Gokarna is a combination of seashores and hills. This coastal town is renowned for its pristine Arabian Sea beaches and the scenic Western Ghats that frame them. The Gokarna Beach Trek is popular among explorers who prefer to wander on rocky paths through forests to find hidden coves, captivating temples, and amazing sunset views.

Due to the mysterious and offbeat trails, the Gokarna Trekking has gained popularity among adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. The beach trekking stands out here as it allows you to be a part of a bigger lifestyle rather than just hike around. One of the most popular treks covers the top five beaches: Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Each offering its very own unique style, from golden sands to jagged cliffs, you will be able to explore a variety of trails here. 

Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach.
Not so sunny day at a beach in Gokarna.

How To Reach

By Air: Dabolim Airport, Goa is the closest airport to Gokarna. Once you land, you hire a personal taxi to Gokarna.

Mangalore International Airport offers a scenic coastal view and a pleasant route to Gokarna.

By Train: Konkan Railway Route: Gokarna sits right at the Konkan railway line. The nearest railway stations are Ankola and Kumta. Trains like Maru Sagar Express and Poorna Express stop at Gokarna.

From Goa: If you’re coming from Goa, taking a train is a good choice, with Gokarna being approximately 144 km away.

By Road: Plenty of KSRTC buses join Gokarna to Mangalore, Bengaluru, and Goa. It’s an inexpensive and comfortable choice to travel especially if you are traveling from Bangalore to Gokarna. Taxis can also be hired from Mangalore, Bengaluru, or Goa at once to Gokarna.

Guide To Gokarna Beach Trek

As you traverse the Gokarna Beach Trek, you’ll find hidden coves, serene temples, and panoramic sundowners. In our upcoming guide, we will help you navigate through the excellent routes to discover these seashores, offering pointers on where to begin, what to expect, and how to make the best of your hiking journey on the Gokarna beach trek route.

Belekan Beach

gokarna beach trek starts at Belekan Beach
Enjoy the pristine coastline and tranquil environment at Belekan Beach.

Belekan Beach marks the start of your trek to the 5 beaches. It is a secluded paradise recounted for its pristine coastline and tranquil environment. As you put foot at the delicate sands, you’ll be greeted through the mild waves of the Arabian Sea, setting the tone for your coastal journey. The trek to Belekan Beach is tremendously smooth, taking about 1/2-hour along a scenic trail. If cliff diving is your jam, make sure to visit the 14 feet cliff here for a salty dive!

Trek Time: Approximately half an hour

Trek Difficulty: Easy

Paradise Beach

best gokarna beach night outings
For peace and serenity visit Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach lives up to its reputation and the name given to it is very fitting, providing a secluded haven for the ones searching for peace and serenity after a smooth hike through a clearly marked trail from Belekan Beach.

The Paradise Beach is best accessed through hiking or through a boat if you are looking for a quick access. The seashore thankfully remains unspoiled through commercialization, preserving its natural splendor and attraction. The trek to Paradise Beach from Belekan Beach is a scenic journey through forests and rocky terrain, taking about 45 mins to an hour to cover, making your Gokarna trip a worthy one.

Trek Time: Approximately 45 mins to one hour

Trek Difficulty: Moderate

Half Moon Beach

do add Half Moon Beach to your gokarna itinerary
Rocky boulders with bountiful textures on the banks of Half Moon Beach.

As you pack up your tents after the dreamy night spent at Paradise Beach, you might need to prepare yourself a bit before heading out for the trek as you will face rocky boulders with bountiful textures that open onto a hidden gem. Half Moon Beach is your next destination on the beach trek Gokarna. It is one of the best beaches in Gokarna. This beach offers you an overly secluded spot as it is quite uninhabited. The trek from Belekan Beach to Half Moon Beach takes about 1 hour, passing through lush forests and rocky terrains. You can unwind at the sandy seashores or explore the nearby caves and coves.

Trek Time: Approximately 1 hour

Trek Difficulty: Moderate

Om Beach

om beach gokarna is one of the best beaches
This beach is famous for its Om-shaped shoreline.

Om Beach Gokarna, is named for its awesome Om-shaped shoreline, that you can properly appreciate as you tread lightly on the steep cliffs with the Arabian sea right beneath you, it’s without a doubt one of the most iconic beaches in Gokarna. The trek from Half Moon Beach to Om Beach can be very short and convenient, taking around 20 mins. You can be rest assured that you will be able to appreciate breathtaking perspectives of the sea and the surrounding hills as you stroll alongside the trail. Are you someone that likes to enjoy the crowded spots but also run out of social battery very soon and require a secluded spot to unwind and recharge? Well, Om beach is separated into 2 sections, one is a relatively secluded spot while the part of the beach towards the end is highly touristic. So, you get the pleasantness of both worlds!

