Picture yourself walking hand in hand with your better half in a sun soaked beach, surrounded by serenity and romance! Wonder what we are talking about? This time, we are going to take you on an exhilarating journey where you will get to know what it’s like to honeymoon in Bali. Bali is a tropical heaven that has all those things which create a perfect romamtical backdrop for newlyweds. From beaches to colorful markets, from culinary delights to exciting nightlife, Bali has all that you need to make your honeymoon a delightful experience. 

Not just this, if you want something a little more cultural on your romantic escapade, Bali caters to that as well. Infact you know what? Bali is famous as the ‘Island of Gods’ as well! So if your inclination is a little towards the cultural side, Bali is not going to disappoint you. 

Luxurious experiences, thrilling adventures, delectable food and sun soaked experiences and a lot more form a part of honeymoon in Bali. Bali is a lot more than just a destination. It’s a whole new experience that offers one of a kind memories. From sunrise to sunset, Bali offers visual delights worth experiencing round the clock. 

Excited to know what Bali beholds for you and your loved one? Without keeping you await any longer, let’s embark on this journey called ‘Honeymoon in Bali’ which is going to transport you into a world of absolute romance!

Places to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon

Although Bali is a treasure trove of romantic gems and we cannot list them all out here, but here are some of the finest places you can visit while you’re on your honeymoon in Bali. 

Uluwatu: A Romantic Cliffside Retreat

Uluwatu is perfect for couples who seek intimacy.
Uluwatu is an absolute paradise for couples!

First on our list of romantic places to visit in Bali is Uluwatu. Uluwatu is full of visual delights for people who want their romantic escapade to be full of visual treats. Stunning cliffside views, the majestic Uluwatu Temple and amazing nightlife are some of the things that make Uluwatu a soul-satisfying destination. Furthermore, to add to the glory of this destination are the magical sunsets over the Indian Ocean. In Uluwatu, you can witness the traditional Kecak Dance as well to add a dash of cultural richness to your romantic getaway. You can also spend time at the luxurious resorts present on the cliffside which have an amazing environment and beautiful backdrops for honeymoon which are filled with peace and romance. 

Mount Batur: A Romantic Journey for Couples

Mount Batur is a dreamy destination that offers adventure.
Mount Batur offers exciting adventures and romance.

Want to add an adventurous touch to your honeymoon? Mount Batur is just the place for you! This destination seems to be out of this world and is just the right place for those who have an appetite for thrill and adventure. To have a tranquil experience, couples can visit Lake Batur. The sunrise trek to the summit is a very unique and interesting experience that is absolutely magical. What’s more? You can witness the morning sun casting its glow all over the place, a sight worthy of witnessing. Truly majestic isn’t it?

Canggu: All About Coastal Bliss and Romantic Vibes

If you want to visit a place that is a combination of picture perfect spots and romantic vibes, then Canggu is just the place for you. This beach heaven is said to be just the perfect spot for those who want to experience the charm of picture perfect romance. Well, this destination is not any typical beach place. In Canggu, couples can stroll through the beachside watching the sunset, enjoy surfing, visit the farmers market and do a lot more. Whether you want to relax or experience cultural delights, Canggu is going to offer you some of the most amazing memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Crystal Bay on Penida Island: A Secluded Haven for Couples

If you want to have an intimate and quiet experience with your better half, then you can head to Crystal Bay on Penida Island. This spot boasts glass transparent waters paired with stunning beaches. Unlike the other spots which are crowded and quite busy, this spot offers the treasure of serenity and peace, which creates the perfect ambience for couples. You can explore the treasures of this spot or just relax and enjoy its calm environment. 

Ayana Resort and Spa: Where Luxury meets Romance

Ayana Resort and Spa is the epitome of luxury and romance.
Ayana has a magical setting for couples.

