Cascading waterfalls tumbling down a 35-meter mountain covered in a carpet of flora invites you to explore the ethereal Cloud Forest-this is not a dream we are narrating, its reality, in addition to a Flower Dome where time seems to stand still between the ever-changing metamorphosis of the seasons. Have you ever wondered how it feels to stroll across a huge variety of Mediterranean blooms and lush tropical highlands all while you are encompassed by a sheltering canopy of super trees towering over your head? Let us break the mystery for you, this verdant wonder of mystique lies in the bustling metropolis of Singapore and goes by the name of ‘Gardens By the Bay Singapore’. Don’t let the simple name fool you into assuming the mediocre, this botanical masterpiece is a grand orchestration of nature’s magnificence carefully curated to entice your imaginative potential.

gardens by the bay light show
Super Tree Grove, A Canopy Like No Other

As the sun paints the sky in a cotton candy shade and fades into the twilight, the evening transitions into an illuminated arboreal wonderland ready to mesmerize you with lights and sounds that almost bewitch you with their unbelievable beauty. The magnitude of these towering giants is so high that you are immediately left feeling like a small speck during all this revelry.

Why Should You Visit Gardens By The Bay?

Garden By The Bay is a like a beacon of eco-innovation, this space is a testament to the sustainable efforts that span over 100 hectares and is one of the main contributors to Singapore’s 30% green coverage with award-winning Conservatory buildings like the expansive Cloud forest, the entrancing Flower Dome and the Iconic Supertrees. One of the main reasons to visit this place has to be the possibility to witness the amalgamation of innovation and nature. Click here for upcoming events at the bay.

Garden Galore

Reason number one, it is a singular blend of technology and nature acting in synergy and perfect harmony unlike any other similar space. Every corner here pulses with detail from the immaculate stone sculptures to the giant supertrees all of them intertwine creating a thorough conservational experience, technology and nature.

Marvelous Night Sights

Experiencing a visual treat that is almost like an event is a rare occurrence and this spellbinding experience is one of them. The super trees burst into life where lights and sound are orchestrated in unison dancing across the night sky almost mimicking a rhapsody but in the setting of a garden, you will get to observe a nightly extravaganza where colors electrify the darkness and ignite your visual and aural senses to new heights. Do not miss this spectacle if you are someone who enjoys cutting-edge technology.

Gardens By The Bay Ticket Price

gardens by the bay flower dome
Flower dome at Gardens by the bay.

The ticket prices differ depending on which experiences you would like to go for.

The experience at cloud forest + flower dome is 53 SGD for tourist adults and 40 SGD for tourist children.

The Cloud Forest alone is accessible for free.

Entrance to Flower Dome is priced at 20 SGD for tourist adults and 12 SGD for tourist children. 

The entrance to Flower Dome plus Supertree observatory is priced at 30 SGD for tourist adults and 18 SGD for tourist children.

The entrance to OCBC skywalk is priced at 10 SGD for tourist adults and 6 SGD for tourist children. 

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Things To Do While Here

There are a multitude of activities to do, we have curated a guide with some of the best things to do for you.

SuperTree Grove, A Canopy Like No Other

Coming here and not marveling at the Super tree forest is almost not possible, this futuristic structure smartly blends art and ecology. To dive a little deeper into explaining what we mean when we say technology blends with ecology – these towering structures not only provide shade but also serve as air vents for conservatories in the vicinity, they collect rainwater for irrigation making them more than just aesthetically pleasing ecological superheroes that enhance the sustainable vision along with the beauty if you might say!

18 towering Supertrees rise to the heavens and range between 25 to 50 meters in height, it’s like a visionary heart that beats through this green oasis Tropical fems, flowers, climbers and vines sprawi with vigor through the mesmerizing vertical garden.

Picture a flourishing biodiversity that consists of 162,900 plants with more that 200 species all within one space, this vibrant ecosystem is a vivid testament to the urban landscape. This balance of the technological masterfulness and ecological plan will surely catch the attention of both nature lovers and techie geeks.

Fueled by solar energy that is stored from the entire day, the Supertrees at the gardens awaken at nightfall with full throttle. Nothing beats the night sky illuminating in

full swing, especially when you know that this phenomenon is brought by photovoltaic cells that transform all the energy into this magical sight merging gracefully with nature.

Enchanting Lightshow Illumination

Marvelous nights at the flower dome.
A beautiful shot of the tall blue architectural buildings of Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay light show at night is a must watch, you wouldn’t miss it even if you wanted to. The show starts at 7:45 and goes on till 8:45 and though it lasts for such a short time, it truly steals the show and is beyond comparison. The entire forest comes to life weaving an ever-changing tapestry of colors and patterns. Do arrive 20 minutes early and secure your spot in the open square; ample space allows you to sit, stand and immerse yourself in the spectacle. Make sure that you do not miss this amazing display of nature and technology that dance in perfect harmony with each other.

Engage In The Blossoming Beauty Of The Flower Dome

The world’s largest column-less glass house sprawls across 1.2 hectares of land which is available here. Can you envision wandering through the lush gardens which are surrounding you and the electric blooms from the distant lands? This curation which is made with precision emulates a sense of grandeur that is beyond comprehension. The variety of flora present here emulates the dry climates of the Mediterranean, Australia, and South America- Talk about exotic!

