I come across a lot of stories about people travelling solo or how solo travel changes your life and opens up your mind and makes you a different person altogether. Sure it does. I don’t doubt it. For all those people who love travelling solo, it might be a great thing.

But for some time now I have started feeling that solo travel has become a hype or a hashtag. These days “solo travel” has become a category or a breed of people who are “brave” enough to travel solo. I have seen people appreciating solo travellers for being strong and adventurous enough to travel solo. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean people who don’t travel solo, CAN’T travel solo.

For a person like me, travelling has been important but I don’t understand the idea of solo travelling. I guess, for me, it’s not that appealing. I have always loved the idea of travelling with my friends, family and partner.

And the part that I loved the most about it is that I could share the moments.

I have had amazing memories when I have travelled with the above-mentioned people. Memories with them that are funny, embarrassing, hilarious, as well as beautiful. I am not sure if I will ever be able to make such memories by travelling alone.

Here are a few reasons why I never travelled solo:

Confidence Level

I am not a very shy person, but I can’t say I am the most confident one. I like a comfortable company with me. I feel safer when I have familiar faces around me. I have seen women confidently travelling alone which is appreciable. But even if I don’t travel alone, what do I miss? Experience or a hashtag?

Eating Alone

I don’t know about people who love solo travelling, but I would like to talk on behalf of the other breed who like to eat in a group. Eating alone feels depressing to me. I understand you are travelling with a group of other solo travellers but as I said, I like to see familiar faces around me. If that sounds boring, I am guilty!

Series Of Pictures That Are Selfies

I am sure if anyone who has travelled alone has mastered the art of taking selfies. Because that is how they can get clicked. Either they will click a selfie or continuously ask strangers for a click. Or not get clicked at all. I like to take good pictures! Sorry… guilty again!

Hard To Make Friends

I like my comfort zone and I really don’t want to get out of it. For a person like me, it’s really hard to make friends while on the go. Maybe, it’s just me, but I am too lazy to change myself for a hype.


Safety has always been my concern, especially when you are a woman. I don’t say that women cannot protect themselves or anything, but no one, not even men are immune to certain negative incidents like thefts and mugging. Being a victim of theft and flying alone kind of scares me a bit. Maybe if I travel solo, these things might not even happen to me but I really don’t wish to take a chance.

Harder For Me To Laugh Alone

For example, I miss my train or someone fell while walking on a plain surface or something really funny happened, I won’t be comfortable laughing alone. This might sound funny. But this is the truth of my life. If I am in a group of people and I am the person to fall, I’ll be the first one to laugh. Another thing I am guilty of, I can’t stop laughing in a serious situation. I just laughed writing this!

I Have None To Share My Memories With

Sure, you will share your travel stories with your friends and families when you are back but it’s a different fun when they are there to witness every moment you live.

I am not saying solo travelling is bad, I am saying it’s not meant for me. There might be people who too think that solo travelling is not meant for them but they are scared to talk about it thinking they might be judged. Well, here it is in the open now. If you don’t like to travel solo too, you can talk about it too. All ears!



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