Having its presence in Jimbaran, the Ayana Resort and Spa has people’s hearts for being luxuriously romantic. To have an intimate experience, you can stay in a luxury villa surrounded by stunning views. Furthermore, this luxurious gem has bars, resorts and relaxing spa experiences to offer that just makes the whole visit nothing but a mesmerising experience. With an abundance of romantic delights surrounding you, we bet that this spot is going to make you go gaga with its charm! 

Nyang Nyang Beach: A Secluded Gem

Another beach that offers moments of seclusion to couples is the Nyang Nyang Beach. Far away from the busy environments, this beach offers calmness, serenity and perfect settings for relaxation. You can simply take a walk witnessing the sunset, experiencing the majestic vibe of the great Indian Ocean, or lie on the beach under the moonlit sky. This spot never falls short of some of the most amazing experiences that you can have! 

Botanic Gardens Bali: Lush Greenery and Vibrant Blooms

For those who are ardent lovers of exploring greenery and vibrant blooms, there is a must visit destination that is going to leave you enchanted! The Botanic Gardens in Bali offer lush green panoramas that are truly a visual treat. Surrounded by so much greenery and a huge variety of tantalising blooms, the Botanic Gardens offer picture worthy scenes that are worth witnessing. This spot is indeed a must visit for couples fond of lush green backgrounds for their honeymoon pictures! 

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Sekumpul Waterfall: An Adventurous Element

Sekumpul Waterfall provides an exquisite backdrop for couples
This Waterfall is the epitome of untamed beauty.

Nestled between Bali’s dense, lush jungle, Sekumpul Waterfall is a wonderful destination for couples to have some of the best moments. You will see that the road to this destination is full of picture worthy landscapes, and a vibrant atmosphere. The melody of the cascading waterfalls creates a soothing melody which is a unique experience in itself. Offering romance, calm and adventure all at once, Sekumpul Waterfall will add a unique touch to your romantic getaway! 

Waterbom Bali: A World Renowned Waterpark

If water activities fascinate you and your partner, then Waterbom Bali is just the place for you. Radiating cheerful vibes, this park has adventurous rides, thrilling slides, swimming pools and all that is needed for exciting water activities. The ambience of this place exhibits is absolutely one of a kind and ideal for those who want to experience something romantic, exciting and adventurous at the same time. So dive into the world of water sports and let the splash of adventure drench you with exhilaration. 

Nusa Dua Beach: A Blend of Opulence and Natural Beauty

The land of luxury and abundance of romance, Nusa Dua Beach is one of the favourite places of couples. The majestic sand adorns the shoreline here which makes it a unique spot. Exciting water activities, luxurious and intimate resorts, delectable culinary experiences and enthralling water activities are all a part of the one of a kind experience that you are going to have at this beach. Not only this, indulging in a relaxing spa with your loved one and just enjoying the serenity of this beach are also some other romantic options available at this beach. 

Ubud: A Romantic Paradise

Lush terraces, enchanting cultural scenes and romantic strolls with your better half through the Monkey Forest. Yes you got it right! We’re talking about Ubud, the heart and soul of Bali. From staying in lavish resorts to enjoying the soothing spa experiences, from witnessing cultural performances to strolling through the art markets, you can do a lot in Ubud. The myriad of romantic experiences that Ubud offers justifies its title of “the heart of Bali”! 

Git Git Waterfalls: Embrace the Nature

Cascading magic and not just waters, Git Git Waterfalls exhibit beauty that is truly majestic! Nestled between dense greenery, these waterfalls form the perfect romantic backdrop for honeymooners. Providing a private and secluded space to couples, this spot is one of those which allow couples to create memories that they are going to cherish forever. 

Pasir Putih Beach: Secluded Tranquillity

Alternatively famous as the White Sand Beach, the Pasir Putih Beach is adorned with absolutely clearl waters and stunning shores. Providing a secluded space to couples, this beach has its presence on Bali’s East coast. Whether you want to take a leisurely walk through the shore, relax under the palm trees or have a beachside dinner with your spouse, you can do it all in Pasir Putih Beach. This is one of the most exquisite destinations in Bali for couples. 

