Winter packing for Europe can be tricky. Europe is the third most populous continent in the world, but undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to travel. Europe is a place you would want to visit at least once in your life.

Winters in Europe last for approximately 5 months from November to March. The lowest temperature can go up to -20˚C or even less. So if you are planning a European trip, you should know the important things you need to pack with you, to enjoy the coldest winters. So here is a guide to winter packing for Europe travel. Here is something that will help you decide your packing list.

Guide to Winter Packing for Europe 

Winter packing for Europe is a thing you should be concerned about. The weather in Europe is unpredictable and you never know what will you be needing. So take a look at the list below and check if you have all of these things in mind, if not grab a pen and start listing.

1Layer it

Three layers of sweaters in different colors for winter packing to europe travel
Layering can help you not get the chills.

If you are not a winter loving person, you should know that wearing thin and warm layers over your body can provide you more warmth that just wearing one warm and thick layer. You can’t just carry a windproof jacket and think you’ll be fine. Nope! Not just a jacket, you need to wear layers of clothes so that the heat is trapped inside and winds and snows and rains do not hamper your trip. Note that the winters can be really chilly in Europe and you need to be prepared for it.

2Inner layer

Sport fit woman in thermal clothes, necessary for winter packing to Europe travel.
Middle layer thermal for extra warmth for winter Europe travel

This layer will adhere to your body, absorb the sweat and help you stay warm enough to enjoy your vacation time. Make sure you add warm thermals to the “winter packing to Europe” list. This layer will not only provide you warmth but also by wearing just this layer, you can wear a beautiful dress or a elegant top above it and there won’t be a necessity to cover it with a jacket or an overcoat. You can flaunt the dress in which you invested a lot of money.

3Middle layer

warm clothes for winter
Middle layer shirt with beanie and backpack

This is your normal but warm clothes like a t-shirt, shirts or tops that you wear above your inner. When you are in a room heating system, you can always remove your outer layer and you are good to go. But make sure your middle layer is warmer than usual. You will be needing enough heat to keep yourself warm. Chilly winters can make you sick and you do not want that on your trip.

4Outer layer

winter clothes for men
Outer layer, sweater

This layer is helpful to protect you from winds and rains and snows. The outer cover that saves the day for you is this. Make is as classy and as warm as possible. You can pull off a good looking sweater which is warm enough to keep you comfortable all day. Another option is a jacket, that you will find online in a variety of ranges and price.

Voonik is a good place to shop from for Indians, it provides you with a range of jackets online and these ranges are easily affordable. Lifestyle now is online and you get a huge variety of clothing in an affordable range.

However, note that it is always better to shop for warm clothes from places where people experience the cold. The options at these places will be better equipped to handle the cold weather than products you might find in a tropical destination.

5Long sleeve Tops

winter tops for winter packing to Europe travel, Winter Accessories
Middle layer winter tops that help you stay warm.

This mid-layer acts as an insulator that traps your body heat and keeps you warm. So choose it very wisely. You want to be stylish as well as a little warm. At least it should be warm enough to trap the heat.


Winter clothing for Europe
Details of women’s winter clothing. Black pants and boots highlighting the winter look.

The dark colours absorb heat. Keep darker coloured clothes with you, so that if you are lucky enough to see the sun you can absorb as much as heat possible. Pants should be either slim fit or lower fits. Slim fit will make sure that the heat is provided to your legs and lower fits will allow you to wear a thermal inside if you feel too cold.

7Winter accessories

man wearing wool buff
A man wearing a wool buff

Europe will make you feel more than winters. Clothes will not be sufficient to save you from Europe’s pleasant weather. You will need much more than that like winter accessories. The accessories mentioned below will be fit for your winter packing to Europe travel.

Scarves and Wool buffs

Scarves provide enough warmth to you if worn correctly. But if you are wearing an attire in which a scarf doesn’t fit, go for wool buffs. There are different ways to wear a wool buff. You can wear it around your neck or on your head where it will act as a cap or you can even wrap it around your neck and then pull it up to cover your nose and ears.

Buffs are multifunctional

Buffs can be worn on the head for protection to ears as well as worn on the neck for protection to throat and nose. They are available on Amazon and Buffwear. Buffwear specifically uses Merino wool that provides additional warmth.