The excellent architecture here reflects the peaceful walkways that meander through the tree canopies, they not only offer glimpses of the meadows and exotic foliage but also promises new revelations every step of the way There are 7 gardens varying in their distinction showcasing floral treasures, it’s almost like a fashion show for flora from around the world like South Africa and the Mediterranean. If you are a botanical buff, the flower dome will leave you awe-struck with the variety it offers, it’s a firsthand live show of all the exotic flowers you have only probably seen in botanical books,

Timing: The flower dome opens at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm everyday.

Conquer The OCBC Skywalk

Unparalleled views dominate the OCBC Skyway, don’t even get us started on the photo opportunities here! This walkway makes a striking statement as it is suspended 40 meters right above the Super tree forest, this aerial journey sends on winding loops amidst the clouds.

If you are a thrill-seeker, you can venture even higher with the Supertree observatory. as it offers panoramic vistas of Singapore’s skyline from 50 meters above the ground Prepare to be presented with an immersive experience unlike any other in the city with 360-degree views and interactive exhibits.

Unravel The Natural Gems: Dragonfly And Kingfisher Lakes

A thrilling aquatic adventure in the tranquil waters
Kingfisher wetlands

Just when you thought the visual extravagance can’t take you by surprise anymore you will be presented with another spectacle – A thrilling aquatic adventure in the tranquil waters known as Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes. If you are someone with a thirst for aquatic knowledge then the variety of flora and fauna hiding in the mysterious azure depths is one for you. The design of these lakes and their Ingenuity work in collaboration with the beings of the aquatic realm maintaining a brilliant balance of nutrients within their surroundings.

Not only do these lakes maintain a sustainable ecosystem but also play a major role in sustaining a rich tapestry of life, it is quite marvelous to learn that life can thrive so wildly in such a small space. As you take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque shores you will realize that they play a huge role in the bays sustainability efforts. The aquatic plants serve as natural eco-filters and clean the water runoff that comes from the gardens in an effort to maintain a harmonious coexistence between nature and humans

What Are The Entry Timings?

Entry timings for the lake are between 5.00 am-2.00 am every day. 

Commence Your Journey To Peace At The Serene Garden

The Serene Gardens is all about soothing sounds of gushing water and the timeless elegance of the bamboo trees that gracefully bend over a comfortable height along with the fan-shaped bismarckian.

This garden is inspired by the beauty of Japanese Zen Gardens which makes a lot of sense as the water features here reflect the tranquil energy in each meticulously arranged rock which has been sourced all the way from Niyodo, Japan-Downtown Singapore.

As you explore the entrancing blend of nature and artistry in Serene Gardens, take a moment to absorb a moment of zen and the stunning landscaping that marks as a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life Taking a break from the city’s chase once in a while is quite an important thing one must do and the amenities here will surely leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Witness Nature’s Majesty At The Kingfisher Wetlands

If you wish to journey into a rare coexistence of even more distinct flora then the Kingfisher Wellands booming with verdant aquatic life and vibrant flora is a must visit. Indulge in the playful antics of otters, and the graceful dance of dragonflies that thrive here as you traverse through three distinct zones within this natural haven.

Embark on a journey of ecological discovery at Kingfisher Wetlands, where the harmonious coexistence of rare fauna and lush mangrove trees creates a sanctuary of unparalleled biodiversity Behold the graceful flight of kingfishers, the playful antics of otters, and the delicate dance of dragonflies as you traverse through three distinct zones within this natural haven.

What Are The Entry Timings? 

Gardens By The Bay timings range between 5.00 am-2.00 am every day

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How To Get To Gardens By The Bay

OCBC skywalk in singapore
OCBC skywalk in Singapore

Gardens By The Bay is nestled behind the iconic Manna Bay Sands Hotel. Reaching here is a breeze thanks to the stellar public transportation system. You can hop on the MRT and catch a bus or a taxi to effortlessly reach this oasis of dreams, you can also opt for a ride-share service like ‘Grab’ to effortlessly reach. So don’t wait around while you are here and make it a point to explore this dense, magical space.

Do’s And Don’ts

Respect nature. During your visit, it is essential that you respect the flora around and refrain from damaging the plant life, also refrain from climbing trees and do report any

issues if you see them and seek assistance from the staff.

Maintain Cleanliness: Littering is prohibited by the law. Use the designated bins for the disposal of your trash 

Food: Food and drinks are not permitted inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest specifically, do adhere to these restrictions for a smooth experience. 

Fire Safety: BBQs, Open fires and candles are not allowed within the Gardens for safety reasons 

Pet Policy: Dogs are not allowed in the Conservatories, but they are not allowed in the Outdoor Gardens, make sure to clean up after your furry friends and dispose of waste responsibly.

Final Thoughts 

Exploring the Gardens by the bay is almost like a spiritual experience, each corner of this space offers you spectacular visuals and sensory treats like no other. You can choose to meander through the super-trees and find your way to the amazing wetlands or the OCBC skywalk where you will be suspended through the clouds. Choices are beyond comparison because entertainment is coupled with education here and you get the best of both worlds.


How many sections is the Gardens by the Bay divided into?

The gardens are divided into three sections: The Bay South Garden, the Bay East Garden, and the Bay Central Garden.

How long does it take to explore?

The suggested duration to explore the garden is 3-5 hours as there is a lot to see.

When is the best time to visit Gardens by the Bay?

If you wish to get the most, then you must visit during the weekdays as the crowd is less allowing you to catch uninterrupted views of the extravagance around you

Is entry to the Gardens by the Bay free?

Different sections of the space have different fees. However the cloud forest alone is accessible for free.


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