Pod Chocolate Factory: A Delectable Indulgence

Pod chocolate factory gives a unique and  romantic experience to couples.
Pod Chocolate Factory is a delightful destination offering delectable chocolates.

For couples who have a sweet tooth, there is something special in Bali that is going to leave your taste buds delighted! The Pod Chocolate Factory has a delectable range of chocolates that make this place an absolute heaven for chocolate lovers. From harvesting cocoa beans to making customised chocolates for yourself, you can indulge in an interactive experience that is going to strengthen your bond with your loved one. Bonding over chocolate making is definitely going to be a sweet experience for you as a couple. 

Taman Sari Market: A Cultural Mosaic

Couples can explore the rich cultural heritage of Bali in Taman Sari market.
Taman Sari Market is the perfect place to explore Balinese Culture.

If you want to experience the typical Balinese culture then there is one spot that is going to give you the perfect taste of Bali. Taman Sari Market radiates the typical Balinese aura that is worth experiencing. This is basically a very popular market in Ubud that has local art pieces authentic Balinese artwork. If you want to buy souvenirs and explore the Balinese culture, then this is just the place for you. 

Lovina: Black Sand Beach

Lovina’s Black Sand Beach is something different and exquisite to experience by those who are fond of exploring. The volcanic black sand when kissed by the soft waves of Bali Sea creates an out of this world scene perfect to have a romantic getaway. You can watch the jolly dolphins here and witness the stunning sunset, bonding over some happy experiences with your loved one. 

Sideman’s Valley: A Spot of Intimacy and Shared Adventure

Having its presence in the lush landscape of East Bali, Sideman’s Valley is a destination that is not very much known by people. This serene beauty is surrounded by splendid hills and offers a beautifully romantic experience to couples. You can discover the charm of villages, enjoy the culinary delights here or hike through the terrains. In Sideman’s Valley, couples can do a lot to experience something different and have some of the most romantic experiences. 

Blue Point Beach: Dramatic Cliffs and Azure Waters

Blue Point Beach boasts of magical cliffs and azure waters. Having its presence on the southern coastline, this spot is a captivating destination for couples. This stunning gem gives an amazing backdrop to couples so that they can have some of the most beautiful memories on their honeymoon. Couples having an appetite for adventure can indulge in surfing, or simply enjoy the stunning ocean views. During sunset, this beach showcases a different version of itself perfect for enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner with your perfect one! 

Campuhan Ridge: Blend of Nature and Culture

Campuhan Ridge in Ubud offers a great setting for romantic experiences.
Campuhan Ridge is a great destination for couples who enjoy the peaceful environment of nature.

For couples who want to experience a combination of natural beauty and cultural richness, Campuhan Ridge in Ubud is the perfect destination. This spot offers a very tranquil setting to couples. Witnessing the natural beauty of this destination while strolling, couples can create some of the most beautiful memories in this place. This is an ideal destination for couples who want a low-key honeymoon experience. 

Green Bowl Beach: Lush Cliffs, Privacy and Romance

Green Bowl Beach offers a perfect setting for couples seeking intimacy.
Green Bowl Beach is a secluded gem for couples offering intimacy.

Having its presence in the Bukit Peninsula, Green Bowl Beach is a unique, tranquil spot that offers moments of intimacy. Bearing peace and serenity, this spot is truly a delight. Couples can create romantic memories and enjoy moments of seclusion by the sea. There is a lot that couples can do in this spot to make their honeymoon a perfect romantic escapade. This place is an amazing spot for couples who want to have a unique romantic experience. 

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Parting Words

Bali is no less than a paradise for couples.
Honeymoon in Bali is an experience full of fond memories.

We know that your heart begs for more! Such is the charisma of Bali. You can never get tired of getting acquainted to the gems it beholds. Just imagine if knowing about these places is so magical, how amazing would it be to experience them in real life! You must have now got a clear idea of why Bali is said to be a paradise full of romance for couples.

