walk. If you are a solo traveler, you can rent a bike and commute to the destination, allowing you to satiate the adrenaline gushing through your veins while you soak in the arresting views. 

Pinch to the Pocket: From INR 500 approximately

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Coakers Walk Kodaikanal Timings & Entry Fee

Kodaikanal Coakers Walk Timings: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM ( 7 days a week)

Coakers Walk Kodaikanal Entry Fee

Adults: INR 10 per person

Still Camera: INR 30

Telescope House: INR 20

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Kodaikanal Coakers Walk is during the summer season, ranging between March to June. The weather during these months is soothing and less cloudy, allowing you to capture the Pamber River. The average temperature ranges between 22 and 32 degrees.

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Concluding Words

Coakers Walk Kodaikanal is an idyllic destination for visitors seeking a perfect escape from the city chaos while seeking repose in the serene ambiance and mesmerizing landscape. So, pack your essentials and embark on a journey to the enchanting land for a trip of a lifetime.


Is Kodaikanal Lake artificial?

The Kodaikanal lake is an artificial lake, built by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, a collector of Madurai in 1863.

Which is the best season to visit Kodaikanal?

Although Coakers Walk is a year-round destination, the peak season ranges between February and March.

Which is colder Ooty or Kodaikanal?

As Ooty is located at a higher altitude than Kodaikanal, Ooty is bestowed with a colder climate.

What is the history of Bryant Park Kodaikanal?

Named after H.D. Bryant, a forest officer from Madurai, the Bryant Park Kodaikanal was started in 1908. Once a small park near Kodai Lake, it has now developed into a Botanical garden spreading over 20 acres.

Which is the oldest tree in Kodaikanal?

Kirthana Muthyala is one of the oldest trees in Kodaikanal. The cavernous jamun tree in the Sholas is a blissful sight.


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