Shopping on travel is something every traveler looks forward to. It’s a great way to collect souvenirs and also buy gifts for your loved ones. Though malls are the go-to place for shopping these days and with the digitally enhanced age leading to the popularity of online shopping, the activity has a whole new meaning. But the charm of flea markets is unparallel and irreplaceable and it continues to attract crowds by dozens even today. Spread all over the country, these markets have always been popular & are still thriving, maybe because of the atmosphere & the real cost benefits they offer. Over the years, India’s flea markets have also evolved into a hub for street food vendors and musical performances, thus turning into a lively place to spend with your loved ones. Experience the joy of retail therapy at these listed flea markets and go shop till you drop. 

Colaba Causeway: Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai is a paradise to fashionistas. The city has style and is home to great flea markets which sell chic wares. Among the various flea markets, the Colaba Causeway is the most popular one. It’s a one-stop shop for various items like clothing, jewellery, handicrafts, books, bags, and many more knick-knacks. The Causeway is so popular that it’s thronged by visitors and locals throughout the day, so be prepared to jostle around here. 

Colaba Causeway Mumbai -  - flea markets in India
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Çhor Bazaar: Mumbai

Though it’s known that this flea market’s name came to be originated from the fact that it’s a thief’s market but that’s not the case. Originally named the “Shor Bazaar” but that got corrupted by the British pronunciation of “Chor” and the name stuck. It is also the largest flea market in the country, and you can buy almost anything here. There is also a saying that “If you lose anything in Mumbai you can buy it again at Chor Bazaar” If you are an expert haggler this flea market is the best place to get amazing deals. 

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Laad Bazaar: Hyderabad

Laad Bazaar is a flea market to visit to fulfill all your accessorizing needs. Located in Hyderabad this flea market has ethnic jewellery like bangles, necklaces, jhumkas, and almost everything you need to jazz up your outfits. You can also buy pearls and jewellery with semi-precious stones in this traditional market. 

Laad Bazaar Hyderabad  - flea markets in India
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Arpora Saturday Night Market: Goa

Operating only on Saturdays, the Arpora Night Market is nothing less than a carnival. This flea market provides its visitors with a splendid collection of clothes, handmade accessories, shoe bags, and even home décor. Combine that with delectable street food and live musical performances and you have a night to remember. This flea market combines retail therapy with food & entertainment, making it an excellent spot to unwind on a Saturday. 

Sarojini Nagar: Delhi

Probably one of the most popular flea markets in India is Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. Crowds throng to this market looking for the best deals and Sarojini Nagar does not disappoint. Not only can you buy fashionable jewellery, shoes, and clothes but also here various branded clothes can be bought at 1/4th of the price as they are export rejects or export surplus. With the best of fashion available at bargain prices, it’s almost addictive to shop here. Keep aside enough time to shop here because you can as easily spend an entire day here.

Sarojini Nagar in Delhi -  - flea markets in India
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Parry’s Corner: Chennai

The mecca for shopping in Chennai, Parry’s Corner is visited by almost the entire city. Located near the Chennai Port this is one of the busiest places in Chennai. The street is named after Thomas Parry, a Welsch merchant who established his business 230 years ago.  If busy streets and throngs of people do not make you nervous this place has everything from clothes to household items at giveaway rates. Come here for an unforgettable shopping experience and get lost in the colors and most probably the crowd. 

Johari Bazaar: Jaipur

Known as the city’s shopping centre, Johari Bazaar is home to five hundred stores that cater to your every need. Shoppers can buy jewels, gemstones, and precious stones here. You will also find skilled artisans here who have years of experience making this market a gem among its contemporaries. 

Johari Bazaar Jaipur
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Anjuna Flea Market: Goa

Another must-visit flea market in India is the Anjuna flea market in Goa. What initially started out as a means of income for hippies to fund their stay is now a fully-fledged market where items from all over the country are available. It operates only on Wednesdays and is flocked with crowds who visit to not only purchase some amazing finds but also enjoy some delicious food and live music performances. 

Anjuna flea market in Goa
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Ima Market: Manipur

Ima market which translates to “Mother’s Market” is one of the oldest flea markets in India. This market is run solely by thousands of women making it Asia’s largest all-women market. You can find everything from handicrafts to fish in this remarkable flea market. The origins of this market are said to have been as early as the 16th century, making it one of the oldest women empowerment movements in the country. 

Ima Market Manipur  - flea markets in India
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Dilli Haat: Delhi

Situated in the south of the capital, Dilli Haat is a traditional rural market. This flea market has been operational since 1994 and is home to exclusive handicrafts making it a platform for skilled artisans to showcase the intricacies of their work. You will be overwhelmed with the aesthetics of this market and enjoy not only shopping here but also the various cultural and musical performances as well. 

Dilli Haat Delhi
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Chandni Chowk: Delhi

If you watched Bollywood movies, you would have definitely heard of this flea market. Built in the 17th century, Chandni Chowk till date is one of the largest and busiest flea markets in India. The exciting thing about this market is that it’s a haven for delectable Indian sweets and snacks making your shopping experience even perfect. You can shop for beautiful fabrics, intricate jewellery, home décor items, and even electronics here. 

Chandni Chowk - flea markets in India

New Market: Kolkata

Constructed in 1874, New Market is one of the oldest flea markets in India. It came up to be only because the British colonist refused to co-exist with the Indian market traders. Before the 70’s this market used to be an exotic pet trading business. These days this market is home to 2000 stalls that sell everything from marble counters, sarees, wigs, and crockery to various local food items. You will also get great deals on leather goods here. What’s amazing about this flea market is that the streets and stores are decorated during major festivals, especially during Christmas and it’s a joy to walk around. 

New Market Kolkata

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Flea markets are the best places to experience the local gems any destination has to offer. Be it the sight of vendors trying to make an honest living by selling everything from beautiful trinkets to delicious food or the throngs of people haggling for the best deals, a flea market is nothing short of an experience in itself. So, shop at a flea market to experience a place of both cultural and historical significance.


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