 In Bali, the day starts with a magical sunrise moving on to sun soaked day time. The evening then takes over as the sun starts going below the horizon, colouring the waters with its magical hues. And finally, comes the night with the moon casting its soft glow all over the island. Bali is full of magic and romance that never dies and stays alive round the clock. 

If you choose to honeymoon in Bali, we assure you that the canvas of your love will be painted with the hues some absolutely unforgettable memories. Bali is a great destination to kickstart your married life with your special one. Afterall, the special moments of your life deserve to be created in a special place! 

So what are you waiting for? Let the charisma of Bali cast its spell on you and leave you mesmerized with its bounties! 


Which are the best things to do in Bali for couples?

There are a lot of things that couples can do in Bali to have an amazing experience. You can enjoy the sun soaked beaches, indulge in some adventurous activities, have a relaxing time at couple’s spa or have fun at clubs and luxurious resorts. To have a cultural experience, you can visit Bali’s temples which narrate historical tales. For shopaholics, Bali has a lot of vibrant markets with amazing souvenirs and art pieces. Couples can also indulge in enjoying culinary delights as Bali has a plethora of delicious options that are absolutely mouth watering. 

Which are the best restaurants for candlelight dinner in Bali?

Bali has many options to choose from when it comes to enjoying candlelight dinner. Some of them include Locavore in Ubud that has an intimate ambience and offers the very unique Indo-European fusion cuisine.  Swept Away at The Samaya in Ubud offers riverside dining perfect for those who want to enjoy scenic beauty while having dinner. Another great option for those who love enjoying stunning views is Rock Bar in Jimbaran Bay. There are some other options as well which offer ideal settings for couples who want to enjoy delectable foods surrounded by a romantic ambience. 

What is the best time to visit Bali for a romantic trip?

The best time to visit Bali for honeymoon is from April to October. Since this period offers the dry season, it has less rainfall and ideal temperatures. All of this offers perfect conditions for exploring the charms of this island. Apart from this, visiting Bali during June to August is also a great option. During this time, the weather is clear and pleasant, perfect for enjoying beaches, indulging in adventurous activities and to have romantic experiences.

What is Bali famous for?

Bali is a popular destination among travellers that has multiple attractive spots. There is not just a single spot that is famous in Bali. Bali is famous for a lot of things. 
Bali is a treasure trove of gems that offers stunning beaches, adventurous experiences, vibrant markets, cultural sites, lush green landscapes and a lot more. Balinese cuisine is another thing that makes this island a popular choice. Temples, cultural performances, festivals, cultural ceremonies add to Bali’s charm and make it one of the most sought after destination. 

Where is the best beach in Bali for couples?

Bali is in itself a romantic spot. Each nook and corner of Bali is full of romance. It’s difficult to label a single beach in Bali as the best beach as each one offers a romantic setting. Moreover choosing the best beach also depends on factors like personal likes and preferences. Some of the best beaches in Bali for couples include Sanur Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach, Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Kuta Beach, Bias Tugel Beach, Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Pandawa Beach, Bingin Beach, Suluban Beach and many more. 

What is the most romantic island in Bali?

To name the most romantic island in Bali depends on a lot of factors. Each island has something unique to offer and has its own charm. Moreover what characterizes an island as romantic is different for different people. However, Nusa Lembongan, Gill Islands, Penida Island etc. are famous as some of the most romantic island. These islands have a lot of exquisite experiences to offer. Those experiences make a honeymoon in Bali a memorable experience for couples who desire to have a romantic time together. 

Which part of Bali is best for couples?

The best part in Bali depends on the choices and preferences of couples. However, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu, Jimbaran are said to be amazing spots for couples. All of these offer a myriad of romantic experiences for couples, making their honeymoon in Bali an unforgettable experience. 

Where is the most romantic place in Bali?

Bali is the hub of Romantic spots. There is not just one but multiple spots in Bali that have people’s hearts for being absolutely romantic. The most romantic one can be named based on the personal experiences of couples. Ubud, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Lovina, Pererenan, Tirta Gangga, Nusa Lembongan are some of the most romantic places in Bali.


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