I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to have travel snacks and food items of my choice available to me for my trekking or hiking plans instead of being ‘MAN vs Wild’ and grossing myself out (no offence to the fans!). Being in the wilderness for so long will require you to plan and pick your food accordingly. If only we could pack all our culinary tools and whisk away to glory, no? But sadly while we have outdoor excursions in our mind, we must make sure to choose the healthiest travel snacks to lessen the chances of slackening our pace, getting sick or make us lazy (which is a very high possibility).

HikingUsually, snacks are filled with junk ingredients hence, it is important to remember: The fewer ingredients the better. Now, keeping in mind that you should always check the ingredients on the packs, it’s very necessary that one is not fooled by sugar candies that are often sold at the markets.

So we have for you a checklist to keep in mind while picking the best travel refreshments for yourself and stay healthy during your planned vacay in the wild.

1Low Sugar

“A trail-mix blend of seeds, oats, nuts and raisins.”

You must pick any travel snack that can keep your hunger pangs at bay while trekking or hiking. But with that, they should be low on sugar as that would spike your blood glucose or insulin levels. It’s better to understand that if the sugar content is high, carbs and total calories will be high as well.

Things you can take: trail mix, fresh veggies packed in airtight containers, etc.



Now, this is an option which can completely depend on what would you like. Eating healthy is a priority, of course, but we can’t gobble up sand, right? We aren’t barbarians, C’mon! So choose the snacks which are not only nutritional but delicious as well.

Things you can take: dark chocolate, homemade turkey jerky, etc.

3High protein

Hiking or Trekking

Sufficient protein intake will help you strengthen your skeletal muscles and the connective tissues which in turn gives you strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Also, but an ample amount of protein in your body helps you to regulate your appetite, which can be useful on a backpacking trip to keep you feeling full.

Things you can take: canned fish, protein bars.

4Made for travelling


You should keep in mind that the travel snacks you pick are easy to carry and won’t melt or mess up your luggage. During trekking or backpacking where you would be staying away from civilization most of the time, split food items shouldn’t be your concern or your worry. Therefore, pick items that are safe and easy to carry in any weather.

Things you can take: dried fruits, cereal bars, etc.

5Moderate fibre


Fibre is a very essential component of the diet because it helps in your bowel moments which is aiding your digestion. Fibre content also makes you feel stuffed, so it’s easy to control excessive food intake.

Things you can take: dry cereals, roasted chickpeas, etc.

6Easy to cook

travel snacks
“A bowlful of delicious organic berries. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.”

You can carry anything that wouldn’t require any fancy cooking utensils or a long list of ingredients. This way you can eat, or assemble, you meal quickly; which is perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

Things you can take: berries, cinnamon rolls etc.

If you this helps you narrow down your food options for travel snacks while trekking and hiking, plan out your next trek to Munsiyari while reading- A Trekkers Paradise: The Mini Kashmir, Munsiyari


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