Travel means something different to every traveller. For some it’s a way to spend time with friends and family, for others, it’s a way to get a taste of adventure or to explore new cultures. Each of us has our type of travel personality when we set out on a trip. While some of us enjoy being the quintessential tourist, the rest of us want to explore offbeat destinations and experiences. A lot of our likes and dislikes inform the type of traveller we eventually become. What’s really important about identifying your travel personality is that it helps you find compatible travel partners who share similar interests. There are lots of different types of travellers, but most fall into some kind of category. Here, we’ve identified 28 types of travellers – which one(s) are you?

Here Are The Different Types Of Travellers

1. The Culture Vulture

The world is full of amazing cultures, and these travellers want to explore it all. Museums, art galleries and historical sites are just the tip of the iceberg. They want to understand and absorb the culture. They might do quite a bit of research beforehand, to make sure to hit up the spots that are most relevant to their interests. Culture vultures are all about immersing themselves into the history of a destination to truly understand its hidden marvels. 

Types Of Travellers

2. The Foodie

These types of travellers set out around the world in search of delicious food. They explore different cultures through their cuisines, and regardless of the destination, are sure to never disappoint with their choice of food or eateries.

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THE FOODIE (Sony/Columbia Pictures)

3. The Nature Lover

These types of travellers are so fascinated by nature, they spend most of their vacations in jungles and forests observing flora and fauna. A section of them even spend lots of time on safaris, in all kinds of environments.

4. The Photographer

For them, travel is synonymous with pictures. You’ll find these types of travellers behind the lens of a camera, capturing every moment of their trip. Panoramic scenes, animals, locals, food, and themselves; nothing goes unphotographed.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER (Paramount Pictures)

5. The Social Butterfly

These people are connected to the Photographers, but whatever they do, they do it for social media. Their pictures can often be seen on their Facebook or Instagram (along with tons of hashtags). Some may even be bloggers or YouTubers.

Types Of Travellers

6. The Party Animal

These are the travellers who travel just for fun and parties. Their plans revolve around the best party places and nightlife; look for them at bars or clubs. They can be tons of fun to be around (except maybe in the early hours of the morning).

7. The Planner

They are perhaps the most organised type of travellers. They like to plan out and schedule any trip to the T. Planners often have a limited amount of time and want to cram as many things in as possible to get the absolute most from the trip. They also tend to know more about a place before they travel than most people who’ve been there.

THE PLANNER (Warner Bros. Pictures)

8. The Nomad

The polar opposite of the Planner, this one’s trips are sudden and totally unplanned. Whether they let other people guide them around, or just go somewhere on a whim, their vacations tend to be vague but very entertaining.

9. The Thrill Seeker

With unmatched energy, these adrenaline junkies and daredevils travel far and wide in search of their next adventure. From mountain climbing and cliff jumping to bungee jumping, they crave excitement and love to try new things. One thing’s for sure, you won’t find them relaxing at the beach or exploring the nearest museum in depth.

THE THRILL SEEKER (20th Century Fox)

10. The Functional Traveller

To these travellers, travel is just a means to an end. Mostly consisting of business travellers, or those visiting an event, (whether it’s a wedding or a football match), they’re often too consumed with their task to get the most out of the destinations they’re at.

11. The Pilgrim

They follow pilgrimage trails or visit the shrines of those they worship – religious or otherwise. While you can find many at the sacred sites of gods and goddesses, you can also find them at sporting stadiums, or at places associated with favourite films and books.

12. The Shopper

They travel to different parts of the world for one thing, and one thing only – shopping. Shoppers may be either men or women, but for them, no trip is complete if their luggage isn’t much heavier on the way home. If they’re generous some of this might even be for friends and family.

13. The Backpacker

These types of travellers quite literally travel light. Independently exploring different places on a low budget. You may think it’s obvious that they carry their signature backpack, some may even use a duffel bag (gasp!). They’re often found at hostels and are up for any kind of adventure.

THE BACKPACKER (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

14. The Gap Years

While this group is often associated with backpacking, they are generally well-off young people (usually just having graduated school or college) who want to experience something entirely new, with the added bonus of being away from home for a long period. They may also be found volunteering or working abroad.

15. The Complainer

This one has a problem with just about everything during your vacation. While some may be legit – like a shower not working, or dirty bed sheets – most may not. A demanding type of traveller, they tend to want everything just so (and tend to favour places that closely resemble home).

16. The Gang

Typically found travelling in groups, these travellers like to travel with friends and family and are rarely found alone. Whether it’s sightseeing or partying, it is all done together either quietly or (more often) loudly.

Group BirdsTypes of travellers

17. The Weekender

These travellers go away on vacation at every single available opportunity, especially on weekends. They may visit places close to home, or even go on short trips further away. Often financially stable, they can afford such luxuries and enjoy seeing as much of the world as possible.

18. The Chatter Box

This one seems to befriend anyone and everyone they meet on their trip, from taxi drivers to waiters. They can’t resist chatting with all kinds of people, which often means that they also often have the best stories to tell.

19. The Luxury Traveller

Nothing less than a 5-star hotel is enough for this traveller. No matter where they go, luxury is a top priority. From personal cabs to classy restaurants, they like to do things in style (and of course, comfort).


20. The Escapee

A fugitive of all that is mundane and familiar, these travellers are often quite lost. Whether they’re running away from boredom or heartbreak, guilt, failure, conflict, or themselves, they’re sure to be looking for some sort of escape at a faraway destination.

21. The Solo Artist

A growing section, the solo traveller chooses to venture into the world alone, and on their own terms. Their trips may be planned to the last detail, or delightfully vague, but it doesn’t matter because they answer to no one but themselves.

22. The Soul Searcher

This one is quite different to the Escapee. They use travel as a means to find themselves or find some spiritual meaning in life. Often travelling alone, they want holidays that teach them something, whether that is meditation or cookery.

23. The Budget Tripper

While they may want to travel everywhere, these travellers are constrained by tighter budgets. With the aim of saving money on their trips, they may prefer walking to cabs and hostels to hotels.

types of travellers

24. The Collector

They never leave a new place without a memento. Whether these are physical objects like a souvenir, seashells, or even sand, or uncommon experiences, like meteor showers or balloon rides, these items are often proudly displayed later.

25. The Pioneer

They’re seekers of mostly unexplored or offbeat destinations, whether it’s living with native tribes or exploring an unusual museum, they want non-mainstream experiences that are truly unique.

26. The Rejuvenator

Looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, these types of travellers want to relax. Whether they go to a luxury spa or a yoga retreat, they holiday to get away and unwind from their troubles and to have a much-needed pampering experience.


27. The Clueless One

In life, there are leaders and there are followers. This group is most definitely the latter. They rely on others to plan their vacation and to then get around the destination, wanting to be (almost literally) swept away by the experience of travel.

28. The Tourist

Most people you meet are simply tourists – travellers who prefer sticking to well-known destinations and touristy activities, often during established holiday seasons. They may partake in organised tours and events or be entirely guided by travel guides and books.

So what type of traveller are you? Do you fall neatly into one category or do you see yourself in many? Or, are you someone who is something completely different? Let us know in the comments below! And tag your friends if they belong to any of these categories!

Every Type Of Traveller Has Their Own Set Of Quirks

Once you discover what type of traveller you are, I’m sure you’re going to identify quirks that are unique just to you. These defining features make a traveller who they are and it’s something you should embrace wholeheartedly and set off on your next trip!



  1. Typically found travelling in groups, these travellers like to travel with friends and family and are rarely found alone. Whether its sightseeing or partying, its all done together either quietly or (more often) loudly.


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