Nestled in the Countryside of Philadelphia, also popularly known as America’s Garden Capital, the Longwood Gardens is often named among one of the world’s great gardens. Enter the gates of these enchanting gardens with these virtual tours. 

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What Is Longwood Gardens?

The Longwood Gardens is often called the world’s premier horticultural showplace. Spanning across 1077 acres of woodlands, majestic gardens, a 4.5-acre opulent conservatory among others, and dancing fountains, this masterpiece is ranked as the largest display gardens in the United States.

Attracting over a million travellers annually, these gardens are a living expression of all that the founder, Pierre S. du Pont, found inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful. From the intricate fountain systems to the meticulous gardens to the architectural grandeur, awe-inspiring discoveries await at every turn.

Longwood gardens

Years before it was a public garden, the land on which Longwood Gardens stands was home to the native Lenni Lenape tribe and Quaker farmers. 

The vision for the Gardens—to become a world apart, a place accessible to all—is the driving force behind all that they do.

As one of the premier performance venues in the Philadelphia region, in the East Coast of USA, these gardens have been delighting guests with an eclectic array of events for more than a century. A unique venue for meetings and events, concerts, all paired with delicious cuisine in breath-taking settings.

Longwood Gardens is a horticultural masterpiece well-located in the Countryside of Philadelphia and a bucket-list item when visiting the region. 

Explore the main conservatory, fountain garden, the Italian Water Garden and other features at these gorgeous gardens these unique virtual tours


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