Plans of getting married anytime soon? How about a destination wedding? No, I am not planning one for you. I am going to help you plan one, for yourself or for your friends and family.

Destination wedding
Planning a wedding is always exciting

Firstly, getting married is a very big decision, so be sure that you reeeaalllyyy want to do it.  Know what you are falling for. Once you have made a life-changing decision, start searching for a bride or a groom (you might need them :P)

After this, the plan is pretty much simple… I think!

So why a destination wedding?

Why not a destination wedding?

There is a chance that you and your family stay in separate cities. You can bring the families together in one fun location.

It saves money. Do you know that the destination weddings cost you way less than the custom weddings? The average package of a destination wedding is $17000 whereas a custom wedding can go up to $32000 dollars and above.
Save your money and travel, guys!

Destination wedding provides you with a great opportunity to click pictures at amazing locations. So be picture ready all the time.

If the above reasons are not enough for you to plan one for yourself, here is another… YOU GET TO TRAVEL!

Destination wedding

Is Winter The Correct Season For A Destination Wedding?

Winters are perfect for a destination wedding. Mainly because you will have a dream wedding in snow and make your already perfect day even more perfect with fireplaces, candles, and dimmed lights. Winters allow you to experiment with the setup such as an outdoor ceremony with portable heaters and champagne! All you need is a hand in your hand and say “I do”.

destination wedding

What role does fashion play in destination weddings?

The answer is “EVERYTHING”. Fashion means “comfort and style”, so you should know which is the correct thing for you to take to a winter destination that makes you feel comfortable and still breathtaking. A destination wedding means a lot of fun for everyone who is a part of the wedding and also a little stressful for the bride, she is the bride after all. She is the one catching all the attention! There should be enough stuff done to make her comfortable and stress-free for her very special day.

A tip: Do everything she says. EVERYTHING! Even if it means, dancing with firecrackers in your mouth!

Things you need to carry when you are heading to a winter destination wedding:

  • Make-up during the winters can be a tricky thing. It is going to be dry, you need to take care of your skin during winters and use make-up that does not harm your skin.
  • There can be a lot of things that you can forget during the wedding. If you are family or even if you are a guest at the wedding, you can forget many things that are important for you and can be used during the wedding. It’s okay we can help with that.
  • Passport (if applicable), Travel information, including boarding passes and hotel reservations are also important when you are travelling to a destination wedding. You need to be prepared for everything.
  • Everyday attire and accessories for yourself including the wedding day attire.
  • It is going to be winter, keep yourself warm and keep some extra warmth with you like jackets, sweaters, scarves etc.
  • Prescription and medicines for yourself if you have any or for any family member you are travelling with. Double check that they have kept the medicines. If snowfall is a part of your wedding plan, be ready for it. You won’t be able to find anything during an emergency.
  • Phone chargers and camera chargers with the camera of course (if you are carrying one)
  • Cash and credit cards and any payment mode that you think might help.

If you are the bride:

You already have a lot of things on your plate. You can forget many things and that can create a problem at the eleventh hour.

  • Your wedding attire, you are definitely not going to forget this, but there is no harm to put it on the list.
  • A veil or other wedding attire accessories depending on your cultures and traditions.
  • Wedding day shoes, you don’t want to walk down the aisle barefooted (that too in winters)
  • Wedding day jewellery (earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring and anything that you want, you are the bride 🙂 )
  • Wedding day clutch or evening bag
  • Undergarments
  • Wedding day hair accessories (Hair elastics, Bobby pins)
  • Extra contact lenses if you have spectacles and you don’t want to wear them on your special day
  • Nail kit (including polish for touch-ups)
  • Makeup and perfume

If you are the groom:

Though you don’t have makeup issues, it’s your special day too. Refer the checklist so that you don’t forget anything and panic at the last moments.

  • Wedding day attire
  • Cufflinks
  • Wedding day shoes and socks
  • Grooming kit (shaving kit, moisturiser and everything that you feel your skin needs for your comfort during winters.

After your wedding:

After the wedding, you might be needing a few things that might skip your mind because of being super happy.

  • Marriage license
  • Thank-you notes (if not mailing later)
  • Copies of your handwritten vows
  • Cards or gifts (for each other, wedding party, and parents/family)
  • Honeymoon essentials (if you’re leaving right after the wedding)

Wondering why are we talking about winter destination wedding all of a sudden?

We are coming up with a wedding series since it is the wedding season. Stay tuned for more. There are a lot more things coming that might help you this wedding season.

This series will include everything you need for a destination wedding that is happening in winters.

Your day is special for you and your family. Make it even more special and beautiful with every step that you take towards the future.


  1. Superb Post! You are sharing excellent advice. I like these advice. These suggestions are very helpful to me as a wedding planner. This post was incredibly interesting to read and quite informative. I’m thrilled to have found this fantastic post and feel so inspired. Thank you and keep on spreading.


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