Woollen hats are a must if you are not a winter person when you plan your winter packing for Europe. The cold winds can give you acute ear pain and headache. It is better to cover your head rather than spending your holidays in the bed which definitely is a good option if you want to throw your money down the drain and spoil your holidays. But if you want to enjoy every single moment of your life on this trip, carry the hat (a bit melodramatic but true).

Knitted beanie isolated on white background
knitted woollen cap


Warm hands make your entire body feel warm. Carry gloves in your luggage with you when travelling to Europe. There are huge varieties of gloves available in the market with different colours and styles. Go get them and match them with your attire. Make your winter look go perfect or beyond perfect.

knitted woolen cap
Love for winters when gloves are on.


Prefer boots over shoes or sandals. There are two reasons why boots are a good choice for you to wear in winters in Europe; they complete your winter looks and make you look a style icon for winters and secondly, warmth is the key to survive this beautiful weather in Europe. So for winter packing for Europe trip, boots are a must. Additionally, they will be a lot more comfortable to walk in.

Winter boots
Winter boots for Europe trip


This thin layer can work wonders. How amazingly thin these pieces are and the degree of warmth they provide is just beyond imagination. Cardigans are light in weight and even if you carry two of them with you to Europe, you are warm enough to go. Not only this but also, they are available in multiple solid colours as well as with graffiti prints. Choose your style and slay all day.

Winter cardigan styling for winter packing to Europe trip
Pretty yellow solid coloured cardigan with blue jeans and black hat

Sweater dress

This cute outfit will make you steal the show. It will not only give you warmth but matching them with long knee-length boots, will make heads turn. Inside this, wear a thermal and outside this, a short jacket will make your outfit perfect for the evening. Winters provide you with the liberty to experiment with your attire, so do that. Utilise every attire in your wardrobe and kill it.

The beauty in a bright knitted dress
Purple knitted dress for winter perfect look.

Wind Resistant

Windbreaker jackets make you survive the cold winds blowing outside and will make you rethink about what else to wear. They look just perfect over anything you wear and nothing else is needed to make you look gorgeous. It will serve the purpose of an overcoat and a woollen jacket all by itself. This will keep you warm and classy. Grab two jackets with you and make your attire as cool as possible. This will go with your jeans and a warm top and also a dress that you can not wear in winters. This will provide you with enough heat to carry your attire comfortably.

Windbreaker jackets for winter packing for Europe travel
Windbreaker to break the wind.


Choose the soaps you carry very wisely. The cold weather will make your skin dry and soaps that have alcohol in them will do a disaster to your skin. Choose a soap that moisturizes your skin and cleans it as well. Winters make it important for your skin to exfoliate regularly. See if your soaps serve all these purposes, if yes go for it.

Body shop shea soap and Almond milk honey cleansing bar are the two soaps you will not regret buying. Nivea creme soft is also a bathing bar that will moisturise your skin and you will love your skin. Always try and choose products that are organic and not full of chemicals that can harm your skin and put it in your list of things to take when you do your winter packing for Europe.

Organic Bath Products
Winter bathing soaps

Body moisturizer and chapsticks

Skin and lips go through a tough phase in winters. Keep them hydrated and moisturized. Keep a good sunscreen and a good moisturizer with you so that your skin doesn’t become dry. For the lips keep a good chapstick with you so that you don’t have to use it again and again. Moisturizers these days come in skin types, so if you know yours, pick one and drop it in your list for winter packing for Europe travel.

Lips care for winters
woman applying balm


European winters can be surprising with clear sunshine for you. Make sure you have a sunglass or two with you so that while taking pictures you don’t have to squeeze your eyes and spoil your pictures and justify them with hashtags like #sunkissed. Be sun-kissed with sunglasses with UV protection. Complete your classic winter attire with this basic yet amazing piece.

Sunglasses with winter attire
Sunglasses to make your attire bright.

Winter accessories for men

Few other accessories to carry along with you to Europe apart from the list above are provided below so that you can experiment with your outfit and create something that reflects your personality and is comfortable as well.

Ear warmers

Peruvian hat

Wind resistant headbands


Winter accessories for women

Over the knee socks

Long gloves


Ear warmers

Match your style with your favourite attire, be you and go travel.

Let us know in the comments section if this list worked for you and share with your friends to help them in listing and winter packing for Europe travel.

For winters you might need help with the skin care also. For skin care for winter travel.

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