Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is said to be one of the largest folk festivals in the world! Millions of people have visited this festival and have spent their time having the best beer, food, parades, games and rides that Germany has to offer!

The festival runs for about two weeks every year and is held in a meadow close to the centre of Munich. This year, 2018, it is set to take place from Saturday, September 22nd to Sunday, October 7th!

So what exactly is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest originally began sometime in October (obviously), 1810. It was held as a celebration for the wedding of the Crown Prince of Bavaria, Prince Ludwig to a Saxon princess, Therese.

So, after the wedding, all of the wealthy citizens of Munich were invited to spend 5 days of non-stop eating, drinking and merrymaking! There were even hunts and races that made the festivities even more enjoyable!

Everyone had such a good time that this was no longer just a one-time celebration, but was made to be a tradition for the burghers of Munich and from then on, for everyone and anyone.

Today, the grounds of the Oktoberfest are vast and completely filled with tents. These tents are where all the food, drinks and some games are generally served. There are no entry fees or tickets to get into the grounds or to enter any tents. But once inside, you will be charged for anything that you consume.

Here are a few tips to make the Oktoberfest as stress-free as possible for you:
  1. Make some reservations

Now what you may not know is that it is highly recommended to make reservations for the tents that you want to visit. Tents get full quite fast and normally they will close doors as soon as they fill up, which is usually about 11 am on weekdays and by noon on weekends. All you need to do to make a reservation is contact the tent – on the phone or online – beforehand.

  1. Grab a bite someplace else

The food in Oktoberfest is honestly the same as the food outside the fest – except that it’s much more expensive. Since there are no entry fees, you can always step outside and get something to eat before returning to the fest. This will save you a ton of money – money that you can use to get more beer!

  1. Tip, tip, tip!

When you’re inside the tents, you will be one amongst the hundreds there. There are very few servers available, so make sure you tip generously so that you won’t be left ignored!

  1. Plan a meetup spot

It’s very likely that you could get lost in the crowds, both inside and outside the tents. So make sure that you and your friends plan a meetup spot beforehand so that you know where to go if you can’t find them anymore.

Oh and also, carry some water and a power bank with you. With all the photos you’ll be taking and the excitement, you will definitely need to stay hydrated and keep your cellphone alive!


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