COVID-19 put paid to everyone’s jet-setting ways in the blink of an eye, and it could take years to return to normal. We’re still right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s impossible to predict when or how travel might resume, let alone if we’ll ever feel as comfortable carelessly traipsing around the world again. But after what looks to be months of worldwide lockdowns and border closures that have basically sealed off entire countries, it’s understandable if both travellers and destinations might be wary of quickly reopening international travel. So, will the rest of 2020 be our chance to travel locally?

What Will This Article Cover

As we emerge from months of social distancing, where should we go first, and why should we pick local destinations? What will it be like to travel locally, and how can you do it? And finally, is the travel industry going local?

Why Not Outstation Travel?

local travel

Travel, especially outstation travel, involves being exposed to lots of public places. Hotels, airlines, trains, and buses will all have to strictly limit physical contact between people, rigorously follow disinfection practices, and even figure out how to go about medical screening. Additionally, travellers might be requested to quarantine on arrival or reentry, making international travel more difficult for people with limited vacation time.

But Why Local?

Young traveler with mobile phone at the railway
Young traveler with mobile phone at the railway

When it comes to local travel, you can use your own vehicle, and even opt for a vacation rental that you can disinfect yourself. It’s the perfect way to ease travellers back into the adventure. Travelling locally is also a wonderful budget-friendly way of fitting in more travel opportunities, especially if you work full-time.

So What Exactly Is Travelling Locally?

travelling local

Generally, when we travel, we go to new places where we experience different cultures, people, languages, food, and sights. Leaving your home helps to switch off your regular routine and relax. However, if you’re looking, there are sure to be lots of places in your own town (and of course, your country) that you haven’t yet explored – whether it’s a new restaurant or museum, or even a historic heritage site. 

How Can You Travel Local?

There are tons of tips to travel locally. The main thing to keep in mind when you’re travelling locally is to be willing to try something new or outside your comfort zone. This might include meeting new people, trying out new or different cuisines that are available in your area, looking for specific local travel trends, and exploring places of interest and local landmarks. Maybe get a guidebook and see what you’ve been missing, or ask your friends and family to recommend places you haven’t yet seen. 

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There Are Tons Of Benefits Of Travelling Locally

Travel will be back — there are too many livelihoods and economies dependent on it. But the way we travel will undergo a dramatic transformation. But in a world where borders might be more starkly defined, and people might be rethinking business travel, local travel might be the perfect solution for everyone looking for travel inspiration and raring to set out as soon as possible. And, with the global grounding of most airplanes and travellers having such a positive impact on a planet that was deeply affected by climate change, even when borders do reopen, we might do well to continue following this more mindful approach to travel. 


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