Trek Time: Approximately 20 mins

Trek Difficulty: Easy

Kudle Beach

travelers and young explorers loves Kudle beach
Views of a beautiful sunset at Kudle Beach.

The trek from Om beach to Kudle beach takes you through a properly defined trail through the verdant and lush forests, it is regarded to be the largest seashore in Gokarna with its long sandy stretches and laid-back back vibe. This beach is also very popular with travelers and young explorers. The trek from Om Beach to Kudle Beach is a 30-minute stroll, providing panoramic views of the coastline. Since this seashore will almost mark the end of your trek, you can kick back with a beer while appreciating the boundless expanse of the sea. 

Trek Time: Approximately half of-hour

Trek Difficulty: Easy

Gokarna Beach

beautiful gokarna main beach
People lighting a bonfire at the Gokarna Beach.

The trek from Kudle beach to Gokarna main beach is adorned with tiny bohemian homes, be prepared to meet heavy gusts of wind and crowd because you are about to step onto one of the most popular beaches. Many young travelers come here in search of a reality that is different from the one familiar to everyone and that makes this beach stand out in a general sense. The nightlife in Gokarna is peculiar and it is very community based where everyone comes together to make a memorable Gokarna beach night.

Your Gokarna trek concludes here, this beach is highly regarded for its spiritual inclination and many travelers who travel here are practicing spirituality too. The trek is a brief 15-minute walk, leading you through the heart of Gokarna. Here, you can discover the temples, markets, and nearby eateries serving affordable and delicious food that make Gokarna unique.

Trek Time: Approximately 15 minutes

Trek Difficulty: Easy

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Essential Tips For Trekkers

Make sure you start early to avoid the midday warm temperature.

Try to carry sufficient water to be hydrated.

Wear comfortable trekking footwear with appropriate grip, avoid slippers as you will be trekking on rocky boulders..

Do not forget to pack some snacks and energy boosters for the hike.

Always walk on defined trails or the ones that are a bit subtle but look like they have been used before.

Make sure you respect the local customs of the local people.

Make sure to inform someone from your family about your trekking plans prior to starting.

Essential Tips For Trekkers
Essential tips for trekkers to follow while trekking.

What To Pack

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Keep a cap
  • Light snacks and strength bars
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A travel friendly camera
  • Trekking map or guidebook
  • Light raincoat or umbrella (it can get rainy on occasions)

Best Time To Visit Gokarna

The best time to visit Gokarna is from October to March, as the climate is very ideal for seaside hiking. During these months, you can experience cooler temperatures, smooth skies, and much less rainfall, making it the best time for outdoor activities. For more information click here.


As you wrap up your Gokarna beach trek, you can easily comprehend the magnitude of the natural splendor that makes this destination so popular among the young travelers. Gokarna beaches are not just a place for a vacation, it’s more of an edgy adventure destination where you come across unexpected twists and turns and meet people from all across the world. From the tranquil seashores of Belekan Beach to the bustling streets of Gokarna town, each step of the way offers a new experience where you can indulge in a variety of spiritual practices or just choose to enjoy the bounty of nature. 

So, pack your hiking shoes, tent and a kindred spirit because the 5 beach trek can test you if you are not well prepared! 


How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek?

To plan the Gokarna trek, begin with choosing the path that fits your health, Ensure you’ve got all the necessities like water, snacks, sunscreen, and suitable shoes. Consider camping options if you plan to stay overnight and pack your tent.

How difficult is the Gokarna Beach Trek?

The difficulty level depends on the chosen route and how healthy the individual is. The Coastal path is a bit more tough due to the rugged terrain and longer distances, the Forest path is a bit more easier as it offers a pleasant trail to walk on. Both routes require you to be slightly fit.

Can the beach hike be done in a day?

While it is possible to complete the trek in a day, it largely depends on which route you select and what pace you are walking on. The Coastal route typically takes 6 to 8 hours, even though a faster person can cover it in 4 to 5 hours. Starting early in the morning ensures you’ve got ample time to explore the beaches.

How long is the Gokarna beach trek?

The trek spans approximately 10-15 kilometers, The Coastal direction covers several pristine seashores like Paradise Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Om Beach, presenting breathtaking views along the way.


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