Jaipur is a treat to the eyes, beauty is hidden in every corner. The city is famous for its royalty, architecture, and culture. Right from spices to handlooms, the places to visit in Jaipur for shopping have it all. Kingdoms from the past have left Jaipur with many gorgeous palaces, traditions, cuisines with ancient recipes, and art and handicrafts that make the city famous. Shopping in Jaipur is a delight even if you do not like shopping. The bazaars of the city offer an array of products and crafts that carry Jaipur’s identity.

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9 Of The Best Places For Shopping In Jaipur

1. Sparkling Markets: Johari Bazaar

One of the traditional markets and most visited places for shopping in Jaipur, Johari Bazaar is famous for its gems and precious stones. The lanes are painted in bright hues of orange and pink. One of the best shopping places in Jaipur, the name translates to jeweller’s market. Dazzling with jewellery studded with gems, semi-precious stones, and precious stones like rubies and emeralds, the market is full of bling. Dealers, vendors, and artisans have converted the streets into their workshops and are seen keenly working on ornaments.

Ever since the Rajput king Jai Sing’s II reign from 1699-1743, the jewellery industry thrived and Jaipur went on to be one of the largest stone-cutting hubs in the world. Right from kundan (refined gold) to handmade jewellery, every ornament is a work of art. Johari Bazaar is also famous for its tie and dye work and gota (embroidery with origins in Rajasthan) saris.

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2. All Things Rajasthani: Bapu Bazaar

Shopping in Jaipur is incomplete without a visit to Bapu Bazaar. One of the best places to visit Jaipur for shopping, Bapu Bazaar is a splash of colour with fabrics, bangles, and prints. It’s famous for selling different prints like bagru, sanganer and batik on traditional Rajasthani salwar suits and bedspreads. Footwear like mojris that are made of camel leather adorned with colourful embroidery is sold in these lanes. Other Rajasthani items like perfumes, trinkets, lac bangles, and jewellery are also available, but you need to bargain well. 

3. Carpets More Beautiful Than Aladdin’s: Tripolia Bazar

While Tripolia Bazar is famous for iron, steel and brass utensils, it is also the shopping place in Jaipur to buy lac jewellery. It’s one of the best shopping places in Jaipur for colourful bangles, fabrics, and souvenirs. Shopping in Jaipur gets interesting with this bazaar as it also has vintage trunks and colourful embroidered purses and clothes. With one-of-a-kind designs, the bazaar is also a great place to buy designer carpets. The street food in these lanes is also delicious so don’t forget to make up for the calories you have burnt while shopping.

Things to shop in Jaipur

4. Traditional Clothes And Footwear: Nehru Bazaar

Famous for souvenir shopping, Nehru Bazaar has diverse perfumes and textiles. The clothes you buy here are ready-to-wear but only hard bargaining works here. It is also among the markets of Jaipur that are most visited for jootis, traditional Rajasthani footwear. The streets are popular for artificial jewellery like anklets, sequinned necklaces, lac bangles, and other accessories. You can also shop for clothes and quilts with bandhej (tie and dye) prints and embroidery work studded with mirrors. 

5. Handicrafts And Happy Stomachs: Chandpole Bazar

One of the most important markets in Jaipur, Chandpole Bazar shines bright with its pink buildings. A centre for trade, most of the businesses in Chandpole Bazar are run by families. Beautiful marble work is on display as you walk by the shops, and the bazaar is famous for its handicrafts made of wood, marble and stone. Following the carpet weaving tradition from the 17th century, the Chandpole market has colourful hand-woven and knitted carpets. Other things like wooden sculptures, metal jewellery, traditional sarees, grains, dry fruits, Indian sweets, and street food are also found in the market. 

6. The Textile Factory: Kishanpole Bazar

The centre for tie and dye fabrics, Kishanpole is one of the best places for shopping in Jaipur. If you want to buy textiles at an affordable price, then Kishanpole Bazar is your place. The bazaar also has hand-printed textiles. A community of artisans from Bagru called the Chippa Mohalla sells innovative patterns and designs on cotton here. The market also sells wooden carvings with exquisite designs.

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7. Conserving Blue Pottery: Kripal Kumbh

Started by Kripal Singh Shekhawat, Kripal Kumbh is famous for its blue pottery. Shekhawat is largely responsible for reviving blue pottery. The art travelled from Kashmir to Rajasthan and is named after the blue Persian dye that is used. Kripal Kumbh started as a space to sell the artworks of Kripal Singh Shekhawat. The store also sells both classic pottery designs along with modern and innovative designs. They sell an array of items ranging from animal figures, aroma lamps to jewellery boxes. Other places like Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Center also sell these products. 

8. Priceless Skill Of Pottery: Mirza Ismail Road

Art and crafts flourish in the shopping places of Jaipur. Pottery is an integral part of Rajasthan’s culture. Your itinerary for shopping in Jaipur must include Mirza Ismail Road or MI Road. The streets are filled with beautiful pots with intricate work. Situated close to popular attractions of Jaipur like Ajmeri Gate, MI Road is also home to silver jewellery, artefacts, brass statues, and handicrafts. There is also a handicraft emporium run by the state government called Rajasthali that you can look through. The emporium sells a range of Rajasthani textiles, statues, fabrics, puppets and more. The street is also famous for a jewellery store called the Gem Palace which has been thriving for eight generations.

9. Perfect And Playful Prints: Anokhi

Rajasthan is popular for its elegant and colourful prints and handmade textiles. Anokhi is the best place for shopping in Jaipur for block-printed textiles and is known for playing a large role in preserving art. The store also has a museum that shows the intricacies and beautiful art of block printing. It also has a café that serves organic food. Heritage Textiles, Aaritisan, and Ladli also sell printed fabrics. 

A City With Ever-Existing Art

Shopping in Jaipur is a different experience because along with modern clothes and products, the markets in Jaipur offer a wide range of traditional products and keep traditional art forms alive. There are many boutiques in Jaipur like Woven, Tokree and Dhora that also sell Indian apparel and quirky jewellery. The Pink City is vibrant with colourful artefacts and fabrics that brighten the mood of the city. 


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