As a junior in college I traveled all over Europe with a group of friends. As we were sitting down trying to plan out where we wanted to go, there was one city that was a non negotiable for us: the city of Prague. I had had friends who lived there and I had seen pictures that made my mouth drop open in wonder. The only way I think I could accurately describe this place is that it felt like a Disney movie had come to life. 

The cobblestone streets twist and turn deep into canary, rose and egg shell colored apartment buildings, cafes and hidden restaurants. It’s a maze that takes you back hundreds of years to the establishment of the town. You’ll be tempted to spend your whole trip wandering aimlessly around the different avenues soaking in Prague history. There are so many things to do in Old Town Prague you will not regret adding this to your European travels. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Prague Old Town Square

Coming here during your visit is a no brainer because it’s pretty hard to miss. It dates back to the 10th century when it was used as a marketplace. Since then, its names have morphed, first into the “Old Marketplace” in the 13th century and the “Old Town Market Square” in the 14th century. Today, the market has become the Old Town Square and it’s just as busy as I can only imagine it was back after its original creation. 

Old Town Square Prague Astronomical Clock

There are so many fun exp
The details upon the buildings in this part of the city are breathtaking

Perhaps the most notable landmark in the Old Town Square is the Old Town Prague Clock, or the Orloj. I’m sure you must be thinking, why does a clock attract a lot of attention? Well, as someone who has seen both Big Ben and the Astronomical Clock, I have to say they are almost on par with each other. At least in my opinion. It was built in 1410 which makes it the oldest clock to still be working. Which is crazy in it of itself. 

The most impressive part about this epitome of architecture in Prague, next to its age, is that in addition to telling the time, it gives the relative position of the sun, earth, moon, and zodiac constellations. If that weren’t enough to impress, the clock gives a show for its viewers every time it strikes a new hour. Statues of the twelve apostles appear in a rotation, poking out of two different windows in the clock when the clock strikes. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Charles Bridge 

beautiful architecture of prague
The Old Town Prague is stunning to walk around.

This stunning landmark, which is possibly one of the most photographed parts of Old Town Prague, was commissioned by King Charles Ⅳ in the 14th century and finished in the 15th century. Part of the reason why this bridge is so impressive is because of the large quantity of statues that line its walls. The bridge has 30 different sculptures. Another notable part of the structure is that it is the connector between the Old Town Prague and the Lesser Side. 

When I came here with my friends, this was one of the things to do in Old Town Prague that really stuck with me. From this bridge you are able to see so much of the Old Town and the Lesser side that sits on the river. There are performers and people from all over the world who come here to take pictures and soak in the surrounding views. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Old Town Prague Hotel 

There are many hotels in Prague Old Town to choose from, but in my opinion one of the best ones to stay in is the Old Prague Hotel. Its location is one of the reasons why this hotel is so appealing to people, as it is in the middle of the historical center which makes it ideal for exploring Old and New Prague. The interior of the building reflects the antique style of the town, and the staff is available to assist guests. They can help visitors with making reservations for tours, rental cars and events. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Prague Castle 

take directions to old town from locals
Charles Bridge during the daytime

Of course I had to put this castle on the list, but it’s honestly hard to miss even if I didn’t. It’s the biggest coherent castle, though it was built by multiple architects over various centuries. UNESCO declared it as a world heritage site in 1992 and it is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. Its architectural style is truly remarkable as it combines Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque. It also incorporates Rococo and Renaissance styles. 

Because of these combined elements, the castle is a wonder to behold. The stylistic differentiations only further add to the grandeur of the aesthetic. As the castle itself is so large, there are many different areas of it that are able to be explored. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: The Great South Tower 

This beauty is attached to St. Vitus Cathedral– which is considered to be the most important temple that Prague has. It stands at about 330 ft, and can be ascended via the 287 steps that make up the spiral staircase inside. Obviously, my friends and I had to try it out. Now mind you, we were all college students who were in pretty peak physical condition and had been walking all over Europe for two weeks prior to this. But all of that seemed to fall away when we were climbing those steps. 

We were dying. Honestly it was one of the hardest climbs I’ve ever made. Obviously I understand that this tower had been built at the end of the 14th century, so elevators weren’t a thing then. But I did keep having to remind myself of that fact as I was taking every step, to keep myself from losing my mind. Perhaps the problem I faced was less about the number of steps and more about the tight spiraling staircase I was in, but we won’t know until I can go back. (I would not recommend this trek for someone who is claustrophobic).

The View

Despite the tower being one of the most strenuous It’s funny how quickly you forget about your legs being in pain once you actually get to the top though. There’s truly no time to think about it because your senses are so overcome with new sights and sounds to take in. The first thing I remember thinking about was just how high up we were in comparison to all of the other buildings. Prague is not a city filled with high rises so it was a very unique experience to be up so high. 

