Unlike the concrete jungle, Cubbon Park in Bangalore is a wild mix of natural beauty that’s both suprising and soothing at the same time. This park is nestled in the heart of the city and its dense greenery extends across 300 acres! This place is a breath of fresh air when the chaos of the city gets too much.

What Makes Up Cubbon Park’s Tranquil Charm?

cubbon park bangalore is a great place to relax and unwind
Cubbon Park stands its ground as the sweet slice of natural paradise.

Sure, India’s tech hub is bursting at its seams, but Cubbon Park in Bangalore stands its ground as the sweet slice of natural paradise. In a world where parks are erased out of the picture in the name of urban development, trees in Cubbon tenaciously stand their ground and are fiercely valued by the ones who frequent the park, bamboo groves and flowerbeds adding that extra zing to the whole park along with the cool shadows casted by these trees have become a favorite with the residents

The canopies of trees here just like the ones of the streets in Bangalore form a seamless network of canopies teaming up with the biodiversity: All kinds of birds, insects, monkeys even are all parked under the shades.

Cubbon Park Boasts of a wide array of trees, predominantly native or having made themselves right at home over centuries. The list of trees is long but some of the top performers include Ficus species such as banyan and peepal, mingling with the cherry blossom like pink trumpet flowers come March. Substantial fruit bearing giants like mango, and tamarind. Each tree here has a unique role to play in this green orchestra.

Next time you are in Bangalore and need a break from the urban hustle, Cubbon Park is where you let the city’s lungs give you a big green hug!

What’s Around And Inside Cubbon?

cubbon park is what mages Bangalore  the garden city
A walk amidst natural settings.

As you walk into Cubbon Park, you can’t help but spot these imposing buildings – the red-hot High Court of Karnataka giving off a serious landmark beacon vibe that you can’t miss. Right within the green embrace, you have the State Central Library that houses the state’s largest book collection! Bookshelves here are stacked with over 3 lakh books – If you are interested in books then this one is a bookish utopia. 

Shifting gears to the stellar collection of trees: Silver Oaks, Gulmohar, Chestnuts, Mangoes – It’s a tree variety show, if you will.They throw around this number – around 6,000 trees but, it really feels like an entire forest is in there!

Cubbon Park to Bangalore Palace is not so far away,just 3 kilometers and you will be able to cover two of the most amazing places in a day.

How To Get To Cubbon Park?

Nestled in the heart of the city, near Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road, Cubbon Park is easily reachable via public transportation. With Cubbon Park and Vidhana Soudha metro stations located right next to two different entrances, hopping on the metro is a convenient way to access this urban oasis.

Top 5 Things To See In Cubbon Park

Lotus Pond

If you don’t take much interest in historical structures, fear not. This reclusive escape is for those that fancy water bodies, the chill vibes of this garden is perfect for a lazy afternoon escape where all you want to do is lay back and soak in the natural abundance.


Making some fishy friends just got easier at Cubbon Park Aquarium. Don’t like getting into the water but love observing aquatic creatures? Bring your kids, bring yourself – and prepare for a fin-tastic experience. 

Bamboo Grove

For those that don’t know, walking through a Bamboo grove has to be the most relaxing and wholesome experience. The one here at Cubbon Park is always whistling with it’s own natural playlist – no headphones required.

Japanese Garden 

Cubbon Park’s Japanese Garden is surely the place to find your Zen. In a diverse multidisciplinary space where everyone is indulging in movement of sorts, you can indulge in embracing the bonsais and a whole lot of ‘Me time’

Avenue Of Trees

This is Cubbon Park’s very own green carpet. The trees here steal the spotlight and though the entire city is called a garden City, it’s an understatement not to take some time out to observe the ones here. Grab a sheet and lay down with your loved one as you watch the branches form a seamless network of canopies.

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Cubbon Park Bangalore Timings, Best Time To Visit And Entrance Fee

Cubbon Park in Bangalore is basically your go-to place anytime in the year because of its all year round glory and good vibes. But, if you’re someone who loves springtime and loves watching those flowers in full bloom, hit up the park between September and February. Trust me, you’ll need at least an hour or two to soak in all the cool stuff. 

Timings: Cubbon Park is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 6AM to 6 PM. Mondays they take a break and it’s closed. 

Entry: There are no entrance fees! It’s like a free pass to green goodness. But heads up, being close to the city means you’ll be sharing the chill vibes with a bunch of folks anytime you drop by. So, get ready for some crowd action.

It’s Not A Park, It’s An Emotion

bangalore aquarium cubbon park is a top attraction here
Cubbon Park is not your regular park, it’s the lungs of the city.

The many things to do in Cubbon Park opens up a plethora of feelings. It is not your regular park, it’s like the lungs of the city, keeping the balance between the dystopian world and natural habitat. It’s got the romance, the culture, and a bunch of cool stories to tell. Unlike Lalbagh with it’s serious vibe, Cubbon is all about keeping it laid-back and genuine but it also keeps it lively as it hosts a variety of cultural movements like hosting gigs and showcasing sculptures by the next big artists.

It’s more than a park meant for a leisurely stroll. Cubbon Park is buzzing with offbeat vibes – think of dog shows, hardcore skateboarding sessions making the pavements come alive or just plain old music jams adding a rhythm to the green backdrop. It breathes life into the people and at the same time allows the families to spend quality mindful time with their kids. The kids have more options here like the miniature trains, and swings.

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Final Thoughts

This place is the perfect place for crafting memories, recharge or just unwind. When you feel a bit off, this place is sure to make you feel a bit better. A true sanctuary amidst the city of chaos. Cubbon Park in Bangalore allows a timeless space where you will always find yourself and your way. It’s a breath of fresh air, waiting to turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary one.


Why is Cubbon Park famous?

Cubbon Park is renowned for its vivid and lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and cultural activities. It’s a recreational space where people gather to host various events, providing the perfect serene escape from the hustle of everyday life.

What is the entry fee for Cubbon Park?

Entrance to the park is absolutely free, the idea behind this park is a lot more deeper and authentic, so you can make your visits more frequently for a better work life balance.

What is the best time to visit Cubbon Park?

If you really wish to experience Cubbon Park in full bloom during the spring season, consider planning your visit between September and February.

What is not allowed in Cubbon Park?

So far there are not many restrictions. You might want to take it easy on the public displays of affection considering the cultural appropriation, climbing trees might be frowned upon and not recommended.


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