Backpacking has tons of benefits to it, no matter if you opt for a solo backpacking trip or with friends. Having a backpacking group is always better, but sometimes, you need to recharge your batteries and have some peace of mind for several hours. No matter what you prefer, one thing’s for sure- you’ll be needing the right backpacking gear, and this article will provide you with all the info you need, so keep on reading!

The Proper Backpacking Gear 

We’ll quickly go through your must-have list: the right clothes, comfy shoes, a big enough backpack, down backpacking sleeping bag, lightweight tent, and helpful items such are: a lighter, portable battery, first aid kit that will only make your journey safer and a lot better, and they don’t take up a lot of space.

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The Right Clothes

This highly depends on the weather and the season. If you plan on hiking during the summer, you’ll need some light clothes, that will allow your body to breathe and move freely. During the wintertime, you’ll be needing some thick jumpers and a warm jacket that will prevent the cold from getting to you. No matter the weather, you need to pack at least one extra set of clothes, depending on the time that you plan on backpacking. Socks, jumpers, or shirts, are a must.

Even if it’s summer, you mustn’t forget to bring a jacket, because temperatures in the wild tend to drop during the night, so unless you want to freeze until the morning, you better fold that jacket and throw it at the bottom of your backpacking gear. 


The type of shoes you’ll choose depends on the weather, the conditions, and the trail you’ve chosen. If you plan on walking on a terrain that has high grass, make sure to choose shoes that will protect your feet and legs at least up to the ankles. For rocky terrains, you’ll need shoes that will offer comfort and stability without the rocks poking on your soles. Depending on the season, you need to get warmer shoes or regular ones that won’t get you sweaty after half an hour. 

Make sure the shoes are breathable and comfortable, and of course, the right size. Just because we can endure smaller-sized shoes for an important event, that doesn’t mean we have to go through all that trouble while backpacking. 


You cannot go on a backpacking adventure without a high-quality, spacious backpacking gear, right? Well, luckily for you, the choices are endless, and you can always find the right size for you. Look for a backpack with tons of compartments, for better organization, and one with foamy cushions on the back and the shoulder parts, so that it offers you comfort while preventing that boring back pain. 

When packing, you can throw the bigger things in the main compartment, such as an extra set of clothes, your sleeping bag, the tent, food, water… the smaller compartments are perfect for your flashlight, lighter, first aid kit, and pocket knife. This way, you’ll be well-organized, and you won’t have to unpack on the ground just to find where the matches are. 

Sleeping bag

There are two main kinds of sleeping bags. The first one is the camping sleeping bag, the second one being the backpacking sleeping bag. One huge difference between the two is their size. If you want to invest in a sleeping bag that will do its job no matter if it’s camping or a backpacking adventure, opt for a backpacking sleeping bag- it’s smaller, and you can easily fold it to carry it with you. 

The second division is by the product they are filled with. The first group is the synthetic sleeping bags, which are often waterproof and quite comfortable. The other group is the down-filled sleeping bags, which are extra warm, light, but they can sometimes cause allergies.

Backpacking gear
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Extra tips

There are tons of videos online on how to set up a campfire, how to make water drinkable, and how to set up a tent. If you have a backyard, you can easily practice this, so that your friends think of you as an experienced adventurer. But, if you don’t have any previous experience, especially with water filtration, make sure to bring enough water with you to keep yourself hydrated at all times. 

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Backpacking can be a great activity to recharge and come back refreshed. No matter how you decide on doing it, you’ll be needing the right gear, and since you’re at the end of the article, you already have all the information you need, so go on and enjoy your backpacking journey like never before!


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