Germany: The name itself sounds magical, doesn’t it? Assume that you’re a travel buff with a weird taste for beer (yuck!! I, however, hate it!) along with hiking, skiing, and what-not, you name it, it’s there. It’s the seventh most visited country in the world, and for good reason. If you’re daring, adventurous, and you’re not interested in the same old mundane things in life, and want to do something that’s fun, then it’s Germany for you. If you’re a thrill seeker, from hiking Alps to enjoying quaint mountains, to drinking beer from steins the size of your head, it is all there. Let check out a list of what you can do.

Hiking (To Rotwand from Munich)
Kreuzbergpass and Rotwand

As you stumble upon these quaint mountains, amidst obscuring snow and mind-numbing snowflakes, a multitude of thoughts speed through your mind. A constant frenzy of emotions seize you as you stand before the mountains and take it all in. You feel as if you have become subservient to the landscape before you. If you’re a thrill seeker, it will make you feel alive, make you go wow! Just wow!

Skiing (From Alps to Black Forest)
A German Ski Resort in the Alps

Germany ski resorts are an ideal winter destination. Amidst fast breezes, amazingdown hill scaling slopes, and cross country skiing across lustrous mountains, all at affordable prices,  Germany is a treat to the eyes and legs, as well as your wallet! At the two notable ski resorts, Garmisch and Partenkirchen located at the foothills of Alps, skiers can enjoy heights of upto 7000 ft. Annual ski sports and winter Olympics are held every eye at these famous Alps of Germany. This epic mountain duo is just an hour away from Munich.

Germany’s highest peak Zugspitze (9,718 ft), is at the border of Germany and Austria. It offers an spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. Various hiking and ski trails can be followed to the top, along with a cable car for those less fit!

Beer Fest
The vast crowds at Oktoberfest

If you’ve heard of the iconic Tomatina fest in Spain, there’s a beer festival in Germany, known as Oktoberfest. The “Okto-beer-fest” is where you’ll get to taste finest beers from across the world. If you want to, get drunk on beer, or if it’s too clichéd, you can get drunk just at the sight of the crowd getting drunk on beer. This is the epidemic intoxication of the beer festival in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss)
Neuschwanstein Castle near Hohenschwangau, Germany

Ever wondered about giant castles that have mysterious walls, perhaps with message engraved on them and beautiful out of place chandeliers? This castle in Germany, in typical Disney’s Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast style, is the place for it. It comes with a photoshoot if you are a photo freak. It’s a treat for the photographer who has an eye for the abstract.

Berchtesgaden National Park
The village of Ramsau in springtime, Berchtesgaden National Park, Upper Bavaria

This is a haven of lustrous meadows, tall trees, gurgling streams, sleepy villages and chirping birds. It gives you a sense of wonderment about the magnificence of nature and creation. The nearby town of Oberammergau is known for its beautifully decorated buildings, and its tradition of woodcarving.

This is Germany. The name that sounded magical enough for you to go off on an adventure. Revel in the joys of trekking, hiking and skiing, getting drunk on beer and exploring magnificent castles.

Have fun in Germany. Geerrrrmmmaaannnyyyyy here you go!


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