Where tourists look out for hilly regions to spend their vacation in, northeastern states in India take a clear stride. Be it Assam or Meghalaya, tourists look out for majestic beauty to enhance their visit. One place that is reigning the choice of all tourists is a beautiful place called Haflong, tucked away from the city life of Assam. Situated amidst the rolling plains of North East India, Haflong is the only hill station in Assam. Amazing picturesque views of steep valleys and the tranquillity of alluring mountains is what one should expect while in Haflong. Delight yourself with a short vacation in the bed of this culturally rich hill station and unwind amidst its natural beauty.

Top Attractions in Haflong

While you plan your vacation to this beautiful and alluring hill station of Haflong, spare some time to catch glimpse of few of the most elegant places adjacent to Haflong, Assam.

  • Haflong Lake

Located amidst the pristine backwaters of Haflong hills, the lake appears to be an expanse of calmness. Apart from being the largest natural water body, Haflong Lake is an abode of recreational activities such as boating, sailing etc. Offering an alluring view of the adjacent hills, the lake is also known as the Scotland of Assam.

  • Haflong Hill

Decked up with lush streams, vibrant lake, waterfalls, and lush green valleys, Haflong hills are vividly picturesque. The pictorial surrounding of the hills would captivate your sight and force you to fall in love with the place. An ideal spot for honeymooners, Haflong hills also provides adventurous activities. Stroll across the lush green forests to enhance the delight of your stay.

  • One day tour to Silchar

While you are having a joyous holiday in Haflong, spare some time to drive to the nearest town, Silchar. A place that has a plentitude of attractions awaits your presence. From the famous Bhuvaneshwar Temple to Dolu lake, Silchar has its natural flair and offers a majestic view of the hills.

  • Catch a Glimpse Of Jatinga

A place popularly referred to as the “place for bird suicides”, Jatinga has its own history. It is believed that as the migratory birds fly here post monsoons, during the evenings (mostly after dusk), they get disoriented due to a combination of the weather conditions and bright lights from the village. This disorientation gives villagers and hunters a chance and the birds fall in prey. Catch a glimpse of the sight as you tour across the hills of Haflong and unveil the mystery of suiciding birds.

  • Maibong

A 47 km drive from the hilly terrains of Assam, Maibong is home to Assam’s art and cultural heritage. Dimasa Kachri was once the capital of Maibong and so the place has a plentitude of monuments 12th-century architectural pillars to allure your visit. Popularly famous for the Ramchandi Temple, Maibong is a must visit for all the nature lovers and the photography enthusiasts.

Activities To Explore in Haflong

India enlists plenty of places and each owns a separate list of attractions. Haflong too ranks in multiple attention-grabbing activities. From bird watching to celebrating festivals, or being part of adventurous activities to sailing or boating, tourist geeks would undeniably have few of the best days of their life minting memories for a lifetime. Let’s see what Haflong has in store for you.

  • Glimpse Of Birds Migrating

Standing beside the rocky shore, witness an eye soothing view of birds flying, hitting lakes below and rising high again. Tiger Bittern, Amur Falcon and few others are the top swayers across Haflong. One of the most beautiful things to do while touring Haflong, bird watching is a sheer delight to the eye.

  • Stroll across the orchids

Nature lovers are surely going to love the place. Be it the ambient surrounding or the breathtaking view of clear waters, Haflong has an aesthetic view. To add to your stay, Haflong has plenty of flowers, oranges, and exotic greenery to allure your visit and captivate your experience. Do not forget to stop by the Orchid Garden and dive into nature’s retreat.

  • Mystify Your Sight As You Sit Adjacent To The Lake

Oh, what bliss it is to see the sunset. Embraced by Ricky hills and coveted by crystal clear waters, Haflong lake is a treat to watch. Drive 50 km from the lake to delve into the beauty of Panimoor lake. Gorgeously heart captivating, the lake has gushing streams of water. Dive into the lake and make most of your Haflong tour.

  • Trekking And Paragliding For Adventure Enthusiasts

All the adrenaline junkies would be wondering why should they plan a visit to this romantic place? Hold on, Haflong has something for all. A place where you can trek or paraglide, Haflong is a hub for crafting memories. Trek 18 km to Bendao Baglai Waterfalls and if you are looking for a shorter distance, opt for the 7 km trek to N.Leikul village and give your heart a good workout.

Boiling Down

So, if you are planning to spend a few days away from the busy city life, Haflong is waiting for you. A place that defines serenity, has a lot to offer and graciously welcomes all. Choose the winter months to witness the unmapped beauty of lakes and the lush green forests of hills in Assam and bewitch your stay.

How to reach Haflong

Silchar is the closest city to Haflong and provides access via air, rail and road. From there you can drive to Haflong, take a bus, or take the more scenic (but longer) train journey.

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