A night trek is one of the most adventurous moments that one can enjoy with friends and families. They are quite common nowadays among youngsters and college students. Night treks can be risky and require lots of planning to have travellers’ a safe and comfortable experience. There are several things to keep in mind before going for a night trek. These things will help you have the best experience and allow you to enjoy the night trek to the fullest. The following things are to be kept in mind before going for a night trek:


It is important to create and prepare a plan that will consist of all the requirements needed for the plan. Make sure to prepare a list of the items required for the journey. If required, cross verify and check whether all the items are included or not. This will prevent any item from being missed out. Tents are very important for night trekking and must be included at the top of the list.

Torches, Flashlights

This is essential when it comes to a night trek. They play a vital role in maintaining clear visibility during dark times. Make sure that you carry a torch or a flashlight that comes in handy during the night trek. Also, ensure that the battery is fully charged so that it can provide functionality for long hours.

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Mapping the routes

Before starting the journey, it is essential to map the routes chosen for the trekking. Make sure to choose the right one for a comfortable and safe trekking experience. Also, have a thorough knowledge of the alternative routes that can be useful in any danger or road blockage.

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Setting Up A Fixed Budget

You should prepare a budget that estimates the amount of money you will need for the trek. This budget can also help to remove unnecessary expenses that are not required in the trip. Make sure to review the budget twice with your friends to cross-check the expenditures incurred during the trek.

Carry A Medical Kit

When it comes to safety and protection, a medical kit is essential for the trek. Ensure all the medicines, ointments, lotions that can be useful in the case of any cut or injury. Also, if possible, keep the contact numbers of the nearby hospitals and clinics that can be a boon in case someone falls seriously sick. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all. 

Clothes And Accessories

Make sure to carry all the required clothes before the trek. In the case of a night trek near the hilly areas, it is vital to carry night clothes as the temperature remains cool during the night and early morning hours. Also, carry a blanket that will help to keep the body warm inside the tent. Besides, you should pick such clothes which will give you some degree of protection against insect bites, mostly mosquitos. Do not forget to take bug repellants if you go for a long hike at night. After all, you will not want a nasty mosquito bite mark as a memento of your nice moments on the trail. Useful accessory like survival box is also a must to carry, just to be on a safer side.

Going Slow During The Night-time

When trekking during the nighttime, it is advisable to move forward at a low speed. This is because, during the nighttime, the visibility drops below the normal level, and there are chances of falling or being hit by a rock while walking. So to be on the safer side, make sure that you watch your steps very carefully and then move forward.

Make The Best Use Of The Camera

While going on a night trek, make sure that the camera is charged to the fullest. Click beautiful pictures of nature along with your companions to have a memorable trip. Also, try to click pictures during the sunrise and sunset when nature looks beautiful. The camera should have enough storage space capacity to capture the pictures during the night trek.

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Move-in Clusters Or Groups

It is advisable to move in clusters or groups during the night trek. This is because it prevents being lost in the forests or hilly areas. Moving in groups also helps keep track of the routes and the number of people in the trek. Make sure to count the number of people from time to time to keep an idea of the number of people from time to time. This will prevent any person from being lost during the trek. Also, keep the contact number of the people in hand that can be useful in case someone gets lost.

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Night trekking is one of the adventurous things that can be enjoyed with family and friends. It is essential to keep a check on the items that are required for safety and protection. Make sure to carry all the medicines and lotions that are useful in case of any insect bite or injury. Also, check that all the items are packed properly. It will allow a hassle-free experience during the trek. Also, it will help to ensure a comfortable night trek with your loved ones.


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