One of the most visited attractions in Tamil Nadu is the gorgeous landmark named Dolphin’s Nose. Located at 2,000 meters above sea level, the Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal provides remarkable views of the surrounding area. The distinctive dramatic rock formation that can be likened to a dolphin’s snout also contributes to the site’s appeal. The trek to Dolphin’s Nose is through a green forest and amazing trails, making one feel closer to nature than ever. There are stunning views of hills, valleys, and fully-grown forests awaiting you when you finally get to Dolphin’s Nose. Nightfall and dawn are also great because they are accompanied by a beautiful play of color in the sky. Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal is a striking example of the region’s tourist attraction where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and immerse themselves in its lap.

Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal Location, Entry Fee And Timings

kodaikanal height
Dolphin’s nose view point.

Location: Dolphins Nose Rd, Alwarpet, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu 643103

Entry Fee: 

30 per person for Adults

10 per person for Children

30 for Still Camera

100 for Video Camera

Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Best Time To Visit Dolphin’s Nose Kodaikanal

The best times to visit Dolphin’s Nose, one of the famous attractions located in Kodaikanal, are the months of October to February. The climate in this period is quite impressive and favorable for tourism making it easy for those interested in viewing the scenic features of the park to do so. There is a beautiful vantage viewpoint which has a panoramic view of the sky when the weather is clear, with the skyline touching the vast horizon, and the beautiful sceneries decorated by colorful flowers all around the place can be viewed. The climate is moderately warm, with the temperature fluctuating between 15-25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal as the weather is not too hot nor is it cold.

Best Off-Season Time To Visit Dolphin’s Nose

If you like solitude and do not like to be surrounded by a lot of people, then the best off-beat time to visit Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal is from June to September. The Kodaikanal experience during this period is described as the monsoon period although there is not much rainfall throughout the month there is much greenery and the misty weather is rather mysterious. The decrease in the number of tourists allows for the prospect of enjoying the natural scenery and the other attractions that the destination has to offer. The only thing that should be considered is the state of the climate and based on that one can decide what to do.

dolphin nose in kodaikanal is a must visit spot
Mountains covered by fog in Kodaikanal.

Things To Do At Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin Nose View Point

Dolphin’s Nose is a plateau, which provides a wonderful view of the surrounding valleys, mountains, and the Pamban River, which stretches through the region. Be sure to give yourself a few minutes to appreciate the stunning beauty and snap some amazing pictures.


Trekking in Kodaikanal Dolphin’s Nose is a thrilling trail that extends from the entrance of Dolphin’s Nose up to the viewpoint. The trail goes through some densely wooded areas and is an exciting walk for nature lovers especially those who like adventure.

Echo Point

It is also an ideal location for tourists who can visit Echo Point which has acoustic properties. For the echoes to bounce off the cliffs and rock surrounding Red River Gorge, shout out, or make loud noises.


Dolphin’s Nose has a lot to offer to the photographers, who visit this place. One can capture the scenic beauty, especially the mists, the geography, and the landscape, and store memories that you will cherish forever.

Nearby Attractions

Some other local attractions to visit near Dolphin Nose include the Vattakanal Falls, Silver Cascade Falls, and Green Valley View, commonly referred to as suicide point. These nearby attractions present more natural beauties to explore.

Nature Walks

Strolling along the picturesque territory of Dolphin’s Nose, visitors can fully relax and find calm. Feel the nice whisk of wind blow through the air, relish the tranquility of the environment, and marvel at the plants and animals around.

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Picnic Spot

The ‘Dolphin’s Nose’ is an excellent place for a picnic with friends and family. Carry some snacks along, get a good spot to sit probably on the grass, and have a wonderful time with your loved ones while watching the beauty of nature.

best kodaikanal trekking spots
Walking trail to reach Dolphin’s Nose.

Pro Tip: Please make sure to have a look at the weather forecasts before the event, and adapt your outfit according to the conditions that are expected. It is also necessary to abide by any measures given by the local authorities concerning safety to avoid any unseen incidences hence making your experience in visiting the Dolphin’s Nose in Kodaikanal a joyful one.

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Embracing The Serenity Of Kodaikanal’s Gem

The trip to Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal is rewarding and enchanting for tourists. From the views of the valleys surrounding the park to the excitement of walking through the greenery of the forests, one is assured of having made a worthy trip. Whether you are in search of an adventurous trek or a nature aficionado eager for a peaceful trail, Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal is a perfect destination for it. Do not let the camera miss the stunning views and spend some time admiring the echoes at Echo Point. Other sightseeing attractions and the possibility of having a quiet time for a picnic also make this place attractive. Hence, have a proper travel plan, enjoy the exquisiteness of nature, and have some wonderful experiences with Dolphin’s Nose in Kodaikanal.


How long is the dolphin nose trek?

The Dolphin’s nose trek is only 3 km.

Which village is near Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal?

The Village of Vellagavi is near the Kodaikanal Dolphin Nose.


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