Mykonos, a top island hopping destination is known for its beaches, luxurious resorts and wild party scenes. But what travelers don’t know about, is a secret and uninhabited paradise right next to Mykonos, the little Rineia Island. There are many islands around Mykonos that are worth exploring, Rineia Island is one among them. Sadly many people don’t even know such a place exists. Here we take you through all that you need to know about Rineia, so that you can add this hidden gem to your travel itinerary when you visit the fabulous Mykonos. 

Where Is Rineia Island And Why Should One Visit It?

mykonos to rineia by yacht
Luxurious Cruise sailing along the blue waters.

Rineia Island is a small Greek island located to the west of Mykonos. It occupies an area of 14 square kilometers and a coastline of 43 km. Rineia Island is two times the size of Delos which is a small island just beside it. Though being much bigger than Delos, it has always been in the shadows and hidden to the extent that, even today it’s called “the Big Delos”.

This lovely deserted island was used as a quarantine area during the 18th and 19th centuries when plague and cholera outbreaks were at its peak. Ships Greece as their final destination would stop here for forty to fifty days to ensure they do not carry the diseases into Greece. Today this island is considered an archaeological site with no permanent residents. Rhenia is divided into sections and 72 locals from the municipality of Mykonos use it for farming and to keep cattle while protecting it.

It’s believed that this island was inhabited 7,000 years ago as several ruins of temples, houses and a road was discovered during excavations. This little known magnificent place with no inhabitants has not just the many ancient ruins to its credit but also magnificent landscapes and sparkling golden beaches waiting to be explored. So come let’s get started!

What To See In Rineia Island Greece

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Amazing Blue Waters – Only way to reach Rineia Island is by boat, hence this is the opportunity to enjoy the splendid blue waters. The incredibly clear and emerald-colored water is unpolluted because of no exploitation from tourists. You will be surprised to know that Rineia Mykonos is also home to four beautiful beaches, Glyfada, Stena, Lia, and Ambelia.

Ruins Of The Ancient Greek Temples – Don’t forget to take your camera along as it is an opportunity to see the ruins of the ancient temples in their natural landscape. This is the only place on earth where you can experience how things were thousands of years ago as the island is uninhabited and untouched. Truly an experience worth capturing!

Picturesque Churches – In the small settlement one can see a few old Cycladic houses and the church of Agia Triada. The modestly simple and beautiful church was built during the past century. After attending the mass from inside the church one can enjoy the bread of offerings spread out in the courtyard outside. This place is definitely a joy to visit.

How To Get To Rineia Island

best rineia tour from mykonos
A yacht or boat is the only way to reach Rineia Island.

The only way to reach Rineia is either by boat or yacht. There are countless organized tours to take you from Mykonos to Rineia. You can either rent a private or a shared cruise depending on your preference. These Rineia tour cruises can range anything between a few hours tour to a full day experience. The tour lasts about 8 hours and costs around 70 to 90 euros per person. There are also some great luxurious yachts in Mykonos to hire for special occasions. 

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The island of Rineia is a total contrast to the populated Mykonos. So if you are looking to spend some time away from hustle and bustle, head straight to this uninhabited island for an experience you won’t regret. A short trip to Rineia is a must-do to make your Mykonos vacation a dream.

FAQ’s On Rineia Greece

What can you do on a day trip from Mykonos to Rineia?

Exploring the ancient Greek temples, swimming in the blue turquoise water and visiting the churches are some of the things to do on a day trip to Rineia. If you have more time on hand, you can also visit the graves of warriors.

Why is Delos Island considered a sacred island?

This UNESCO world heritage site is considered as the birthplace of two Olympian Gods, Apollo and Artemis.

Can you stay on Rineia Island?

As this island is uninhabited and used only by shepherds, one can only come to see the fantastic archaeological site and head back to Mykonos Island with beautiful memories.


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