Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With 10 Of The Best Diwali Sweet Dishes!

Every year, Diwali brings with it lights and cheer all around. The immensely popular festival is celebrated in nearly every part of India. The perfect occasion to bring friends and family together, Diwali parties are a fun extravaganza with card games, music and delicious food.

Of course, pretty lights are as far as the eye can see during Diwali! The most inextricable part of this festival is the delicious sweets. No Diwali is complete without people gorging on some of the most exquisite sweet dishes. Here we have a list of some of the best Diwali sweets you have to get your hands on this season!

Kaju Kathli


Your Diwali is incomplete without everyone’s favourite- Kaju Barfi! These diamond-shaped treats are synonymous with the festival. They are made from cashew nut paste and come in quite a few variations. While the diamond-shaped variety is the most famous, you’ll also find Kaju rolls and mixed fruit Kaju Kathli being made in many homes. 

Badam Halva


Badam Halva is a delectable sweet dish prepared with almonds, khoya, milk and poppy seeds. It is made in different parts of India for nearly all occasions but is especially popular during Diwali. 

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Shahi Tukda


Shahi Tukda’s name says it all, this Shahi (meaning royal) dish is made with bread slices that are fried first and then soaked in milk. The preparation is garnished with nuts, pistachios and almonds. It’s most definitely a royal treat!



Popularly made in Rajasthan and Gujarat, Monhanthaal is made with gram flour with nuts and pistachios that are added for taste. This dessert is essentially a form of barfi with a smooth texture that is incredibly delicious!



A Diwali without the mention of Laddus? No way! Diwali calls for all kinds of laddus being prepared in every household. Some of the most popular laddus are ‘motichoor’ and ‘besan’ but there are tons of other varieties that are equally mouth-watering!

Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun needs no introduction! Traditionally it is made with the milk powder, khoya and paneer/cottage cheese. It is usually deep-fried and served with caramel, making it the perfect treat.



Rasmalai originated in West Bengal and is made up of white balls soaked in sweet, flavoured milk and given a flavour of cardamom. The white balls are made with paneer and are garnished with saffron and pistachios. It is quite the hit during Diwali!



Jalebi is made with maida flour, saffron, ghee, sugar and is mostly orange in colour. They taste best when served hot! While the traditional jalebi is the most famous, its variations include ‘imarti’ and ‘jahangiri’. 

Gajar ka Halwa


Gajar Ka Halwa is a sweet dish made with carrots. It is most popular in central and northern Indian. The dish is garnished with nuts, pistachios and almonds and is present in nearly every household during Diwali! 



Balushahi almost resembles a glazed doughnut! This traditional dessert has a solid texture from the outside, with a sweeter, softer centre. It is soaked in sugar syrup and served. 

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