For all those who don’t know about Fashion Nova, you are going to be enlightened today. So, let’s begin because I have a lot to talk about.

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a trendy online clothing retailer. You might have heard of it. One of the reasons is that their marketing is very strong. I started following them on Instagram because their clothes caught my attention.

Why Am I Talking About It?

You know when you make travel plans, what is the most important part of that plan? Ticket booking? No! Packing? No! It’s SHOPPING! I am a very organised person and I love to do things before time. I hate leaving things for the last minute. Maybe I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But that’s not a problem here. So I started shopping 15 days prior to my trip. And when you are travelling, you need to be comfortable and fashionable (if that is your priority but comfort is a must).

Since I was attracted to Fashion Nova, I thought why not to try it? I mean why not?

Fashion Nova

I realised one thing when I started following them, most of their posts were sponsored or partnered content. This made it difficult to see an unbiased review. I will not deny that I actually wanted to take a risk and see if I am lucky enough to get what I was expecting.

And Guess What??? I Did Risk It!!

When I went on their website I realised the prices were not sky touching and also not so cheap to blow your mind away. They were okay! I observed the prices were less than many luxury brands but more than many normal ones. But what I loved the most was that their clothes were trendy and stylish and that they always have a SALE!

So technically, nothing, NOTHING was wrong in Fashion Nova. It was a perfect place for me to shop from! But guess I…

Yes, I did…

So What’s The Problem?

Since I was impressed with Fashion Nova so much, I got a lot of stuff. I wanted one thing but I ended up buying a jumpsuit, t-shirt, jacket, skirt and what not. Because they have amazing stuff on their website. Plus the sale is always there. It is so enticing.

When I got the items which reached me after fifteen days, I had a sigh of relief. On their website, they say that the item has two-day shipping. They are right, the item reached you within two days ONCE IT IS SHIPPED. But when to ship is their choice.

But once they ship it, you will have the item within two days. I promise!

Anyway… I had ordered seven items. I received 5 out of which two didn’t fit properly. Wondering why I received 5? I’ll come to that later. So the two items that didn’t fit, I thought I will return them. They have an EASY RETURN POLICY which has a return slip. Like a normal human being, I filled that and sent it back to Fashion Nova thinking I will get my refund soon.

Life isn’t that simple guys!

Fashion Nova doesn’t have a refund policy. They instead give you a gift card to Fashion Nova.

But what if I don’t want a gift card, what if I want my money back?
Oh no! they don’t do that. They can only give you a refund in the form of a gift card.

I obviously didn’t have many options on my plate, so I decided to use the gift card. But guess what? I paid for 7 items and wanted to return two items that were worth INR 4000. The gift card I got wasn’t the entire money because Fashion Nova charges you for a restocking fee. Which means, technically you have to pay for shipping the item back to them.

Understand the procedure:

Buy clothes>> try them>> return the ones you don’t want>> Pay for the shipping to return them

Ohh, wait!!
Do you think this is where it ends? Remember I got seven items out of which I received 5? I will now tell you why. Fashion Nova sends me an email the same day I received the other items saying that “The items that you bought were out of stock after you bought them.” So instead they sent me a… that’s right!



“And also because updating their website isn’t cool. Let people buy stuff, we can always tell them later that the item they just paid for isn’t available. And then send them a gift card.”

Do I Love Their Stuff?

Yes, I love the clothes they have on their website and if you are lucky items will fit you as if they were made for you. What bothers me is the customer service. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and Blac Chyna, which means that the site will gain traffic and after knowing this, if the customer service is poor, it can badly backfire. If they improve the customer service and not give gift cards instead of money, nothing like this website. So if you are shopping from here, do it at least two months before your plan.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have had a similar story.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”- Michael LeBoeuf


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