The second thing I remember was looking out into the sea of red roofs down below. The color was so stark against the buildings, of which the majority were painted white or another light color. In the distance we could see the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square as well. Admission was not very expensive, and there is a discount for children between 6-16 and for university students with a valid ID up until the age of 26. There’s also discounts for adults over the age of 65. More information about tickets can be found here

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Golden Lane 

The Old Town Square in Prague is one of the top places to go to
The squares in Prague always have fun hidden treasures — photo creds_ Hannah Karlsrud

Once my friends and I finished climbing up and down the tower, we ventured over to the famous Golden Lane while on our way back to the main part of town. This is truly one of the coolest parts of Prague in my opinion. The houses, which all touch each other in a long row lining the street, are modest in size. They’re painted green, pink, blue, and yellow (as well as other colors) and they used to be the residences of the castle workers. 

“Golden Lane” used to be “Goldsmith Lane” as representation of the types of craftsmen that lived there. People continued to inhabit the homes until World War Ⅱ. Some notable residents include Franz Kafka and Madame de Thebes. Now, the homes remain shut and visitors from around the world come and walk down the cobblestone streets, admiring the beauty of the neighborhood and thinking about the rich history. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Letná Park 

hotels in prague old town offers great deals
A street lamp in Prague on a cloudy day

I’m definitely an extrovert, so I love to be around people and I become really energized when I’m in large groups. However I’m not sure if it was because I was with a group of 11 people traveling for weeks or if I was worn out from not understanding the language, but I was exhausted. So by the time we arrived in Prague, I just wanted to be by myself. One afternoon, to satisfy this desire for solitude I had, I grabbed a book and headed out to explore the city on my own. 

I eventually came to Letna Park, where I grabbed a seat at a bench overlooking the city and I read. And I was so happy. As I sat there with my book, many families passed by me, with mothers and fathers pushing their young babies in strollers. Couples walked past, hand in hand. Friends ran to each other and gave long embraces before continuing on in their journey, now together. There were large grass fields where young kids were playing soccer and running around. It was wintertime and I was very very cold, but I was so utterly content. It’s one of my favorite memories being in Prague. 

Fun Things To Do In Old Town Prague: Grab a Drink 

Dog Bar 

The city of Prague has many fun bars to check out
My friends and I at Dog Bar in Prague — photo creds_ Hannah Karlsrud

I absolutely cannot talk about Prague without mentioning this bar. Hands down it’s the coolest bar I’ve ever visited in my life and I think about it often. I’ve been to many different bars throughout the world: rooftop bars, speakeasies, jazz bars etc. This one has them all beat. 

The front entrance of this place honestly looks like a construction site and it is the most confusing thing ever. I wasn’t sure we were even in the right place but turns out we were! When we entered we were immediately met with a man in a cage who took our IDs, took our cash and gave us fake credit cards to use as payment in the bar. 

When we descended the stairs we entered into a labyrinth of different rooms that consisted of mini universes. Various musical acts performed, swings hung from the ceiling, videos played on the walls. Everywhere I looked, different people sat up on scaffolding and wrote their names and drew pictures in sharpie on the furniture. There was even a pizza place. I couldn’t believe where I was and I could’ve stayed there forever. Grabbing a beer and hanging out here will be one of the most memorable things to do in Old Town Prague. 

Green Devil’s Absinthe Bar & Shop 

Prague is well known as being a place that sells Absinthe with high(er) quantities of thujone in it. A substance that is legal in the US only in very small quantities due to its perceived hallucinogenic properties. Because of this, there are many Absinthe bars around Prague (honestly, probably to just cater to tourists– but it’s still fun!)

One of the best Absinthe bars I went to during my time was Green Devil’s. Inside, the bar looks like a cross between Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. The ceilings are low and made of large stones, and random objects are tacked onto the walls. It almost feels as though you’re in a dungeon– although there are very comfortable couches, chairs and stools to lounge on. All of their drinks are super delicious and unique and some even come flaming!


While this was one of the most touristy places in Europe I visited, I would definitely recommend coming here. Honestly it’s touristy for a reason. The rich history, stunning architecture, and unique atmosphere that this city has is unlike any other. I tell all of my friends to go here and create their own list of things to do in Old Town Prague. 


Which is the best part of Prague to stay in? 

This depends on your preference. Old Town Prague is going to be more touristy, but that’s because it’s where all of the history is. When you think about old architecture in Prague, that is going to be found in this part. New Town Prague will be less crowded but also more modernized. So take your pick!

Why do tourists visit Old Town Square?

A lot of visitors come here because of how old it is, and to check out the astronomical clock.

What do you wear to Prague Castle?

When you go, dress modestly out of respect. Avoid wearing anything too revealing and make sure there is no offensive language. 


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